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  1. I believe there has been major investment but also an admission that they have got it wrong. Appointment of a new CEO and additional funding next season for an even bigger push.
  2. There's been no money at Berwick for years. It's a shame as I actually like the club but some of the figures they've posted over the years have been alarming. There has been plenty of money at Berwick over the last three years. A combined loss of 250k For that period has drained the tank and all reserves come the end of this season. The mismanagement during this period is beyond belief. Wish we had the same opportunity when we took control in 2003 with a debt of 150k and major cash flows problems.
  3. EK, we've barely got enough for a YTS squad.
  4. Both away for a fee no one has guessed right. Not earth shattering but club left with no choice but to accept Money for two players that have had their head turned by higher wages and worth nothing in a few months. Here is a prediction, neither will be anywhere the East Kilbride starting X1 next season. The money they are set to spend next season will make Kelty’s efforts this year look small.
  5. There has been a bid made but that doesn’t mean they are away.
  6. What’s annoyed many fans is the fact we’ve basically tried to carry on as if nothing has changed. Now the cupboard is bare, Reality is setting in. Do you get a Lowland League parachute payment in EOS, asking for a friend?
  7. That was our accounts ending April 2019 which was for League Two season. Also would include redundancy payments for our management team that were sacked. This years will be lower but not by that much tbh.
  8. Breakdown roughly would be as follows :- Playing Squad - 110k Management and Physio 40k Admin/Kitman/Groundstaff 40k win bonuses would also be 1k for each win but here weren’t many of them and explains some of the drop in wages. when you think paying squad get paid over 52 weeks now, the average for a 19man squad isn’t a lot. i don’t think our Lowland wages will be much less tbh with a major reduction in income, grim viewing. We are heading towards a crunch period in our future. This club deserves a little bit of luck after the last few years.
  9. You are right HJ we shouldn’t have exchanged such views like that at a football match. Apologies to fellow supporters and ES supporters. Between us, we have followed Berwick Rangers for nearly 70 years and despite the unpleasant bad mouthing there was a huge amount of passion for this club due to different views about our current plight. After a long positive chat, we shook hands, there was never going to be any blows. I would describe yesterday as a typical Berwick performance of this season. Nice possession football in non dangerous areas and again lacked a cutting edge and no real threat on goal.
  10. It looks a straight red here, studs showing and ball gone, could easily have been a leg breaker.
  11. Without trying to sound too doom and gloom, I can’t see us getting anything against Bonnyrigg. We have to be realistic, we are playing a side that have been together 2/3 year’s and know each strengths weaknesses etc. They are a strong side. For us it would be great to win but we have a very young squad that is just coming together. The goal has to be to stick by them, improve as the season develops and finish a lot stronger than we started.
  12. Great highlights as per Skell, Sean Brennan looked like he saved us from further embarrassment.
  13. Good skilful ball player, if he had the pace to match, he be easily playing in the championship. Frustrated the life out of most of us Berwick fans as we all knew there was a very good player in there somewhere. Thought he’d thrive in a good team, Edinburgh City should have taken a chance with him. Good luck to him.
  14. A new season nearly upon us and one of the toughest as we play non-league football. Ian Little looks to have done a reasonable job putting a squad together from basically scratch. Hopes : To be competitive and challenging for 4th, 5th, with a run in the Scottish Cup to boost the bank balance. Some interesting away days to look forward too and hopefully some enjoyment watching Berwick again. (If not we'll still get pished) A tough start with the League Cup group stages, expectations are very low as we aren't putting a squad together to compete with Ayr, Stranraer, Falkirk or Livi. Avoiding heavy defeats will be par. Good luck to Yano/Helicopter Haynes and the players turning out in the Black and Gold for this season.
  15. Kelty have won more meaningless league titles since 1990 than Berwick have won in 130+ years history.😄
  16. Never got going last season because of injuries. I liked him, potentially could be alot better than SFL2 standard.
  17. Agree with most of this. Our history is all we have now as the damage done particularly last season has us stuck in non league football for many years to come. Income streams will be in decline across the board and I only see us sliding further. That's not a dig at the 'new regime' it's an impossible task without a major cash investment. I don't think we can underestimate how much damage has actually been done. The articles of association stipulate no less than 5 board members should represent the PLC. We are currently standing at four but presume reps for SC and ST will take us up to six. Bouncing back to the SPFL has to be forgotten about for a few years. The strategy has to be making the business a sustainable model in the hope we can attract some financial investment. As you say some of the figures being mentioned will leave us with more substantial losses again this season, after that I don't honestly know where that leaves us. It's good to see progress is being reported between SC, ST and PLC board, working together is a first step.
  18. If he was signed last week the club have had a week to announce it. Think there is a valid reason why this is yet to be announced Dale. His current non retention contract doesn’t expire until the end of June. He’s signed paperwork to join Berwick but can’t be rubber stamped until then. Hopefully another signing to come today and very close to signing another player that played in league one last season. Things looking a little more promising with the squad.
  19. Don't think you can stop players talking, Jamie posted about Wright on the Facebook page last week.
  20. Probably looking at another 6/7 permanent signings, 2/3 loan players and a couple of promising youngsters on amateur contracts.
  21. Jack Wright has signed which takes us to 7. We’ve offered a transfer fee for another player which has been accepted, once formalities are completed, takes us up to 8. See still on holiday and no idea about Brown, he won’t get offered anything near the wage he was on last season. Not panicking just yet with decent offers on the table to guys with plenty of SFL experience. No point rushing in and taking players that aren’t good enough just because they are available.
  22. Do you have a list of dates for LL matches Hibee ?
  23. Responsibility for recruitment and man management the major differences between a coach and a manager. Recruitment has become a major problem for BRFC over recent seasons and that challenge is even harder with our decline down the leagues. Yano like most in his position will be doing the work but getting deals concluded looks a problem with little in the way of announcements. As AB says above this is most likely to come down to finance. Preparing for relegation some 8 weeks ago, you could see these problems on the horizon regardless of who was in charge. I did some work with an SPL club who reached out with an offer of help to us. It was disappointing our club didn’t follow this up with talks to discuss further. It was readily dismissed by some despite individuals doing a fair bit of work to help. BRFC would have been the major benefactor of this agreement.
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