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  1. Best captain ever. An absolute legend and 1st player to be inducted into the Arthurlie hall of fame.
  2. George Fotheringham is the head coach . So your assumption is totally wrong. Anyone can improve, even coaches. We now have a great blend at management level so that can only improve the players. Some of them have that experience in the top tier which will stand them and Arthurlie in good stead for the coming season.
  3. As long as they are good enough to take us up i will be happy. Then we can see where we are and start recruiting accordingly. Your backhanded compliment may well be spot on as Glencairn struggled with these boys in their ranks in the top teir last year. This level is where most of them would possibly have ended up anyway as Glens could well have joined us but for covid19. I have a feeling with a bit of luck and better coaching they may well improve on past performances.
  4. Probably an improvement ? You obviously haven't seen Arthurlie for a few years. We have signed some shocking players in the last 5 or 6 years. These boys are a massive improvement on that. Are they good enough to take us back to the top ? That remains to be seen , they will certainly have us going in the right direction. Credit to the management and the committee who are managing to attract these lads to Dunterlie.
  5. Welcome to Dunterlie boys. Its great to see McTernan and Carroll back with Arthurlie.
  6. What i was told is it was a section of ground between Weirs and the pie stall. I wonder if that means we will have to use the bottom gate on matchday. The boy i was speaking to said there was a bit of unrest because the season ticket holders should have been notified but the decision was taken without any consultation . If that is the case i hope we got plenty cash for the land and not just someone doing a bit of work to tart the ground up. Also the wee club is away too, which is likely to annoy the guys who like a beer at the game. We have been battered recently with posts asking us to donate money to the club. Can we expect a post explaining this land being sold ? . I won't hold my breath.
  7. Met a fellow Lie fan in Cowan Park today, socially distanced of course. He had heard that Arthurlie have sold another piece of their ground. This time to Weirs. Part of the deal would mean Weirs carrying out some much needed maintenance . Ive a feeling a few of the regular fans won't be very happy about this if true . Has anyone else heard about this ?.
  8. I think this is the one that most Arthurlie fans have been waiting for. So glad he has decided to stay with the club I'm delighted with the players who have re-signed. Now looking forward to tomorrow when the names of our new signings can be released.
  9. I agree . The 3 you have mentioned are boys i would definitely have kept. I would suggest the criticism is coming from someone who hasn't seen these lads in action. The other 2 boys look like they could do a job too. This season was always going to be another rebuild for Arthurlie and the long layoff has probably given the management team more time to assess who they want. I have also been impressed at the quality our Under 20s have been signing. Plenty of winners in that group. Hopefully won't be too long until we get a chance to get back to Dunterlie for a game.
  10. If he is half as good as his Da i will be happy. About time we started hearing of signings.
  11. This is great news. A lot of work and discussions obviously been going on and this is another step forward for Arthurlie. Well done everyone involved.
  12. You are correct about Beith getting some of the best Barrhead boys available. I don't think it will change that much. St. Cadocs will arguably be a bigger pull than Beith now. Loads of cash there and we will never compete financially. Still i'm hopeful we will get some good lads from the new set up.
  13. Brilliant and long overdue . No doubt in my mind Arthurlie will benefit greatly from this. BYFC are a really well run outfit with coaches who know exactly what they are about. Well done to everyone involved in bringing this to fruition. Things are most definitely looking up for Arthurlie but its only another step in the effort to make us a great club again. A wee chink of light at the end of a very long tunnel. Once again well done everyone.
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