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  1. This 100% He has crossed the biggest hurdle by admitting to having an issue I wish him nothing but good luck in over coming this.
  2. Is he not already out on loan ? Morton or Ayr seems to spring to mind.
  3. https://www.atlutd.com/post/2020/01/18/three-atlanta-united-academy-players-train-aberdeen-fc?utm_source=social_share&utm_medium=share_button&utm_campaign=social_share_button&fbclid=IwAR0RCZ3b0TS8yAOZUDhxuQlPgmIeI5z9CpuuESXy7B8HGK3glhGzEtk48ag Not really sure what to make of this ? Am I missing something here ? What's in it for both parties ?
  4. Kinky, you might be onto something there. Seem to mind a bit of a fuss after the last time someone had the audacity to win a league game there.
  5. Aye see it's sold out MR Wonder how many are just folk that would normally have sat elsewhere though ? Hopefully a bit of atmosphere in the ground for a change
  6. Take it you guys are pretty happy with Virtanen's performances ? Has he displayed anything to date to suggest that he might be able to make the step up with Aberdeen ?
  7. No possiblity of Anderson on a permanent deal lads
  8. So Staggies, tell us all about the young loon Gallagher ? Is he any good ?
  9. Oh f**k Gallagher staying to the end of the season https://www.afc.co.uk/2020/01/09/jon-remains-a-don/
  10. Even the most ardent McKenna fan would struggle to seriously claim that he is ready for top league English football but, as they say football is a funny game.
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