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  1. One that seems the right age describes himself on his Facebook as an entrepreneur, father and legal mind. Not sure Companies House would agree. https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/officers/C33a194IBUIVAmqGzaRX3JEKUOU/appointments At least all this chat is lowering the bar for when we announce an 18 y/o African kid that sent Glendinning videos on Twitter of him doing 5 keepie uppies and dribbling around imaginary cones. Although I doubt even those kids could be worse than Wato Kuate or those Nigerians Killie signed.
  2. Did notice that the last week but a quick check of who he's following would suggest he followed pretty much every team in England and Scotland at the same time. More likely he's about to be a free agent and hoping some club follows him back so he can ask for a trial.
  3. Did notice towards the end of the season that Stillie was demoted to watching the subs play keep ball and Timmins was now doing the GK warm ups with Moff doing the layoffs for the shooting practice. If he's not doing GK training going forward then we might as well let him go. Offer Timmins reduced terms but an extra year and move him over to GK coach.
  4. Wouldn’t be so sure. Mathie announced a partnership last summer between Hibs and Brighton but after he left the Hibs Chief Exec said the strategic partnership didn’t really exist. Plus Brighton loaned 3 players this season to Hearts, Aberdeen and St Johnstone while Hibs got none. So sounds like our partnership with Burnley could be right up his street. From what I heard at the Partick game it does still exist and they were blaming COVID for it not developing into anything more, but given it's just a way for Burnley to sign our most promising youngsters on the cheap I wouldn't be gutted if it was scrapped.
  5. Hopefully, worth remembering he only turned 21 in January and didn’t have a pre-season. Played under two managers in three different positions (RM, RB and CM) but said when he signed he preferred playing CB. Like you said Rose was a similar age when he signed and I imagine they’ll be a few posts on here doubting his ability after his first season. Similarly Daniel Harvie had a bit of an up and down season before kicking on in his second season and Nicky Devlin was released by Stenhousemuir a few months before he turned 21. Apart from him starting most games at Clyde I wasn't sure how he got on but he seemed to be playing in midfield. Not an area where he'd be a starter for us though.
  6. Writing was on the wall for Gondoh when Hewitt was making the bench before him. I wouldn’t have been against sending him to a lower league club like QoS for 6 months and letting him play in his actual position on the left but no great loss. He seems a decent guy so good luck to him. Personally I prefer Fjortoft to Baird, as the latter isn’t commanding and seems to gift a chance every game, but was the chat earlier in the year not Markus wanted to go back to America. If Baird does get offered a new deal you’d hope it was on reduced terms given we seemingly beat a few clubs to his signature and he was captain last year but since shown nothing to prove he should even be starting.
  7. I don't think much difference in quality existed this season throughout the league. Apart from Morton, we did manage to beat every other team in the league. 28 of our points were against Top 6 sides where as we only took 11 from a possible 36 from the three teams around us. If it was 3 or 4 quality additions then it gives us a better chance to push for the top half but you'd expect every other team to be aiming for the same thing so all I'd expect next season is another close league (if only one team is relegated from the top flight).
  8. Focus has to be engaging with the younger generation as COVID aside, if older lapsed fans didn't return in 17/18 or 18/19 they probably never will. I was in the Panda Pals back in the early 2000s and still have those memories. The club had a number of initiatives like meet the players, photos with the cup/panda, autographed squad pics etc. Also entered you into the draw to be mascot, which I did twice, however that now costs £135 which especially these days not everyone can afford. Would a two tier system for U12s season tickets work? Something basic like £15 for 18 games or £25 which could include newsletters, autographs, meet the players events and included in prize draws for signed balls / shirts / mascot. Or new season ticket options such as a parent and child ticket or a family ticket. As a lot more focus these days is on value for money.
  9. Missed Albinson. Could include Miller too but he'll no doubt be away.
  10. Paul Smith performance tonight was similar to Luke McCowan from the 18/19 season in that you watch and think it is crazy we’ve preferred square pegs in round holes when he was here along. Understandable why Kerr seemed to rate him so highly when he first took over, plays at a good tempo, plenty energy, good range of passing, no fear and the confidence to go up against experienced players in the middle of the park. Hopefully Smith and Bryden's performances give Bullen the confidence to give a few more from the academy an opportunity going forward.
  11. Think this is from about 2006 onwards to save going back further. Some are picked based on the performances compared to the reputation they had when they signed and others are included for just being bad. GK – Craig Samson, Ally Brown, David Hutton DEF – Billy Gibson, Craig Murray, Neil McGregor, Jack Baird, Marc Twaddle, David Lowing, Kevin McKinlay MID – Paul Slane, Alistair Woodburn, Ryan McStay. Scott McLaughlin, Joe Chalmers, David Hamilton, David Dunn FWD – Kevin Kyle, Farid El Alagui, Kris Doolan. Ryan Donnelly, Jonathan Afolabi Tried to pick players with more than 10 appearances so the likes of Stephen McKeown, David O'Brien, Sean Higgins, Frank Ross and Brett McGavin will need to make do with the honourable mention they get here.
  12. If he would like to turn up next Saturday then he can have all of them if he wants.
  13. Adeloye’s goal return this season has always impressed me as he doesn’t appear to be a natural goal scorer in terms of movement and anticipation in the box and his finishing isn’t the best. However I do think, if we could keep him, that his playing style and physical attributes would be the perfect foil for a more natural goal scorer if we could find one (as it isn’t Ashford). Similar to how Moffat and Preston both complimented Shankland and Moore respectively. Ironically Bruce Anderson is the type I think would work well with Adeloye, shame they never crossed paths.
  14. Last win was 2-1 back in 24th August 2002. James Grady who is now 51 is the last man to score the winner in an away victory against them. Most memorable things from that match was Andy Goram looking finished in goals for QoS and people thinking Alan McDermott was going to be good player for us because his last club was Man Utd.
  15. Total Tickets do have one for us, which I randomly found once, don't remember it ever being advertised though. Same log in details as you'd use ordering through the official site and the season ticket sits under Member Cards. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=totaltickets.AyrUnited&hl=en&gl=US https://apps.apple.com/ca/app/ayr-united-fc/id1575918934?platform=iphone
  16. Not sure if it's confirmed who is with him for Indian Wells, Dani Vallverdu, Colin Fleming or someone else but Murray is still looking for an assistant coach both of them have other commitments but wouldn't be surprised if it was Fleming. Wimbledon may be his best chance of making the 2nd week of a major again. Was looking yesterday at the best results for the current top 20 at Wimbledon and, with 2020 not held, quite a few either haven't much experience on the grass or never performed well on it so plenty seeds he would fancy himself against. Ideal draw would be someone like Carreno Busta who is 0-6. Hopefully he can get to June injury free and with some success in the challengers if he decides to play the two hard court tournaments in April.
  17. No longer work in finance so thankfully no dealings with auditors this year. However the external auditors we normally got sent were always young and so would ask stupid questions they didn’t even understand. You’d then give them an answer only for them to ask the same question reworded or loads of follow up questions. They also seem to work ridiculous hours and so think everyone else does too. Last year one of them asked in the morning for a meeting with me only to then send a Teams invite for half 5 which wasn’t ideal since I usually finish at 4. Obviously said meeting then only lasted 5 mins. No idea if internal audit is more interesting but external just appears to be soul destroying work for what is essentially for them a tick box exercise.
  18. I'm not sure Duffy even deserves much blame over Bradley as in Duffy's first 7 games, Bradley started 5 and had 1 sub appearance after missing a previous game. After the Killie game at home he then missed a couple with injury and despite not starting when he returned Hibs let us cup tie him, but asked Raith not to play Tait in their game so a lack of game time (if that was even confirmed as the reason) wasn't a big deal when Jack Ross was manager. He probably deserved a start after the goal against Morton but fans had previous called for various players (O'Connor, Adeloye, Moffat etc.) to start so hard to keep everyone happy. Although since he started the first game after Duffy was sacked it feels like Hibs intended to recall him in January no matter what Ayr said or done.
  19. That starting 11 and current tactics are all about work rate which leaves us little creativity out wide so everything goes through the middle. Most concerning thing yesterday was we were second to every ball and out fought. After 27 games we've yet to beat anyone twice so they'll need to achieve it at least a couple of times over the final 9 games.
  20. It did seem a little unambitious that if we avoid relegation this season then for Bullen next season was about consolidating considering it would be our 5th consecutive season in the league. However he did mention Arbroath and if they could do it then why couldn't we, so maybe in public he's just trying not to set himself up to fail.
  21. It's an automatic contract extension based on appearances though so not sure what else the club can do. For all the stick he gets it's worth noting he's missed 8 games this season and we only won 1 of those and conceded 15 goals in the process so it's not as if we suddenly improve without him in the team and other partnerships have proven to be stronger than the current Muirhead / McGinty one. Given Bullen likes balance I'm sure a left footed CB will be a target in the summer and based on last night it didn't sound like the target is necessarily the promotion play-offs next season (unless we get relegated).
  22. More or less. Said it's wrong to say every player should be treated the same as he could shout at Muirhead for 90 mins and it wouldn't bother him whereas for example Houston and Adeloye need more encouragement and as he's a confidence player Adeloye needs an arm round the shoulder.
  23. Good to hear Bullen say they'll sit down with Dempsey next week to discuss a deal for next season. I'm assuming the youngsters offered new deals already will be Ecrepont, Hewitt and Smith unless it's including players out on loan. In terms of McGinty he seems a well liked and respected player in the dressing room and the leader and communicator we lacked last season who has formed a decent partnership in recent weeks with Muirhead. I wouldn't have been upset if he'd been offered a new contract on reduced terms and kept as backup although that hasn't happened. However given Bullen's comments about balance I'm sure a LCB will be brought in to challenge him in the summer as none of the CB's are exactly comfortable playing out from the back, if that's the way Bullen wants to play.
  24. Doubt Sky will be able to use The Gloves Are Off to hype Taylor v Catterall as the attempt at trash talk from both was painful, not helped by the fact they don’t really have any beef. Looks like a poor undercard too, at least in terms of recognisable names. For the main event it's hard to see anything other than a Taylor KO or comfortable decision. Best fighter Catterall has on his record is probably Ohara Davies which says a lot about the levels both have been at.
  25. It is worth remembering the reason Muirhead was moved to CM last season was a midfield issue not a defence one. The CM's offered the defence no protection which is different from the CB's needing protection. Also I'm not sure why a Baird-Muirhead partnership will suddenly make us any better as they played together 7 times last season resulting in 1 win, 3 draws and 3 defeats. If we have any defensive issue this season it's with the full backs who have dreadful positioning, can't tackle and don't stop crosses. I don't buy us needing to set up defensively to protect the defence either as all it does is invite more pressure. At least if we have a go it should mean the defence having less to do as we give the opposition something to worry about.
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