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  1. My stream decided to shite itself just before we scored. I got it back just in time to see us win on pens. Thank feck, but on the other hand... we were shite.
  2. I won't be able to remember a single moment of the first 90 minutes tomorrow morning. I'd like to be able to blame alcohol for that, but sadly no. Ffs Long, you could have put us all our of our misery there
  3. We've either made Morton look good, or Morton have made us look shite, but... We've played properly good football 3 or 4 times this season, the rest of the time this sort of scoreline would not be a surprise
  4. That's broken my birthday hoodoo. I checked, the Well haven't won on our near my birthday since 2001. Cheers! (Edit: I did hope to include Stu's quoted text in there too, as that's who Busta was replying to. Can't be arsed to go find it now though)
  5. Snap, but vice versa. So cosmic karma evens out and it's a nailed-on draw. Happy birthday (with the one caveat) for tomorrow
  6. I'm watching a random episode now, I'm laughing This is good stuff. I may never follow one of this guys recipes (I don't have any cows in my backyard I can chop up, and god if I see Cheese Whiz again I might chuck) but he surely is fun to watch. Thank you for your excellent recommendation!
  7. Excellent idea! The club have got the chef's uniform sorted... Basically we're 90% of the way there already
  8. In these challenging times let us remember, brothers and sisters... For we shall all be united under one true banner
  9. I was introduced to fish pakora not long ago, at a leaving party in a local curry house. I'd never have ordered it normally, but I'm grateful it was foisted on me, it was delicious. Seriously, if you ate fish fingers as a kid, and enjoy spicy batter, what's not to like? Oh and just to throw extra ghee on the fire, I had mushroom pakora again last night. Never tried chicken chaat, but I'll make a point of giving it a shot, looks spot on. Oh, and just to be mildly on-topic, I see Louis Moult has overcome his injury and got a run out in the last match. The Preston fans are all busy calling him King Louis on twitter. Glad to see they hold him in similar high esteem
  10. Missing the banana skin feels very Off Brand for Motherwell, but it's pleasing all the same
  11. I've really only met players either at the old Football Aid events (weren't they fantastic?) or at end of season dinners / testimonials. Of course that means they've all been on their best behaviour. I was especially impressed by Terry Butcher, who was manager for one of the Footy Aid matches. He was so enthusiastic and actually tried hard to get our team to win. After a first half that I'd spent tripping over my own feet, he gently told me "stop trying the tricks and keep it simple, you're doing great". He then stuck me in defence where I was even more dreadful, so that might be a critique of his management skills. But he was damned nice to talk to. (Compare and contrast to Billy Davies who was a sour-faced "do I have to do this" jobbie. His team talk memorably amounted to "aye, drink plenty of fluids". ) I once accidentally held the door open for John Brown at Victoria's one Saturday night. As I absolutely hated him for years (iirc he scored the winner against 'Well on my birthday which really didn't help) I pilloried myself for a long time for not taking the chance for slamming the door in his face but a) I think that says worse things about me than him (I think he even said thank you) and b) he'd probably have snapped me in half like a twig. However, I refuse to have my world-view of Scott Brown being "The Most Punchable Man In Britain" shattered (or even slightly cracked). Correct. Doesn't every one?
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