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  1. I really hope it's not too late and Johnny and Con can turn it around. Since the Darvel win we have been shocking. Some players don't look interested to be honest. Quite a few will be out the door as they aren't good enough. Our two main strikers who were scoring freely last season are done. Smith is at least a stone overweight and Carroll is at least a yard too slow. Dale Simeon is a shadow of the player he was and doesn't look happy, Thats our top three scorers from last season posted missing. Add to that inferior players brought in to replace the guys who have left, it has disaster written all over it. Millar and Convery have a proven track record but I fear even they will struggle to put a run of results together to take us clear of relegation. I will be absolutely delighted if I am proved wrong
  2. Largs 4 Arthurlie 0. Embarrassing. Big changes required or we are in real trouble.
  3. Very worrying that the bottom team in the league have beaten us twice and deservedly so. Something wrong somewhere when you can't get up for a game that would have made it really difficult for Camby to catch us. Three really important league games coming up and if we can't take seven points from the nine available we will be bang in the middle of a survival dogfight.
  4. Hairline fracture of the skull but back home and recovering well.
  5. Absolutely magnificent result for Darvel. Congratulations to everyone involved. The pre match speech was cringeworthy and I can just imagine him practising in front of the mirror to get it right. He loves the cameras , of that there is no doubt but the guy knows how to get his team playing great football.
  6. Won't happen again. There's a loophole seemingly . Just play the suspended players as trialists. Know anything about that Glensmad ?
  7. Shotts 2 Arthurlie 2. Shotts win 5-4 on penalties.
  8. Shotts Bon Accord 1 Arthurlie 2 Hashimm Smith Smith
  9. Shotts Bon Accord 0 Arthurlie 2. Gary Smith double.
  10. Absolutely a red card. No attempt to get the ball and raked his studs down the back of Simeons leg. No rolling around whatsoever , straight back up to complain about the tackle. Went back down again to get treatment AFTER the player had been sent off so did not con the referee with rolling around..
  11. I never thought we would be saying that about a 19 year old. We have had good youngsters coming through at Dunterlie in the last couple of seasons, Bradley, Roulston and McLaughlin to name a few. As good as these boys are none of them has had the impact Healy has. Spoke to a couple of guys who were neutrals and they couldn't stop talking about him on Saturday. I believe we received a tidy sum for the boy but it won't be enough to replace him with the same quality.
  12. Ooops he did it again. Totally left Conor McGlinchey for dead, suckered him with his nutmeg at the winning goal and what a composed finish. To be fair to the Beith defender, Aaron has embarrassed a lot better players than him. We are going to miss this wee guy so much when he leaves. He is a threat no matter where he gets on the ball.
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