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  1. Arthurlie 18/19 season.

    All out attack next season. We are playing 4-4-3 .
  2. Arthurlie 18/19 season.

    To be fair im not sure. Ogilvie played him in a few positions. He did play right back V Medda but got slaughtered. He got no help whatsoever from anyone in front of him and was constantly left exposed. Personally i think he would do a great job centre mid. Big strong lad with power and a good engine. Whatever happens im sure the new manager will know where to play him to get the best out of him.
  3. Arthurlie 18/19 season.

    To be fair to the boy , anyone could see he was being played out of position and wasn't comfortable but you could also see there is a player in him. Ogilvie did the big guy no favours and seemed to be on his back quite often. Im sure Hal will flourish under the new manager. Still stand by what i said about the other two though. Hopefully i am proved totally wrong.
  4. Arthurlie 18/19 season.

    In my opinion all the decent players did leave. You were like a fish out of water most games i saw you in. It was obvious you weren't in your favoured position. You deserve the chance to prove yourself. Daly wants away,, I don't believe Chisholm is interested and the other 2 aren't good enough. You played with them last season and you must have seen what the rest of us saw. If they are staying it's because nobody else is daft enough to sign them not because they have feelings for Arthurlie.
  5. Arthurlie 18/19 season.

    4 from last season? Not a good start in my opinion. All the decent players from last season have departed. I doubt very much we will figure in a promotion battle. Consolidation will do for me to be honest after last season's debacle.
  6. Aye they both have Arthurlie in their name.

    I heard a few guys have knocked the job back. Rankin and Convery the most notable.

    And looks like he is at least 10 years younger. He is the guy i really feel for . A real Arthurlie legend seeing the club fall apart must be heartbreaking for him.

    Nonsense. We are partly in this position because we gave the job to a novice. I like big Scott but doubt he is ready to move into management yet. The problem Arthurlie have is the people who pick the managers dont know the game. They know how to run a club but should leave the picking of the manager to someone who does. We have the very guy there in Jimmy McQuade. He should be in at any interviews and advise the committee on who the best person is for the job. This is not a dig at the committee but just an honest assessment of how we should be handling the situation.
  10. Standards Dropping

    I thought both teams were brilliant. Then again ive been watching Arthurlie most of the season
  11. Meadow v Arthurlie/ Arthurlie v Meadow

    So now the churning out of the same old names begins. I know it has been said in the past about this being a very important decision but this time around it has an extra edge. The next manager must be given at least 3 years to turn this around and not have to watch his back so it is imperative we get the right man.
  12. The Legends 2018

    Excellent choice. Nil By Mouth do a fantastic job. Best of luck.
  13. Shettleston vs neilston playoff chat

    Im an Arthurlie fan but stayed in Neilston many moons ago. Would love to see them go up. Hope they get the reward for their hard work on and off the field.
  14. Meadow v Arthurlie/ Arthurlie v Meadow

    Someone asked on the Arthurlie forum, if any other manager could have done a better job than Ogilvie with the standard of player Arthurlie had. I think thats a fair point but tactically Ogilvie was poor. Ultra defensive, not nice to watch. Most of our fans realised very early in the season we weren't going to survive the drop. Chris Mackie realised a wee bit later and bailed out and unfortunately Ogilvie hasn't been able to galvanise a very poor squad and added players who couldn't get a game elsewhere. To answer your question, i do think we may have won more games under Chris but only because the players would have worked a bit harder for him. Would we have escaped relegation under him? Very doubtful . Simply put the players were not good enough. Will we bounce back? Not with these players. Not with Billy in charge.
  15. Meadow v Arthurlie/ Arthurlie v Meadow

    I think the implication in his post is that YOU are Billy Ogilvie.