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  1. Glorious result. Love pumping these teams that were regularly pumping us. Not heard from my Ayr supporting mate that I went to college with, he was loving it when Shankland was destroying us then even more so when IM left and they were still pumping us! I didn't hear from him after the first 4-0 and I doubt I'll hear from him tonight.
  2. Are Stranraer doing a live stream of the game? No mention of it on social media? cheers
  3. Is the camera one of they pixelot ones that follows the ball or is it a manned camera?
  4. There’s only one KT. Kyle Turner. Banzo, Doch, Mayo and Holt, superb. Big Harry Stone is immense!
  5. Bryce Ntambwe, f*ck me man. That game he played centre half away vs ICT was one of the worst footballing performances I’ve ever seen, from a team and individual!
  6. Pars will beat Stenny on Saturday before we play The Buddies on Sunday so we will already know there’s no chance of progression, so I’d be resting the likes of graham, rudden, tiff, banzo and turner ahead of qots, if we had more players I’d be doing the same with holt n foster aswell, f**k it just say we’re forfeiting and save the hassle.
  7. I wonder what the special prize will be for the person who buys the 2000th season ticket? A gold casted shoe with a jobby inside it?
  8. Could McCall release a new single called ‘ Step into Tiffmas’?
  9. Aye same, at 2-0 I felt comfortable but Montrose started the 2nd half (and the 1st half) well and looked dangerous but Banzo’s goal was game over, was jumping about saying ‘ Up Ye Up Ye Up Ye’ absolutely delighted. Got to say fair play to Montrose, looked to play fitbaw from the back and knocked it about well, after 15 mins I was thinking, who is this wee guy on the left wing Antoniazzi? Looked like a good wee player but he fell out the game after we scored.
  10. Does Martin Bavidge still play for Peterhead? he’s a certainty for a goal on Saturday.
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