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  1. he played in a team that recently grubbed yous 5-1 Not sure how you could say he was ‘stinking ‘ . It certainly doesn’t say much about your players if so convincingly beaten by players who were reportedly stinking
  2. And Pars are at home to QOS apart from all that all correct😂
  3. Will happily take Dundee not to score any and Pars not to score against yous when they come calling too anything yous do on top of that will be a bonus🙄
  4. I’m sure it was reported at the time that Raith paid something like £300,000 extra to lay some sort of cushioned underlay at Starks to their Astro. Well worth it when you see it compared to others
  5. McManus is on the bench, Wighton and O’Hara up front
  6. A two goal Raith victory and Pars drop out of the top 4...... just saying🙄
  7. McGlyn clearly correctly identifies that the problem is with finishing, so if he admits that is the problem then why doesn’t he play the only striker who has scored a decent return of goals this season ?
  8. I’ll happily take a bite of that bait every single time ,if that what it was, as no one should ever let it be forgotten just how big a bunch of cheating barstewards you lot were, are and always will be.
  9. Officially the only way you'll beat us. You can put the 3 points on your mantelpiece with that plastic title you were awarded last season. Will that be along side your fraudulent title for winning the league with players that you couldn’t afford to pay?
  10. They are from the west of Fife, folk from there do strange things to each other🤨
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