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  1. Celtic v Aberdeen, Scottish Cup Semi Final

    I completely agree with you that there’s a push to support the big clubs and it’s shameful that people in Montrose would take greater satisfaction from Celtic winning than the work that Petrie is doing. Maybe it’s something lacking in the persons life that they need to fill it with a winning sensation. I don’t really buy the old firm get more penalties and decisions line. Possibly because they have bigger supports and referees are only humans they get swayed from time to time but I don’t think referees go out on purpose to ensure they win.
  2. Celtic v Aberdeen, Scottish Cup Semi Final

    By far my favourite part of yesterday was walking back to the car and hearing Celtic fans celebrating and commenting on how easy it was whilst getting on to coaches heading to other parts of Scotland. Just hilarious. Imagine being so non self aware that you could get on a bus to another part of Scotland to the place where you should be supporting your football team and taking pleasure that there’s just no one who can challenge Celtic when the reason is that morons like them support Celtic for no good reason except they can earn a small slice of satisfaction from their glory-hunting ways. The Montrose/Inverness Celtic fans buses just crammed full of idiots who pay their money to a club (they have no connection to except they historically win and these people like winning) who then monopolises the league and they revel in it. I’m probably coming across as seething (likely because I am) but the levels of delusion in these people is mind blowing. The whole thing just feels pointless when the cards are stacked so heavily in a couple of teams favour and it’s almost all because people just love jumping on the gravy train and getting some perverse sense of satisfaction from wanting a team to win that they clearly know will. What’s even more infuriating and actually quite funny is that these people are too thick to register that they’re actually the problem and seem to think that smaller clubs should be able to magically manufacture fans when these are the people who should be said clubs fans. There was an excellent post by someone on here and I can’t remember what thread and by who, that had the rise in the old firm attendances mirrored by the fall in most other teams. That also mirrors the overwhelming old firm dominance that has become in modern times. If I were McInnes I would leave as it just seems utterly pointless trying to get any further. In actual football related news, Aberdeen did themselves no favours yesterday, it was always going to be tough missing Shinnie, McGinn, Logan and GMS but they never helped themselves with poor decision making at big moments. Important they can bounce back and try make sure there’s European football again.
  3. Calling Cards of Morons

    I know the sorts and they look so out of place. When you are playing at Junior level it brings an appreciation of how good professionals are. When you draw a good West region side in the Scottish and you get beat by a few goals and you realise how much these guys are better than you and in turn how much better professionals are than these guys it brings a great perspective as to just how good you have to be which is often forgotten.
  4. Calling Cards of Morons

    People who watch football who haven’t played since they were a young teen (and were garbage then) who think they wouldn’t look out of place in a non league/Junior game. I have several friends who think they could rock up and probably do a job at these sorts of levels despite being utterly horse at football and unfit.
  5. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    That’s because we know the answer. They didn’t qualify. My point remains. We have seen how far guys like McKenna and Shinnie are out of their depth.Who are better than other Scottish Premiership players I’ve seen mentioned before. My point is that over the years when people moaned at premier league players playing and claiming guys playing in Scotland should have played instead it was probably misguided nonsense. Do you disagree with that?
  6. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    They didn’t get humped by Kazakhstan...
  7. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    Think we have learnt that English premier league players are much better than Scottish premiership, guys we used to have like Hutton, MacArthur, Morrison (Whittaker in his Norwich days). People saying guys like Jason Kerr etc are morons. People over the years who have said that we should be playing guys in the middle of the Scottish Premiership are just so far off the mark.
  8. The 'Tremendous' Tales of Tightfistedness Thread

    A work colleague asked me to pick up a pack of fags on my way in for him. Never been a smoker so was stunned that they were £11 (imagine paying that almost daily to smell bad and die earlier). He said he didn't have cash on him but would square me up at some point. Never ended up giving me the cash. I feel this is just below my cut off of having the awkwardness of bringing it up
  9. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    Imagine actually thinking this was the best team to play or is he on the wind up?
  10. Squad face March

    Bain ------ Tierney Mulgrew Mckenna Robertson ------- Mctominay Armstrong ----- Forrest Mcgregor Fraser ---- Burke
  11. Squad face March

    Pretty happy with our midfield options but our list of possible striker options is very underwhelming. Fletcher or Burke. I would probably lean towards Fletcher. Is it just me or does anyone else not really get the John McGinn hype train. Someone in this thread even has him starting over Armstrong which is sheer lunacy.
  12. A View From The Terrace

    Hearts FC TV probably not as good this week
  13. Is anyone starting to get mildly panicked at the Shinnie to rangers at the end of the season chat? I don't really want to breathe more life in to the rumours but it really would be depressing were he to sign for them. I have resigned myself to the fact he was leaving but was hoping it would be to some English Championship mob.
  14. Calling Cards of Morons

    Adults who are precious enough to want their birthday off work
  15. Having watched Partick earlier this year I am amazed Hearts are near evens. Ridiculous kick off time, just a 7:30 would make a big difference. Even when your team isn't involved knowing there's a Scottish game on the telly to watch post work makes the day a bit more bearable.