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  1. Hopkin not Hopkins fucking autocorrect, hate it when the happens
  2. Atrocious penalty against Dunfermline and far too often failed to beat the keeper from close range. Last thing we need is a player who doesn't want to be here. Good results this season have been built on players wanting to perform for the team. Clearly been a problem here for a number of weeks and Hopkin has waited for a replacement before letting him leave. Looking forward to seeing Steven Boyd, judging by recent Hopkins signings he could very well be an improvement for us. Plus the cash, looks like a good bit of business for Livi.
  3. Falkirk are shite though tbh, probably gonna get relegated at this rate.
  4. Made an offer. Thought I'd got it. Just waiting for a moving in date. Collecting of the keys. Trumped at the last minute. Heartbreaking. 10 year wait to move back into this house goes on.
  5. Standing outside. Evaluating property. Locked out. Thinking on making an offer. Will return Tuesday. It's been too long - 10 years since we've lived here. Hurting, don't wanna be in the slums much longer.
  6. The Amber Machine chartered flight back to the SPL is back in full flow. Cruising. Soaring. 20,000 feet above land. Ground speed of over 500mph. Flying. Champagne being consumed. Cigars are out. Gorgeous air hostesses. A male air host to avoid gender prejudice. He's also black. Class entertainment on the back of seat screens. Blockbusters. A highlight package of the 2004 league cup final. Commentary from Marvin Andrews and Stuart Lovell. Michelin star meals. More champagne. Red wine from Chile. Beer from southern Germany. Italian lemonade for sober passengers. More on-flight entertainment, a Q&A with Big Shags. De Vita is signing autographs. Hopkins posing for photos. Declan Gallagher is recommending hairdressers. Shaun Byrne is giving advice on how to achieve the best shave. Halkett giving tips on bicep curls. Mullin giving tips on how to pull girls. Martindale supplying other things. Nice things. EdinburghLivi has just opened a copy of the Financial Times. Someone's pissed on the toilet seat. A smooth flight. Minimal turbulence.
  7. Agent Fordyce, good Livi man. Thank you Callum.
  8. I'd have mackin starting games from now on. He must be our top scorer now?
  9. Mackin contributes nothing and doesn't work hard enough.
  10. But he signed a 2 year deal at Clyde in the summer so not gonna happen
  11. What about Mackin when he came on? Netting the winner and some class hold up play. He is a fantastic contributor to the team.
  12. Andy, I spoke to you a couple of times at the game today and you're a good lad, but wouldn't wanna go about casting blame on other fans and the DBM. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Livi were poor today, poorest performance of the season but we've already proven we're a decent side. Hopefully just a 1 off today.
  13. Don't understand why so many Livi fans give some of our ex players a hard time. Players like Cole or Gary Glen fair enough, but the amount of stick guys like Talbot, white and Russell get isn't fair.
  14. Todorov is absolutely great, but for me nothing will ever come close to the love ins for big shags and Iain Russell
  15. Also, is Penrice only 17? What a player he is for that age, sailed it yesterday and in the game against Falkirk as well. So calm on the ball and always makes the correct decision. Plays as someone 10 years his age. Could be a smashing talent. Shouted f**k OFF right in the face of someone on the Dundee United bench though, so showing his inexperience there.
  16. I wouldn't take 8th place anymore. We've shown this season we're a good team, and I don't think our run of results has been a fluke, we're 4th in the league because that's where we deserve to be, and if anything we've thrown points away at times. It won't be a disaster if we lose, but I'd like to see us try and win. No reason why we can't.
  17. Ok. Craig Barr was decent 6 years ago, but I don't think up to the level of gallagher/halkett/lithgow have shown this season. I want a very detailed and fully justified explanation as to why you think craig barr would get into what is currently the best defensive line-up outside the premier league.
  18. Sonsteam of 08 do you still think craig Barr is better than craig halkett and declan Gallagher?
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