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  1. Neither have had a regular run of games for us this season though to warrant them being labelled poor. If you want to call them that off the back of one or two bad games it would be ridiculous as by that logic the whole squad is poor as none of our players haven't had at least one bad game this season. Hewitt always needed game time after his injury which the Peterhead loan got him and Smith has increased his minutes this season. Problem may be some fans expectations, particularly for Smith after the Thistle game, rather than the players themselves.
  2. Would be interested to see what Hewitt could offer at RB and if he's any better on the ball than McAllister. Seems to be low down the pecking order for midfield and expect us the either revert back to 4-4-2 or Smith to come in when Murdoch misses (I think) the Morton game so RB might be his best chance of a game at the minute.
  3. Hewitt was cup tied but given we lost the midfield battle after 20 minutes Smith should have been on early second half. Thought we were making it at HT when the subs disappeared and took ages to reappear but wishful thinking as Bullen tactically seems less proactive more reactive.
  4. If Murdoch's back in, what game does he miss when he gets his inevitable 6th booking of the season today? Probably finally settles the McAllister / Houston debate on which one should be offered a new deal (as backup) if that's the latter injured again.
  5. Think you can add Maguire and remove Viviani as he signed a 2 year deal last summer. O'Connor's new deal did come with the option of a further year. Not sure if anyone else is in a similar situation.
  6. Is now. TonTV uploaded them to YouTube 20 minutes ago.
  7. Common sense would say if clubs have until 5pm to submit evidence and Ayr have to submit a team sheet 75 minutes before the match tonight that our case would be heard first (Arbroath and Ross County also have appeals in).
  8. Wouldn't think so. Ref is required to give a statement by 1pm and we have up to 5pm to submit our evidence (i.e our footage) then the panel make a decision apparently after 5pm. Last part seems daft if we've to pick a lineup for tonight so maybe doesn't apply for same day matches but it is the SFA we're talking about.
  9. SFA site confirms the Fast Track Tribunal Hearing as Tuesday 7th March for O'Connor so club should find out the decision by this afternoon.
  10. Didn't double check but based on Transfermarkt the only time we've been out the top 4 this season is the opening day, while everyone around us has been at some point since then. Form has been dodgy recently but you'd think with the way some people talk that we're being chased down for a play-off place by Europe's elite and not a bunch of bang average Scottish Championship sides that, outwith Inverness, have lost to us at some point and aren't in sparkling form themselves.
  11. For me it feels at the minute Dipo is trying too hard at times and overthinking things when he gets the ball. Does seem like the type to put a lot of pressure on himself. Shown enough quality this season to believe it's only a blip. A game where he sticks to the 18 yard box and we get crosses will get him back on the goal trail.
  12. Even if he loses this those last 10-15 mins have been a ridiculous level of nerve.
  13. Given his name isn't actually Robert he should have called himself the Somerset Dick. That works better as it wouldn't matter if you like him or not, everyone would be in agreement with the name.
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