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  1. The Sons 2018/19

    Why is Hutton wearing turquoise boots with black shorts and socks? Major faux pas.
  2. The Sons 2018/19

    Was in the Hadjuk Split club shop last summer. It is in a small row of shops close to harbour. Cheapest top was about 80 quid and the very trendy shop assistants totally ignore anyone over the age of 21. Needless to say I bought nothing but Split is an interesting town just don’t buy anything there.
  3. The Sons 2018/19

    Are those two related to the Chuckle brothers?
  4. The Sons 2018/19

    If your looking for impressive barnets let’s find a picture of Drummond Mentiply who not only has my favourite ever name for a Sons player but also had an impressive amount of hair
  5. The Sons 2018/19

    Saw Hugh play many times. He was always a committed hard working player. Govan and Jardine were usually the full backs when he played Noticeably his last game for the Sons was against Third Lanark when Thirds played their last ever game.
  6. Inverness vs Dumbarton - 14.04.2018

    OK Stevie coming in for a bit of criticism but the proof of the pudding is in the eating. So far Stevie has managed 132 games all at championship level and has a 26 per cent winning ratio whereas Ian Murray has a 38 per cent winning ratio from 108 games again all at championship level. Jim Chapman who also made some strange team choices got 35 per cent from 113 games at lower levels whilst Paul Murray who liked to play defensively with ten back scored a miserly 18 per cent from 67 games. I am still trying to forget Jim Fallons 4 per cent from 50 games Whilst Peter McGown was easily the best with 50 per cent from 216 games in the fifties.
  7. Will Dumbarton Score Before the Playoffs?

    Craig really raised the Barr this afternoon
  8. Dumbarton v Dundee United

    What were the names of the actors playing Dundee United players?Not very convincing. The castings agency should be sacked.
  9. Sons' sorrow

    Just a few stats to mull over. So far this season with three home games left our league average attendance now stands at 847 and if you throw in all cup games it comes to 748 Thus with 22 home games played our total attendance is under 16500 The last time we were relegated was 2005/06 from division two to division three when our average home gate was 946 The lowest ever average attendancewas 1998/99 when only 390 turned up per game.The best ever average was 1972/73 when it was 5772. In 1953/54 when we were relegated to Division C our gate was still a healthy 2633 average and when we came back up in 1955/56 was a remarkable 3917. In 1890/91 when we jointly won the league the average attendance was 3556.In 1891/92 when we became the first outright winners of the Scottish league the average was 2545.
  10. Utd v Dumbarton

    Looks awful there - don't think I'd want to be a left back playing in that quagmire. Don’t worry . We don’t have a left back or striker and we are kind of short in all the other departments.
  11. Utd v Dumbarton

    Such is the negativity surrounding both teams I take it Leonard Cohen will do the half time entertainment whereupon both sets of fans will leap lemming like from the top of the stands, How do those brave forty people who watch Fort William every week cope with losing 20 - 0 at every game.
  12. Dumbarton v Livi

    My eyesight is obviously getting worse. I could have sworn I saw Jim Fallon standing in the dug out.
  13. Sons' sorrow

    Does anybody know a good Philadelphia lawyer? Third Lanark Clydebank Gretna. Surely to god not Dumbarton as well.At the end of the nineteenth century Dumbarton almost disappeared surviving only by playing friendlie mostly to keep the club going..Again in 1954 the team almost went under when relegated to the C division. The people of Dumbarton rallied round and saved them then. Who is going to save one of Scotland’s oldest team . In fact one of the worlds oldest teams. You could arguably say that Dumbarton and the Vale of Leven was the birthplace of football worldwide as we know it now. In the 1870s this area had Dumbarton Vale of Leven Renton Lennox Star of Leven Dunbritton Renton Wanderers all playing senior football and Dunbartonshire was not only the most important centre of Scottish football but was the cradle from which the passing game as we know it now came forth For Dumbarton to go under would be a slap in the face of the history of football.
  14. Sons' sorrow

    It’s all Greek to me
  15. The 2018 Challenge cup final.

    I remember asking for a half and half scarf once. The assistant got out a pair of scissors and cut it in two With apologies to Chic Murray.