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  1. I was splitting from my ex about the time your relationship started. We’d been together for almost 20 years. Met at uni. It was hard. I bought her half of the house but she took what we agreed was hers to take. House was empty so I know what you mean. It’s hard at the start but of you know it’s finished don’t dwell on it. I did and a few years passed me by without realising I was stuck. I’m not for a minute saying you’ll open your eyes the day after you sell the house and all will be great just that don’t look at what others think or reflect on a failed relationship. The road ahead will be bumpy but there’s always a good place to get to if you keep moving forward. PM anytime.
  2. Stella Artois unfiltered from my perfect draft machine. Decent.
  3. Maybe if they’d concentrate on the small things such as obeying the simple rules there’d be plenty of time to deal with the wider issues. “It’s only jewellery” is great till a chain or bracelet or suchlike is what prevents you getting taken out of the car or a defib being used. Hopefully we never see a need for that but that’s where these things start. As the elite they should set the example for the aspiring.
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