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  1. The Hibernian Thread

    Is it just me that automatically had the instincts that Heckingbottom was a more desirable appointment than Appleton from limited knowledge/a quick look at the jobs they have done. Regardless Hibs are coming across looking like a club run by morons here. Totally directionless and currently, somehow with their squad, below Motherwell
  2. The St Johnstone semi final probably was the one that got away and I think McInnes maybe could have been back down south if he had done the double. I think there is a bit of similarity with the situations of McInnes and Pochettino in that just making a club continuously relevant is an achievement in itself. Given Aberdeen hadn't been in the top six for 4 consecutive years and had not reached a final for 13 (thirteen) years before McInnes arrived at Aberdeen it's not unfair to suggest Aberdeen were pretty irrelevant. For Aberdeen fans sake lets remain hopeful that McInnes is not actually all that good and that Aberdeen will still be as strong a force when he leaves but I am sceptical. Almost every time Aberdeen have come up short in the cups it has been due to Celtic and given their relative resources it's not much of a wonder why but at least every season now has something which can keep everyone engaged and allow (non-moron) fans to have a team they can be proud of.
  3. Calling Cards of Morons

    When people say “you don’t get many people like that going about nowadays” or some other utter nonsense that insuates everyone is morally bankrupt nowadays whereas 30 years ago people just couldn’t stop relentlessly doing each other favours. Worse still is that it’s nornally commented under some attention seeking Facebook video of a contrived scenario where someone is filming themself doing a good deed.
  4. Which NFL team should i support

    Support someone utterly random. Chuck them all in a hat or something and just ride it out with whoever luck throws your way. Inevitably over the years that team will be at least not utter horse at some point and you can enjoy it. Patriots, Cowboys and Packers are normally the three I would yawn at when I hear someone supports them
  5. I would be astonished if anyone was bidding £5m for McKenna or that Aberdeen would reject an offer of £5m
  6. Sportscene Watch 18/19

    Interesting start this evening. Zero sound coming out in the opening few minutes
  7. The Famous Aberdeen European Tour 17/18

    A couple of question marks over team, namely centre back and centre forward. Will Arnason start and who goes upfront, Rooney or Stockley? Convinced it wont be Maynard. I also don't think it is impossible that we see the midfield reshuffled with either O'Connor holding midfield or Tansey brought in with one of the three attacking mdifielders sacrificed. As good as he was last season, Considine sticks out at times in left back against quality opposition, Celtic clearly targeted him at times. Lets hope he is up to it
  8. The Famous Aberdeen European Tour 17/18

    yeah, very pleasing to see. Many perceive this as our most winnable tie at this stage on paper and some Aberdeen fans appear (perhaps overly) confident. I have no idea how much Apollon's allocation is however and how much that could eat in to total attendance.
  9. The Famous Aberdeen European Tour 17/18

    700 tickets left this morning apparently, unsure how many Apollon fans have tickets. guessing just under the 20,000 mark for total sold
  10. Scotland vs Slovenia

    I would find it odd that Michael O'Neill would want to be our national team manager, I would have thought his logical next move after Northern Ireland would be another crack at club management but at a higher level than he was previously at. As for what we are dealing with right now, I am as p****d off with Strachan's management as anyone else. Some utterly bizarre and irrational decisions. However, the way I view it is, we have 6 games left of this campaign: Slovenia home and away, Malta home, Slovakia home, Lithuania away and England home. Unsure of order. A quick estimation would think we would need to win 5 of these 6 games to secure second place. Would be useful if England would win every game against other opposite. The odds of us coming second due to form and ability are incredibly slim, if we played it out 50 times we'd probably only get through 1 or 2. But I dont plan on giving up just yet. If and massive if we were to win tonight, the furthest we would be off 2nd is 2 points with 5 games left, slovakia still to play at home. When we inevitably don't win tonight is when I will give up the small hope I should have given up months ago.
  11. Never expected Hearts to be as completely irrelevant as they are this season. A team completely void of character. On a positive note for them, at least they can't utterly humiliate themsleves in Europe next year
  12. Fairly big game for both teams. Aberdeen looking to make consolidate themselves as the second best team in Scotland. Hearts looking to make sure they don't fall into a battle to get into the top 6. Aberdeen -1.5 goals.
  13. County vs Killie

    A home loss to Killie. Conor Sammon scoring. Kris Boyd scoring. Liquidate County
  14. Aberdeen v Motherwell, 11/3/17

    A comprehensive and very pleasing owning of Motherwell this season. Think we get to keep them now that we've beaten them 3 times
  15. Coefficientwatch

    Aberdeen have done fairly impressively in Europe over the last couple of years. I think we have to be ambitious in that we should be aiming to get to 15th (which would be impressive for a country our size) but give ourselves a target of 5-10 years to do so. The first step in doing this is to slowly climb a place or two a year which could initially be done by just consistently winning when we obviously should be (no miracle stuff required). We have to be realistic with where we are at just now though, some people complaining we have to play too many qualifiers, we need to lose our sense of entitlement, if we do go out to Maribor then we ultimately deserve to be playing these preliminary rounds as we can't beat the second best team from Slovenia over two legs, Hearts with Malta and hibs with denmark. Its hardly footballing powerhouses. I'm not saying there's great shame in that but it's just a reminder of where we are. I'd place us v Maribor as 50/50 given our recent European form.