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  1. We don't have anyone who films our matches unfortunately.
  2. I received a message from megaspinernet2 and it is only open to season ticket holders. I'm sure the rest of us will be kept in the loop further down the line.
  3. Is this meeting open to non season ticket holders. ?
  4. Pitches don't take long to recover. Especially one like Beechwood.
  5. Slightly disappointed by our defeat at the weekend. Once again our comic defending was our undoing. Whitletts didn't have to try very hard for their goals although they had a couple of decent finishes. Even in defeat we can see the improvements made to the team. So on to Dalry next and i doubt very much we will see an 8-1 victory like last season . I would be delighted with the points and a scrappy 1-0 win.
  6. You have taken my post the wrong way . I was not criticising the club for not advertising the night. I was criticising them for the lack of pictures etc after the event and the poor turnout of committee members.
  7. To be fair mate the club couldn't advertise the night as Jimmy knew nothing about it. It wasn't an inner circle thing. A lot of people knew about it. I heard about it through word of mouth at some of our games. My complaint is that in the days following it there was absolutely no coverage on any Arthurlie media outlet. Pollok, Talbot, Neilston etc. would have had pictures of the night all over the place if it was one of their legends .
  8. Last Wednesday, Jimmy McQuade was the 1st inductee into the Arthurlie hall of fame. A night was held in his honour in the Arthurlie Inns . A large crowd attended what turned out to be a fantastic night. The Scottish Cup was brought along as he was Arthurlie manager when we lifted the trophy in 98. Some lovely memories from guest speakers who spoke in glowing terms about Jimmy. A well deserved honour . I have noted a strange lack of information of this night on any of the Arthurlie media outlets. Any other club would have pictures plastered all over the place. Our committee are indeed a strange bunch, only 3 deemed the night worthy of their attendance. I was also told that past Presidents/ Vice Presidents didn't attend because they have no time for the present incumbents, neither of whom turned up anyway. The petty rivalries couldn't even be put aside for an Arthurlie legend. Congratulations to Robert on a well organised night . It was a privilege to be there and pay homage to Mr. McQuade.
  9. Really sad news. Rest In Peace sir.
  10. I agree mate. A vast improvement and we now look like a team moving in the right direction. Petershill were a decent team but we were superior to them in every department. We could possibly have scored more goals but the points were the main thing. Like you i was very impressed with the new lads and i reckon McDuff was possibly MOM. When we went down to 10 i feared the worst but we weathered a mini storm for 10 minutes but finished the stronger team and ran out comfortable winners. Very impressed with the improvement in such a short space of time. May still be a few setbacks but there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel
  11. I like going to Petershill despite the pitch. Usually decent games between us although the reverse fixture was a shocker. 3 points would be great but a draw wouldn't be the worst result either. Taking it the game will be on unless we have snow and ice.
  12. Im positive the Arthurlie game will be off so i wouldn't mind taking this game in if its on. Best tie of the round in my opinion. Heart says Neilston , head says Pollok to join Talbot, Beith and Darvel in the semis. Best of luck to all the teams.
  13. I know who i would rather pay to watch and its not Darvel. Blantyre team built on a shoestring and playing for the love of the game, not an over inflated wage packet. Lets face it , Darvel stop paying big money and most, if not all those players, will be out the door. Most neutrals i have spoken to agree the Vics are the best football side they have met. They can't all be wrong.
  14. I agree. We really need to have a serious think about it. I sincerely hope Arthurlie aren't waiting to see how other clubs react. I have noted the excellent statements some clubs have issued , keeping their fanbase updated. As per usual i won't be holding my breath waiting on something similar from Dunterlie.
  15. They will support them as much as they can but there is no money pot at Dunterlie. I am certain the guys knew that before they took the job.
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