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  1. P&b Running Club

    It’s not the trainers. They’re new and I’ve bought mine from the likes of run for it for years. It’s puzzling. The physio it is. Or the doctors.
  2. P&b Running Club

    Has anyone ever suffered from pain down the outside of the ankle, up the Achilles’ tendon and up the tendon that runs up the front of your shin simultaneously? It then goes away till you least expect it then returns with a vengeance. I know it sounds daft but it’s not stopping me running but it’s giving me grief afterwards on and off. It’s the simplest things that trigger it as well. Hard to explain fully.
  3. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    Went for petrol earlier. Guy in front parks right in the middle of the two pumps meaning I can’t go to the front one. The back one isn’t working so I have to wait. The twat gets out and then fills a fuel can. An a******e. Park at the side of the feckin garage.
  4. The Legends

    Hope it’s a success and see no reason why it won’t be. But Jimmy Quigley? Legend? I’ll need to have words with him about this.
  5. 4/10. I was certain I knew the horse’ name. Turns out I didn’t.
  6. Last Book You Read....

    The Woman in the Woods by John Connelly. Strange bits in it about ghosts but other than that quite good.