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  1. I don't think he has particularly good opinions re football and this latest showing has been an embarrassment. When I first heard him speak he seemed quite intelligent, could articulate himself which was refreshing given the morons normally speaking and was pretty neutral which despite me not agreeing with him he had a bit of a nuance. The longer he has been on the radio/in public attention the more extreme/forceful with his view points he has become and I am not sure why as this has caused his nuance to disapper which was his redeeming quality. I sometimes think he takes things to the absolute extremes when making his point as he HAS to be the most intelligent person in the conversation and everyone else is an idiot with an opposing viewpoint. There was one time he was discussing John Mcginn and Stuart Armstrong (not a lot in it between these players for me, Mcginn more tenacious, Armstrong more intelligent) but he was speaking as if Armstrong wasn't fit to lace Mcginns boots, I think its conceivable that someone could think Mcginn is better and thats a very valid point to have but he turned his viewpoint into Mcginn= phenomenal and Armstrong is a diddy purely because he wanted to get across his point so much and demosntrate how smart he was that the view he was taking started to become fanciful. I could probably pluck more examples from the memory bank but this stood out as I remember thinking he was coming across as obsessed. This current case is such an example, he has to be the smartest person in the conversation and can't back track so has dug himself such a huge hole. Dying on a hill with the rangers, not where you want to be.
  2. I don’t “hate” the CMO As I have seen as a term banded about nor am I using this as a stick to beat the SNP as I regularly vote for them but the CMO’s position is utterly untenable. Completely reckless and moronic behaviour. If her work is that important then she should have been removed from her role and positioned as an “advisor” to the government. It is almost incomprehensible how stupid her actions were in this climate and her staying completely undermines everything that the Scottish government says
  3. Not in the slightest. The guy is talking about public health matters not whether we should be doing a minutes clap for a fan. The two matters need treated differently
  4. Im fairly new to posting a lot here. What’s up with this virginton guy? He seems to be able to form arguments quite well so clearly not an idiot but why has he chosen the Coronavirus is the same as the flu hill to die on? He has to be contrarian to prove he’s smarter than everyone else, is that it, have I nailed it? Take a day off man, especially when society is facing a pandemic which is killing close to a thousand a day in other countries. You are coming across as a bit of a dick and the kind of guy who no one will listen to unless they are being controversial so you are being Intentionally controversial for attention and to be so much smarter than everyone else. It’s having your desired effect that your getting attention but it’s also bringing to everyone’s attention that your behaving like a teenager who is rebelling because they aren’t cool and labelling everyone else around them as stupid. Do yourself a favour and give it up and don’t continue to be the “coronavirus = flu guy” when there’s a very real chance people in this site could be losing family members to it soon.
  5. Does the winter flu kill as many people or have the potential to as Coronavirus? That comment seems to me to be a desperate attempt at arguing with someone for the sake of arguing or do you genuinely believe that they should be treated the same way?
  6. From a simple common sense test a lockdown makes sense. I don’t think you have to have an in depth grasp of how viruses travel to grasp it. It’s impossible to quantify how many more people could die but if there’s any chance that more people could die then why not do it. I think if you live in a built up urban area then the exercise per day should begin to be restricted if it can’t be done safely. If urban areas are too busy that people cannot exercise without coming into close contact with others then it shouldn’t be happening, simple as that. People say things such as what if I go out to a rural area etc but you can’t have some doing that and not others and it’s self entitled to think otherwise. I don’t think you can trust people to do it safely and unless there’s one hundred percent certainty then just why take the chance. How many more people contracting the virus would still be worth it for people not to be in lockdown?
  7. I genuinely did clap, my parents went wild for it as if their clapping was going to kill the virus. Was quite cool seeing more than half the street doing so and bizarrely mildly moving. What a stressful job working in the hospitals would be but deeply satisfying and gratifying. I think because a lot of morons just spout off utter shite regarding the NHS just to sound like they actually care or are thoughtful the whole message gets a bit diluted. Sort of similar to poppy wearing, the whole thing gets turned into a side show and it then becomes fashionable to act like people who show appreciation are idiots ). I know it doesnt make any real impact or whatever but I think its more sad people highlighting just how indifferent they are than me the old couple across the road and the school kids on my street sharing ten seconds of engagement when we barely see anyone just now
  8. exactly this. It is all about them for these people sadly, what can they get out of this situation and what can they get away with. The thought that possibly the best thing to do is to stay home doesn't matter, its what can i get off with. I am immensely fortunate in that currently I don't have mental health issues etc and imagine for people who do have these problems having to stay in is not ideal/awful. I don't know if theres some system where people who have previously been diagnosed could get dispensation as then there is far less people out and about. But for the rest of society clearly the best behaviour is staying at home to help achieve the lowest spread possible.
  9. You seem to be getting a lot of greenies for this but i cannot get on board. So its go outisde if you can outsmart the system and manipulate a plan. Lets say the entire population did this, then it quite simply wouldnt work. Then the amount of people at said estate would be double or triple. Or is it only certain families that should be allowed to do this who know where the quiet places are? Its the classic one rule for you but not for others. Yes, chances are your little trip made no difference but thats not the bloody point. Its a societal thing and if we as a society all take these small risks it mounts up and ultimately it is selfish entitled behaviour thinking you are above the rules. How many deaths as a result of people going outside and spreading this would it take or a percentage chance that your actions contribute to the spread would it take for you to just stay inside?
  10. what REALLY pisses me off is people out hiking, at the beach etc who think because they didn't come into contact with anyone its fine. Imagine we all had that mentality, they are taking advantage of the fact other people are complying. It is utterly selfish arsehole behaviour. Its not hard to do and should be given no congratulation but there should be a small innate sense of your doing the right thing by just sitting in your hoose that outweighs the satisfaction of going outside. It doesn't seem like people understand fully how this virus travels. Say it's as simple as you touching a handrail someone else touched half an hour ago, you could literally be contributing to killing a human being but folk genuinely couldn't seem to care less as long as they get their time outside and instagram story out of it, it might not work like that but for the sake of just sitting on your sofa why the F chance it. People are just being far too risky. It has really riled me and i would never do it but it makes me want to launch a venomous facebook post and just call people out and tell them how big p***ks they are being. They seem to be utterly oblivious to it which pisses me off even more.
  11. People who loudly play videos on their phones when you are watching tv. Very annoying
  12. There isn't but im from aberdeen and there was a mass descension on the shire to places like loch muick etc with people saying it was mobbed. That is just idiocy or don't you agree?
  13. People really are taking the piss. People just can't understand that they aren't the exception to the rule. Oh its ok if I go on a hike as there often isnt people there. Oh its ok if i travel somewhere as not a lot of others will be. Selfish p***ks the lot of them. What a sense of entitlement. Would people just take the advice and for everyones sake stay at home unless its a food shop or something of the utmost importance. Imagine everyone adopted this attitude, it would be like we are doing nothing. The worst is people who are out and about but hastagging "self isolating" as if they are doing everyone a favour that they are on a nature walk and not on a night out. Get back in your hoose you twat.
  14. The “fairest” way to do anything is to finish this season whenever that may be and then after that look into how to readjust the calendar for the next one when you know what you are working with. You can’t simply render everything that’s happened as pointless (I guess everything is ultimately pointless but bare with me) but you can’t just stop the league at this arbitrary point and define it finished. Any season to follow will have to be amended but at least going into it everyone will know what the deal is. Is it just me or does this just seem common sense to anyone else? Im sure there’s something I’m missing but that just seems the most obvious and fairest way
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