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  1. Interesting to read you guys thoughts on the lack of player recruitment at Dumbarton presently. If I remember in the past certainly when he was at Stranraer Stevie Aitken was usually straight out of the blocks and got his new signings in early doors before he went on his holidays. As regarding pre-season games I wonder whether the club were just holding off until the Betfred Cup draw was made so they were not arranging games against sides they could end up being paired with.
  2. I see the Daily Record have relegated Ayr United back to League One if their divisional round-up is to be believed in today's edition.
  3. Really looking forward to this one, Not sure who i want to win
  4. Very difficult when all the effort is one way.
  5. You had to edit that? I am not Allan McGonigal but good to see you are blind to the failings of your team.
  6. I took this one in as was working in the area and thought the first half was even but second half Linlithgow strolled it. Have been an interested onlooker too the adventures this week and I have to say I thought that maybe Allan McGonigal was correct in giving the infamous seven a warning shot or two. Let's have a look at their displays today. Snowdon - spent most of the game shouting at the ref and trying to get folk into bother. Devine - What a moaning faced c**t of a man - If he spent less time adjusting his hair he might do a bit better, but he looks done Campbell - Is he a centre half, what a wimp, outmuscled all game by Coco and Coyne, you're allowed to make a challenge son. Hunter - Should have went to the races this week too son, as you weren't at them today. Old and finished would be a fair assessment. Sloan - That guy must be exhausted, he ran around with boots weighing five stone each, f**k that boy looks about sixty and played like it Donnelly - Tries hard but off the pace and well time to move elsewhere lad Gibb - Wasn't on the park, but led to believe it's not that often he appears for training or games So I reckon Allan McGonigal was right to say that lot need to improve and good luck moving that pile of junk on
  7. The whole West Region seems to stink of secrecy. It reminds me of some Stalin-ruled Eastern European state stuck in a communist time warp.
  8. Is this because of the recent article on Musselburgh regarding the prank photograph.
  9. Your quite right in saying there is always two sides to story? I heard he was offered an alternative sponsorship deal which he was more than happy to accept and the club offered recognition for his help over the years into the bargain as a thank you. To say he has been 'bumped' is way off the mark from what I was told. I'm sure it will come out in the wash as they say.
  10. Hope because the Sun are not sponsoring the league this season they cut their excellent coverage on a Sunday and a Monday.
  11. Couldn't agree more. Could maybe do with manning the executive lounge behind the goal with a BB gun.
  12. Welcome to the juniors guys. Looking forward to having a trip through sometime.
  13. I hear Newtongrange have signed Lee Currie from Berwick. Great signing for Nitten.
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