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  1. He tweeted that he has torn his ACL. Which could mean he is out for best part of a year.. Horrible news
  2. Should off joined Thistle wen he had the chance lol
  3. Gutted for Currie. Hope the big fella has a speedy recovery
  4. Problem with Fraser is inconsistency. If he could do it regularly week in week out he would definitely be playing higher amateur or still decent level junior. As he definitely has the ability.
  5. But of a pumping 2 weeks in a row for Beith. Not the preseason they would of hoped for
  6. Very shocked to read this.. watched them a few weeks back Vs Shortlees and although they conceded 11 goals, there attacking threat looked frightening and I thought at the time if they could of got a better keeper in they would be ok. Hopefully they get through this tough spell.
  7. Tomorrow is the day Darvels season begins.. in recent years the vale have had a good record at Dam Park. 3-0 Darvel for me.. Vernon hat-trick.
  8. Murray looked very good tonight fits in well with the way shortlees play. But must say Murray was 2nd best ex-darvel player tonight as young Gall was different class and gave big minor big problems.... two absolute screamers the 2nd one nutmeggin the big man in the process. Overall what a first amateur game to take in in a long while shortlees look a quality side but Galston done well to compete and if add a new keeper they will do fine.
  9. I think before the cup section started darvel would of taken 3 points from 9 against 3 of the strongest sides in Scotland.. Thought glenaftons finishing was top drawer tonight looked a very good outfit. It’s all about Saturday for Darvel and look forward to returning to recreation park to cheer the boys on. Mon the vale
  10. Changing the subject back to football for a bit if that’s ok with ‘the haters’.. who has all departed the club? Heard Ryan is at Lugar.. anyone else ??
  11. Thank god. Never slept all night worrying that it would be off.
  12. Unbelievable.. as soon as a positive bit of information gets put up about Darvel everyone comes back to have a wee dig. It’s great to see we have signed up our boys on longer deals. As for the support, maybe it’s down to the chairman trying hard to get the valley locals down to support the team again.. the man deserves alot of credit for his efforts. Looking forward to the next home match and will be bringing my son down to watch his first VALE game!! The support is only going to increase with the next generation starting to come along! ALL POSITIVE DOON THE BRAE MOAN THE VALE
  13. It was a clear hand ball! I thought he gave it for the hand ball also was clear as day from where I was standing
  14. Got to laugh. Darvel better team today but still you blame the officials. They were poor for both teams. GIRUY MOAN THE VALE
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