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  1. Sons' sorrow

    Just to bring in some perspective to the current brouhaha about the indiscipline of Scottish football supporters I have checked my archives and found a report in the Glasgow Herald about a game on the 26th Nov 1932. On that day was at Yorkhill playing grounds a junior match between St Mungo and Partick Glencairn during which a riot took place. It started off with stone throwing but moved on when spectators attacked each other with knives bayonets and iron bars. By the time the police arrived seven men were arrested and eight more hospitalised one with serious stab wounds. Nobody could afford to throw coins in those days.
  2. Sons' sorrow

    Interesting hat being worn by JC.. Is it on eBay yet?
  3. Sons' sorrow

    Miller is player squared , Old Scrotum was a ball boy not in picture
  4. Arbroath vs Dumbarton

    Have all you Arbroath fans kissed and made up . The last time we played you you were all squabbling amongst yourselves. Squabbling is an art form perfected by the Dumbarton fans.. Any chance the game be played in windless conditions otherwise Dumbarton will concede their customary goal from seventy yards( For anyone under 40 seventy yards is slightly less than seventy metres)
  5. Sons' sorrow

    I think at times like this Dumbartons poet in residence should be throwing a few lines together to inspire the future of our beloved team
  6. Stranraer -vs- Dumbarton

    I notice Barry Cook is referee. Is that the same Barry Cook who when a team scores a goal gives them a throw in instead?
  7. Sons Sorrow 2018/19

    I don’t know if anyone has noticed but East Fife whom we defeated in the first game of the season and had a very poor start have now climbed to third place proving that anyone in the league including Dumbarton can climb back up the table As I said at the start of the season Dumbarton will not win this league and can only rely on the Play offs for promotion. As I also said Stevie and the boys whilst shouldering some of the blame are victims of mismanagement by the group known as Brabco. Arguing amongst ourselves achieves nothing although everyone is entitled to constructive criticism Sadly until new owners appear the Sons cannot move forward.
  8. Sons Sorrow 2018/19

    Ian Wallace certainly had red hair. It all depends on how you qualify the term successful.
  9. The Vaughan Derby: Sons v Raith

    I foresee a 4-4 draw with Vaughan scoring all five for Raith and a hat trick from John Burke and two for Nicky Phinn in reply.
  10. Airdrieonians vs Dumbarton

    Not being a Sun reader I had no idea Fraser Elder was still going. At his age should he not be called Fraser Eldest.
  11. Dumbarton -vs- Montrose. Double Header

    I know you think that the present lot are playing poorly but if I could just take you back to 8th of April 1989 when our heroes were playing in the second division which was then the lowest league. They played at home that day to Berwick Rangers who were to finish second bottom of the league. The team that day was Strachan McQuade Wharton Dickie Cairney Spence Elliot Robertson Quinn Duncan McQuade. Our heroes were thrashed 4-0 by an extremely poor side in what was probably the worst exhibition of football in the history of Dumbarton football club. I know for a fact that Old Scrotum has been in therapy ever since. So if you think things are bad now we have still a long way to go before we plumb the levels of that day.
  12. Sons Sorrow 2018/19

    I think there could be some attractive games in the Lowland league. BTW it seemed a little cruel to have children from nursery school acting as ballboys.
  13. Montrose v Dumbarton

    I notice there is an opening at St Mirren which recently has a tradition of taking on ex Dumbarton management figures. Stevie for Paisley which would allow Zidane to come to his favourite big team on the Clyde. Or maybe not.
  14. Stenhousemuir -vs- Dumbarton

    After all those heady years in the championship here we are in league one which with our current resources is the best we can hope for. The trouble is now that we are in league one the fans are expecting us to win matches rather than putting our backs to the wall and hoping for the best. i find it hard just to blame Steve Aitken for our problems. There is a much bigger problem in the background as the club staggers forward from the Dalmoak fiasco and with little money or resources and no clear idea what Brabco will do next the best what few players we have left can do is keep us in this division. Stevie Aitken and the players are not the bad guys but the money men or should I say lack of money men who have been invisibly controlling the club for the past few years must shoulder the blame. It would be great if the fans could have complete control of the club but unless Brabco are bought out that will not happen. In the meantime at least support the players as they are as much victims as the fans are.
  15. Sons Sorrow 2018/19

    17 players will never work as some players will either be injured suspended or out of form . It looks like the piggy bank is empty so realistically Dumbartons ambition this season could be to stay out of the relegation zone rather than getting promotion.. Could we not even afford three youth players and pay them peanuts and they could fill the bench and maybe come on for the last 15 or 20 minutes to give the older players a break each game.