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  1. f**k yer bus, I’m holding my boaby. Don’t let me down Keith xxx
  2. Please, for the love of god, stop taking photos of Dave Mac. I’ve seen his face more than I’ve seen my own family members since lockdown began. P.s sign some c***s
  3. Bainsfordbairn is probably the only one on here who can answer that question, whether he does or not is a different thing. That Sneddon boy has it all over his social media that he's signing/ signed so it is a bit puzzling that it hasn't been announced. My best guess is that it has something to do with the furlough scheme and they are waiting until the rest of the squad are taken off furlough at the end of the month to give a full update on the playing squad/ new signings.
  4. All I’m saying is I’d be a lot less pissed off about the club being inactive in the transfer market as of now if they weren’t so active in punting/promoting absolute shite, Dave mac and his fuckin god awful shirts being the worst of the lot. Get that so far to f**k.
  5. This is shite, other clubs signing c***s and we’re punting pizzas. Mon and do something Falkirk.
  6. Easier to blame others for our ‘misfortunes’ than accept that we are utter dugshite.
  7. That’s two days on in a row I’ve managed to break my 10k and 5k records. Yesterday I decided to run a half marathon having never ran further than 12k before and managed to a 10k in that in 49:03 and a 5k in 23:49. Woke up sore from yesterday so I went on a 10k recovery run and about halfway through I realised I was going a lot faster than I should have so I pushed the last 5k and managed to do the 10k in 46:36 and managed to do the final 5k in 21:38. Gonna take a couple days off now as the knees are killing me.
  8. I’m sorry but those kits are fucking rancid, red collar thing looks shite.
  9. Statue in front of the stadium pronto, what a player.
  10. Should of won today, tactically we were poor and Miller and McCracken should of brought on the subs quicker, felt more like we were playing for a draw/ replay. Telfer shouldn’t of lasted as long as he did and sammon was poor as well. What the f**k was going on in the corner with the stewards?
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