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  1. Should of won today, tactically we were poor and Miller and McCracken should of brought on the subs quicker, felt more like we were playing for a draw/ replay. Telfer shouldn’t of lasted as long as he did and sammon was poor as well. What the f**k was going on in the corner with the stewards?
  2. Disagree regarding the negative reviews on here of You 2, found it much more engaging than the first season and it felt much less like a teen drama compared to the first season. Last episode was mental and it’s left on a cliffhanger, I’m really looking forward to the third season.
  3. Bit worried that McCracken and Miller will be offering deals to their ageing pals for one final pay day tbh.
  4. Montrose deserved to lose purely for that announcer screaming goal for about 40 seconds after their goals.
  5. This is my last post about politics on this forum as like other have pointed out, its getting tedious but I felt it necessary to reply to this. I too don't give a shit what colour skin you have or what faith you chose to follow, what I do care about is that people show a bit of empathy/ compassion towards the worst of people in our society. People are fucking dying as a result of austerity and cuts brought about by this Tory government. How people can continue to vote for this not only baffles me but sickens me as well.
  6. Maybe true, but at least I didn’t vote to inflict further pain and poverty on the least fortunate people in our society.
  7. By ‘we’ I am of course referring to the good guys who aren’t voting for parties determined to worsening the lives of the most vulnerable people in our society.
  8. If you’re a Falkirk fan who voted Tory just go an support the ****. We don’t want you here.
  9. They’re dancing on the streets of my house in Angus, get it up you Hair.
  10. Gone out for a couple pints in Angus, Tory’s confident unfortunately.
  11. 4 votes there for Dave Doogan in Angus, SNP councillor greeting people at the door saying that nobody is particularly confident and that it’ll be by a baw hair. If you live in Angus get out and vote for the SNP. Hair today, gone tomorrow.
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