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  1. I would do dirty dirty things to get DKD back
  2. This popped up on my Facebook couple of days ago. Facebook is a strange strange place.
  3. Our strikers could of played for about a fortnight and not scored. No penetrating runs or passes from our three holding midfielders(?), only sideways passes amongst themselves and to the full backs who can’t cross. This is gonna be a long season.
  4. What’s the story with the pay at the gate/ ticket thing? Do I just go to the ticket pod and ask for an away ticket?
  5. The fact that Morton fans didn’t rate Telfer is fucking wild, best player on the park by far.
  6. That was pish and ultimately, it’s just left me more angry than before.
  7. It’s a real sad state of affairs we’re in currently and never have I ever felt so alienated from my club. For me, the reason that I’m boycotting home games is that, while it’s unpleasant to do so, I want to starve the club of my money until there’s change. Ultimately, the board have proven themselves to be cash hungry businessmen rather than fans as they want us to believe, hence the holding out for better offers approach that we are currently seeing. They are putting their own personal benefit first rather than what’s in the best interest of the club. By starving the club of money, what is the incentive for them to stay? They won’t be turning any sort of profit and are more likely to lose some of their own money. That’s the way I’m looking at it anyway.
  8. Just a wee message for those planning to head down to the stadium today for the game :  Don’t. 
  9. The football got significantly better after the subs came on. 16 and 19 (Robbie Leitch) impressed the most out of them, however Malcom and Doyle linked up really well. Doyle seems to be a right character.
  10. The red socks are fucking wonderful.
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