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  1. Stewarton?? Dailly?? Glenburn?? Dirrans??
  2. Shortlees now everybodys favourite? too many games too go??
  3. glenburn are the best team in league.
  4. No point slagging other teams/players when there’s no facts/truth behind it though. Teams at top are there on merit stop slating them saying they are crap because they aren’t winning 10-0 in a 2nd division league match. Premier is the hardest and best league no matter if one half decent player has left it to play in the 2nd division.
  5. hahahahahahaha, you've actually mentioned rhino. Dougie and murray yes everybody else are average amateur players. Rhino is a hilarious shout though.
  6. Shortlees not to be written off now if knapp is back. He could make most teams league favourites.
  7. The soccer guy, no bother chad hogan
  8. Yes you certainly are saying that without seeing glenburn.
  9. not looking good for mossblown, kilbride and stewarton already. Important to get points on the board early in prem.
  10. If Irvine can win 9-0 that league should be cancelled.
  11. Yes they are strong all over the park. Dailly no mugs too.
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