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  1. Do you have a list of dates for LL matches Hibee ?
  2. Responsibility for recruitment and man management the major differences between a coach and a manager. Recruitment has become a major problem for BRFC over recent seasons and that challenge is even harder with our decline down the leagues. Yano like most in his position will be doing the work but getting deals concluded looks a problem with little in the way of announcements. As AB says above this is most likely to come down to finance. Preparing for relegation some 8 weeks ago, you could see these problems on the horizon regardless of who was in charge. I did some work with an SPL club who reached out with an offer of help to us. It was disappointing our club didn’t follow this up with talks to discuss further. It was readily dismissed by some despite individuals doing a fair bit of work to help. BRFC would have been the major benefactor of this agreement.
  3. I don't think for one minute players are turning us down because Yano is our manager, he is an excellent coach. Certainly wouldn't hold him responsible for Whitehill Welfare's finishing position last season. I do agree with the second part of your post, the lack of information from the club tells its own story. I can't remember us having so few signed players so close to a new season. Names that were rumoured to be summer targets are all decent players but there has been no movement at all while other clubs in the LL continue to announce new signings. There is still time to put a reasonable squad together but a small update from the club wouldn't go amiss.
  4. Yes but did you know we haven’t played Stranraer since 2010/11 in the old division three. Its pounds and points we need not needless statistics.
  5. Stayed completely away from here for ten days or so as the combination of relegation and actions of a few weren’t nice and hurtful. Catching up after the recent statements there is good debate but I totally disagree with personal attacks under aliases on here. Derek Bell has created a Facebook group Newblackandgoldream with excellent content and comments. I’d rather discuss on there moving forward than here.
  6. Exactly, it’s the same old rumours doing the rounds. I don’t wish to see any club go under. Good luck.
  7. It’s happened now we can’t change that, it’s all about the future. The SC statement suggests they want to appoint a new board. Good luck to whoever takes up those positions. We lost a good man in George Mathison and despite reservations about becoming Chairman, John Bell is a major asset to the club as a director, he shouldn’t be singled out. The worry going forward is that we’ll be unable to compete with other Lowland League teams. It’s going to take time adjusting to the fact we support a mid-table Lowland League team.
  8. They were singing Sack The Board which I think includes everyone. None should get off Scot free. Reality will sink in over the next few weeks and can’t see a way out of it.
  9. Sad to hear that Dumbarton could end next week. Great club, deserves better.
  10. Stick your Lowland League up your arse. I’d swap all of the above for our league status. There might be a spot in the SPFL up for grabs next week with one very close to folding.
  11. The anger is turning quickly into sadness. How has this great club arrived at this stage?? This board started with 200k in the bank(Wow) and in three seasons have completely destroyed this club. I asked one today, how has it come to this ? His reply, no thanks to you trying to get Harvey sacked. Fair to say I gave him it both barrels. He also bolted out the door with 25 mins to go (hopefully never to be seen again). I honestly don’t know what the future holds but seeing 40+ Berwick fans singing sack the board and anti John Bell songs in the free trade suggests radical change is needed. Gutted, hurt and some of these b*****ds should be up on attempted murder charges. To all the great clubs in Div two, good luck for next season and beyond.
  12. Tomorrow's match will be shown live on the Comedy Channel.
  13. Due to capacity issues the JB Lounge will not be open post match to the public and the end of season awards have been postponed to a later social event
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