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  1. Totally unrelated to other conversations but I’d love to see a saints kit the inverse of the Ukraine top.
  2. With the caveat I realise this might be a joke, but I had no idea they were related.
  3. The Rowett situation isn’t the worst one to be fair, we’ve had what Brown, McNamara, Mitchell as successes and Muller & Olafe(sp?), not work out. If he had a 3/5 success rate on his other signings we’d be doing alright.
  4. There’s no way they’re not gonna have to rotate Gordon out with all the games they’ve got.
  5. Jean Rattray’s name is still on the wind. #queenofperth #gonebutnotforgotten
  6. Having someone who isn’t thick or an old firm fan on to discuss this issue would be nice.
  7. I have the overwhelming sense that Steve Brown’s response would be something akin to “take your email address off the website”
  8. I mean based on what some of the Hibs fans on the Terrace were saying last week, Christian Doidge of 2022 is a lot lot less prolific than he used to be.
  9. You missed the most hilarious part, we offered him a PCA & St Mirren cancelled his initial loan.
  10. Some of the noises coming out of the club I think it’ll be Taylor Steven that gets that chance first.
  11. Unfortunately I think with the fixtures we have, he’ll be given way longer than the first international break.
  12. I mean I already said it yesterday, but I def think it vindicates @RandomGuy.’s point about saints losing an asset. Even if we’d sold him for a nominal fee with a sell on clause or a buy back option or something that showed a bit more joined up thinking, would’ve been nice.
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