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  1. The horse race argument doesn’t wash in this scenario as a horse race is a one off event, the football season is not. If Falkirk fans want to moan if Raith do get promoted then they should look at their management team as if they hadn’t come to Starks Park recently to park the bus and scrape a draw rather than going for a win then they would have a stronger argument as they would have been top of the league if they had won the three points...if Celtic get awarded the league then DDUTD , Raith and Cove have to get it too, and I don’t see the powers that be being strong enough to take it away from Celtic. Some teams are going to suffer out of this but I really don’t see clubs taking legal action, not in this climate , we all have personal interests for our own teams but I’m just not sure that we have strong enough leadership to make a quick decision and it could go on for weeks yet.
  2. The exam scenario isn’t a good indicator for you boys. the students are going to be awarded grades without passing exams and based on their work to date.
  3. Bet Celtic fans are glad now their ticket allocation is reduced when all the Gers fans get the virus on Sunday😂
  4. Do a search on him everything says he’s a left winger
  5. Another 90 minutes warming the Hibs bench for Gullan, not much of a development for the lad🙄
  6. Not too different from last year re the Nisbet issue but I really hope I’m wrong and they hold out for for a fair deal and not just grab a quick buck for a quick fix but have the courage to hold out for realistic value in the current market. We don’t get players with Bowie’s potential coming through our system too often so we need to maximise his worth when we can and get as good a deal as possible.
  7. Let’s be realistic here. The one thing we know about this board is that they are totally incapable of driving a hard bargain as they have shown time and time again over the years. Bowie will be sold for way below his real value and we will receive a pittance. There have been too many similar situations over the years. More recently we even had Nisbet under contract scoring goals for fun and we allowed him to go for nothing without agreeing a fee before hand. Now pars are looking like making decent money on him and another example of the boards inadequacies If Hamilton and even Falkirk over the years can get big fees for their youngsters then so should we if we had a board with a pair of balls.. But time and time again we have been let down on this front by grabbing a quick buck without the hard sell and I dont see it changing.
  8. Him and his brother still playing with Harthill Juniors
  9. From the tweet it looks like a new player if not after announcing it that way we again get a kick in the teeth for poor media reporting. If it was Spencer resigning a huge positive ends up with a disappointing feeling when it should have been announced far better. However just in case we have a signing still to come ....................
  10. There is nothing wrong with his English, did you not see his interview?
  11. Sent a picture to a mate who's a Townie and he said it didn't look like him. None of the trialists looked anything like him!,,,, if Hendry stays injury free I can’t see it being long before he is snapped up if he continues to play the way he is. Far too good for this level
  12. Don’t see who the goals are going to come from and don’t have a 20 odd goal scorer yet. It’s the one position we still need to fill I’d say. Still hoping for the big signing McGlynn mentioned earlier, just hope Celtic allow him to come.
  13. One more striker expected in early next week then that’s it for now. Options of loans but not needed just now and that will be us with 21 players which McGlynn is happy with!
  14. We also have a Belgian striker of similar build on trial, the boy in the photo could be him!
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