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  1. I think our problem of late, other than constant start / stop of the season with match postponements etc is something that McGlynn skimmed over during one of his interviews - having too many players is proving more difficult to deal with that not enough. In the first third of the season in particular when numbers were down and the team more or less picked its self this was when we had our best spell. More or less the same team playing the same formation and getting great results., a consistent period. We then get players back from injury, more signings then all of a sudden more things to think about, different players, different formations and unfortunately indifferent results. We need to get back to a settled line up and settled formation, ok a change at the back worked at Morton but was woeful against Arbroath, but we have shown that we have the system and players to do better, just hope McGlynn gets back to it before we drop back down the league again.
  2. I’d have to say that Morton look the weakest team and can really see them struggling to keep out of the bottom two with a hard run of games coming up I’d expect them to keep dropping down over the next few weeks
  3. As long as your post code starts with KY then the Kingdom will always belong to Kirkcaldy🖕
  4. Mind he’s from Dundee, don’t expect the surnames to be the same🙄
  5. Aye it’s called the transfer window opening😂
  6. Only if we are planning on having to defend at any time😉
  7. So Hibs turn down Nisbet money meaning your getting nowt just now and then give us Jamie Gullan back to add to out array of strikers 😉 Good old HIBS GIRUY
  8. Really please but surprised at this one. That’s four good strikers but we only normally play with one striker. Hope that doesn’t mean one is on the way out🤔
  9. So after all than moaning about not getting a striker to save your season you finally get one, .... who has proved already that he can’t hack the championship🤷🏻‍♂️
  10. Their groundsmam will be out tonight with the hose just to make sure😄
  11. Or he stays until his contract expires and you get hee haw🤞
  12. Do you have any players worth him coming to watch .?not sure if we need any more just now🙄
  13. He is Tammy Abrahams younger brother, 6,1 striker
  14. Says transfer news so must be signing(s) and not contract extensions
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