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  1. Certainly can't deflect a lack of education And the idea of a supporter of Victim FC accussing others of deflection tactics is superb Lover Bhoy
  2. Largest LARGER on account of only being two Try and get it right if you fancy yourself as a comedian
  3. The Hibernian Thread

    Should have taken our offer that was on the table this time last year Wouldn't be at all surprised to see us back in for him
  4. Good news Hope to see him kick on next season
  5. Google the quotes Only going to one team in Scotland. Loves us and we love him
  6. Think you've answered your own question in your second sentence
  7. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    FFS guys, there's banter and then there is just spouting shite This thread has gone well off subject. Only headed one way Some of you on here seriously need to give yourselves a shake Must be bad, when an arse like me finds some of this just rediculous It's a nothing game on Sunday when all is said and done
  8. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    Forget about shitting the bed and Shinnie refereeing games
  9. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    Welcome to the board Mr Blockhead
  10. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    Christ almighty, who would have thought that a meaningless end of season game could create so much seethe Roll on season 2019/20
  11. Good luck to The Saints tonight Always had a soft spot for them and we've signed a right few good players from them over the years.
  12. Players over £100,000

    And in certain cases, more than they could afford
  13. ^^^ heads gone One more and it's bingo
  14. Rarely been calmer, but realise that this is one of your three (at best) standard responses. Must be kind of hard being so limited in the English language
  15. Name names rather than make sweeping generalisations or in more blunt terms put up or shut up