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  1. Never joined to fish, just my opinion. No surprise his dad and Blackburn fan are defending him but simple fact is he's not good enough for fauldhouse or the superleague. Done well at Blackburn in a terrible league but doesn't make him a good player.
  2. Maybe just enough of all 3 for the South league but no where near good enough for premier or super.
  3. If he has been the top striker then that would be a reasonable reason for the position fauldhouse are in as he is horrendous. No first touch, no movement, no ability. Jordan love should be the main man up there. That boy can play.
  4. Hearing McLeod has been replaced already, The dale aren't hanging around.
  5. Went along to this hoping for a fierce local Derby even though it was a friendly and was not disappointed. 7,9 and 11 for Armadale where great with 7 edging it for MOTM for me. Broxburn going to struggle this season if today anything to go by.
  6. Clark Campbell from fauldhouse should be confirmed tonight
  7. Not trolling, saying it as I see it! Fair play to Kelty! Great signing! Just can't fathom how it's happened.
  8. Bo'ness like Linlithgow are clubs with good backing and sustainable incomes built over years. Kelty have went from relegation play off to throwing money about. You can't tell me hubby has signed for any less than 150 a week? He would of had plenty offers in the region to stay senior
  9. Either that or conservatory sales in Fife are going great!
  10. From relegation play off to signing senior players, something doesn't add up! Another ballingry?
  11. Surely this isn't sustainable for any length of time? Where is all the money coming from?
  12. I do but west Lothian is a small area and the boozer is always full of gossip! Also I got your message but don't know how to reply
  13. Does anyone else remember the debate on here a season and a half ago about Swan (Bathgate at the time, After a great season with us) and Shanks who was at Fauldhouse at the time, The debate was about who was better. Just heard that Swan has signed again this season at amateur and Shanks started the season at Bathgate but ended up in the same teams as Swan. A lot of people highly rate them so why are they wasting away at that level? Surely good enough for junior? Plus hearing Welsh and Spud have signed amateur to? The only reason I post this here is as all 4 players have been at Bathgate within the last 24 months. Not a dig at Bathgate.
  14. Not bad for some Gordon. Enjoy. Any truth in the rumour Kieran Welsh is pumphy bound?
  15. Was a genuine mistake when setting up my username as I am bit old for this computer malarkey. Will see you at first league game.
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