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  1. not looking good for mossblown, kilbride and stewarton already. Important to get points on the board early in prem.
  2. If Irvine can win 9-0 that league should be cancelled.
  3. Yes they are strong all over the park. Dailly no mugs too.
  4. If I was mr Hamilton I wouldn’t give any HT player a penny. Imo after seeing dailly and glenburn tonight both will beat HT. glenburn could really put them to the sword.
  5. Dailly 1-4 Glenburn New Farm 3-1 Thistle Tarbolton 3-1 Shortlees Dirrans 4-1 Kilbride Cumnock 4-1 Mossblown Ardeer 4-2 Stewarton
  6. Like I said in an earlier post it’s impossible to pick results this year
  7. Not one of these predictions will get close today.
  8. Completely guessing here, premier league is very open
  9. ardeer 1-3 glenburn Cumnock 1-3 NF Dailly 2-2 Dirrans Kilbride 1-4 tarbolton Shortlees 1-3 mossblown Stewarton 2-1 thistle
  10. Cumnock 2 vs 1 shortlees Dirrans 1 vs 4 ardeer Hurlford 3 vs 1 Kilbride Mossblown 1 vs 5 dailly New farm 1 vs 1 stewarton Tarbolton 1 vs 5 glenburn
  11. Everybody else reporting HT got off lightly mate.
  12. I knew hurlford weren’t as good as people were making out. Great result for ardeer though!
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