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  1. just had a look at the league table and can see falkirk are near the bottom in a relegation scrap yes falkirk are absolute rubbish and we’re flying high battling to get back to the spl but this has all the makings of a hard brexit game in wet and windy conditions i expect a lot of hard tackles and long balls falkirk seem to cry a lot when we play them and a lot of their players seem like cry baby boyfriends if we play our good old fashioned football we should win by a few goals
  2. why you all getting soft about lithgow like yous have never had a w**k before one of the best players in the league and can’t really see what he did wrong so stfu
  3. Good luck to Dumbarton against those stupid sheep shagging c***s. It's about time someone gave them a whalloping in the challenge cup.
  4. Take all the money from peters brown and mullen and give it to halkett. need to keep these players
  5. Don't like losing but hearing we're at fault for a potentially serious injury to an opponent makes it a lot easier to take. Hopefully some good video evidence, big tackles are always a lot more exciting than goals. Good nights work from Livi [emoji106]????
  6. definitely 100% the daves are absolute business gurus. without doubt they'll be working through the night to make this deal happen brothers and sisters were going back to the spl
  7. Who's Knox training with this week? Anyone know? 100% get him sold for 400K or whatever his going rate is. Fella will be struggling to make the reserves at this rate. If we get that over the line then f**k me we've struck gold in January. Absolutely getting our just desserts here.
  8. absolutely unreal business from dave n dave in case you didn't know we're going back to the spl
  9. Mullen and Buchanan earned the right to take penalties though, through playing games all the way through and scoring goals. Knox took a penalty to get his name in the papers and push through a move to another club. Not a fan at all and won't be looking out for how he gets on.
  10. Knox has done absolutely nothing in a Livi shirt and seems to spend his entire career training with other clubs. He'll get found out at a bjgger club. Will remember him for coming on against Dumbarton and missing a penalty which he took to get his name out there. Not wanted here. Goodbye.
  11. Roast beef Pickled onion Flamin hot Dunno if there's any other flavours?
  12. Absolutely mental how that article is all about her shagging a dog and not about her being a complete paedo scum
  13. Me neither. Also missed that penalty against Dumbarton. Someone is building hype around him, but it's absolutely not been justified. Starting to have growing doubts that this guy is genuinely good enough.
  14. Only managed a draw with Inverness so could've even still been pished
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