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  1. This game will go ahead at Darvel according to their chairman John Gall who has already tweeted saying that whilst they could make more money moving it elsewhere they want this played in Darvel for the people of Darvel. Ground holds 2200, with 60 seated and hospitality for 18
  2. Stop it Frank No place for good news in this thread right now Frankly Vinny has all but bored me into accepting we're fucked
  3. I guess I must have imagined that your mob failed to breach that defence recently
  4. It's like taking candy from a baby, when Leith Green bites
  5. 21 goals in six home league games is an outstanding record Just to sort out the away form now Handsome Jim
  6. Surely there are bigger issues for you to concern yourself with tonight ?
  7. Can we have a red for Porto to finish the night off Preferably with a large degree of dubiety
  8. So fucking easy Where's Porto ? Is he not playing tonight
  9. Sheep shagging b*****ds We're only sheep shagging b*****ds
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