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  1. Do hibs now have more than a third of their league home matches as Category A? Or are Hearts and the Old Firm A+ just to milk even more £. Hibs have looked alright lately outwith the result midweek. Might save their season and clinch that top 6 spot they crave so badly. Im predicting a draw with unstoppable Sam getting on the scoresheet.
  2. Everyone is just obsessed with calling everything shite. People say it about everything. People say the English Championship is over rated shite. The Scottish Premiership is apparently shite. Bottom of the Premier League in england is also shite apparently. People say it about players who were actually alright, particularly with the national team. Dundee United are top of the league and they are alleged shite. Apparently EVERYONE except the old firm is shite. I'd be curious to see what people don't think is shite. The Thread creator does have a point that on a relative basis the second tier is possibly declining.
  3. Very content that no matter how bad we allegedly are, we still finish above all the diddy teams over and over and over. The famous , red wearing, McInnes managed juggernaut marches on to yet another glorious European adventure next season whilst the rest of you clamour to get in the top 6 alongside us. Now your back as an established top flight team you might have a chance of breaking your way in this year, dream big
  4. Explain yourself because it really isn’t clear by what you’ve said. Or is what you’ve said completely inexplicable?
  5. You speak utter garbage on a regular basis. What are you on about? Me saying Aberdeen will finish 3rd is why they won’t win anything?
  6. Fans claiming Aberdeen are shite are whatever are simply morons. 3rd place is a certainty
  7. Credit to St Johnstone for holding on. Any of their fans who don’t think that is two reds need their heads checked. Disappointed we couldn’t get the win in the end.
  8. Why are the St Johnstone fans booing Logan?
  9. “Identical challenge” “Punches”. Dearie me. Deluded beyond belief
  10. That’s two red cards. Undeniable. Anyone claiming otherwise is a moron
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