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  1. At least he isn't going to get abuse going out for a drink at present😉
  2. Club confirm deal is done Pre contract and staying to season end with us
  3. Well Wright will still be here as deal confirmed as (currently) leaving at season end
  4. Season defining games Frank. Minimum nine points from twelve (included in that is another away win at Easter Road) and we should have a decent bit of daylight between us and the wannabes.
  5. Will Ojo start again ? Will Scott Wright still be here ? Will we have taken any *** cast offs as part of the deal Saints patently start favourites have given The Hibs a spanking but hoping for an away win naturally.
  6. Horrendous and cheating Trying to con the officials Got to ask why though as he had got himself into a good position
  7. This Rangers to which you refer, is it the same one that Aberdeen have never lost a cup tie to ever ?
  8. What's the difference between that and glass half full 😉
  9. In fairness Merkland, have you ever spent a day never mind a life time in Paisley. Nothing but an over spill from the Weegie slums
  10. Absolutely brilliant 180 minutes away from a second League Cup win against our one. Meanwhile I have been to the Germany twice, Ukraine, Portugal, Greece, Spain twice, Holland, Croatia, England to name but a few whilst you've been bouncing between allowed to play in the top league and the seaside one Nah, you're alright mate, I'll stick with what I've had if it's all the same Long as we're both happy though 😉
  11. Spot on Baldie Jumped up shites with an inflated sense of self importance
  12. Just in from work, managed to catch our game v Motherwell earlier but had to play catch up last couple of hours so saw nothing of this game. Not in any position therefore to say whether it wax deserved or not but can I just say Ha Fucking Ha Well Done On Shiting The Bed Hibs managed to Hibs it yet again
  13. Mmm, whilst you have the right guy, don't think he has any kind of status on that car crash of a site He was unless I am very much mistaken one of the guys that regularly organised the Ultras displays of the the early years of this century.
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