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  1. Yeah we did. It was in 2006 with the game live on Sky. A few years later we could have played our Scottish Cup tie against Lochee on a Monday afternoon. It was postponed once again though and ended up being played on a Wednesday.
  2. It was an away game but first league game last season was on a Monday.
  3. Appears Musonda's not away on international duty due to his injury. Don't know if it means he's got an outside chance of being available for Saturday or if his injury is more serious than first thought.
  4. Both games are free entry with a 3pm kick off on Saturday and 7:30 on Tuesday. Turnstiles open an hour before KO but I imagine they'll only open the main stand.
  5. Tbh I've no idea what capacity the north terrace holds but I doubt promotion would cause our home fans to increase so much we would be turning people away at the turnstile. I'm sure the club will have some alternatives in mind for hospitality. I imagine whatever the loss is will be compensated by the increased prize money.
  6. Less Old Firm fans for us to have to put up with sounds preferable, although still a Railway End too much for most of us.
  7. Personally I would rather go for 1 or 2 additions in January, unless anyone leaves permanently. January is historically a difficult time to recruit and including loans out we probably already carry a squad of about 25-30 players at training. From the way the players talk and interact it's obvious there is a good team spirit and importantly a bit of character in the squad as we've seen in games. Probably the main reason we are where we are currently so quality over quantity would be my preference as easier to integrate.
  8. He's a decent footballer and actually started this season quite well. However if we could get a permanent deal sorted for Mullin then I would let O'Connor go if he wanted to.
  9. Notice Bullen has said he wants to tie McAdams down on a new contract. Be surprised since he's currently No.2 if he signs it this early but at least the club are putting deals on the table before May. Imagine McGinty and McKenzie are the only others who have earned some sort of offer with the jury still out on our 2 RBs and O'Connor appearing to be out of favour.
  10. I'm assuming the solution in the short term is to use the footage from the match day stream which is the reason it contains commentary. However even at the highest quality it's difficult to make out who is who. Watching highlights from teams in L1 like Falkirk and Alloa and even L2 clubs like Stranraer and Stirling Albion it's clear how poor ours is video quality wise.
  11. The club mention the match day stream but given for 3pm games it's only being streamed post COVID to those outside the UK I'd be curious to know how many people are watching this especially since those games aren't PPV. If the reasoning is true about budgets then while streaming may still be a worthwhile use of resource, I'm sure the majority would sacrifice that in favour of better highlights. Suppose they've at least finally acknowledged the problem and hopefully we see an improvement in the short term.
  12. Our reserves are playing Killie at Cumnock this afternoon. Also Ollie Ecrepont starting for Scotland U16s, alongside Darren Fletcher's sons to make everyone feel old.
  13. Exactly and we clearly are supplying the SPFL with highlights of the goals even if the tweet they posted on Monday of Dipo's goal was embarrassing quality. Bigger issue for the club would be if nobody wanted to watch highlights. Given all the talk of increasing the fan base and with our start to the season it's seems a good highlights package would be the starting point for attracting new or lapsed fans to Somerset. I would prefer highlights in HD uploaded ASAP over having them add in score graphics etc.
  14. Issue was with them processing the purchase rather the stream itself. Although since they still stream every home game I've no idea why we've only had 3 highlight packages from 9 home games so far. Might as well hire whoever is behind that Saida Wiseman account as they at least upload them promptly.
  15. The improvement in the overall package we can offer loan players is important. Hopefully even if Young didn't stay permanently the loan clubs themselves do see the benefit him, Kirk and Sinisalo got from their loan spells up here if we ask for anyone else in the future. More optimistic that Mullin would stay next season as he seems to be at an age where he'd rather play every week than just be at a top flight club for the sake of it. Hopefully we keep playing him RM as no surprise he did better last night than on Saturday when he got shifted to the left early on.
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