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  1. Sevco don,t produce young players for Sevco never mind Scotland.Who has come through their youth system to be a first team regular since Barry Ferguson.Ian Durrant but for injury would have been a standout.As long as their support demand trophies every year as their right no manager will ever get to build something sustainable despite having a world class training facility.Sevco fans don,t seem to realise that they are a huge part of their problem.
  2. Hearts cruised the championship with a side made up of young players from the academy and a couple of good signings.Since returning to the top flight you have reverted to blowing large budgets on rubbish.For a club that thinks its the third club in Scotland its a joke how you are run.Four wins all season and 57 points behind Celtic.You are about as relevant in Scottish football as the patsies that are wheeled out to play the Harlem Globetrotters.The board and management of you,re club have relegated you,nobody else.
  3. All this because a global pandemic gave this horrible club a sniff that they could stop Celtic getting 9 in a row,something that wasn,t happening on the pitch.Thats their only interest and their fans buy into it like sheep.Does anyone believe they give a toss about Hearts,Partick or Stranraer.They want Doncaster removed,the man who actively campaigned to get them in the championship back in 2012.Like most of the rest of Scottish football I,m no lover of either of the sisters but I really hope Celtic win the next one with Lennon in charge as they will implode.
  4. Not like a sevco fan to be petty,it,s a touch of class.Well done Hibs.
  5. The only fair way with sporting integrity would be to finish the season on the pitch.Its also the only scenario that can,t happen and its been well posted as to why.IMO there is no way anything we come up with is totally fair.Celtic,Dundee Utd and Cove have skooshed their leagues while Raith and Falkirk are too close to call.Hearts and Partick don,t deserve an automatic relegation and Brora and Kelty/Bonnyrigg deserve their shot at promotion to the leagues or the pyramid is a white elephant.Add to that the large amount of clubs with a chance at the playoffs its surprising the vote got so close to passing.Sorting this out will be entertaining.
  6. This,the one guaranteed fact is that this season is finished.
  7. Nailed it sir and the single reason Scottish football is crap.Its not a competition its a procession and nobody outside of Glasgow treats it seriously anymore.How the boards of all the other clubs allowed this to happen mystifies me.They would leave us behind in a heartbeat if any other league would have them.
  8. Few hurdles to get over yet printer keep with us for a wee while yet good lad . stay safe and stay at home u don't want a police fine I would suggest that with April being a year away thats a fairly large hurdle.Any ideas for what to do in the meantime.
  9. If this happens legal issues will be the least of our problems.There is no way the government will be able to come up with the same finance packages and we will be in a recession so i suspect a number of our clubs would not survive.
  10. Because one way or another this season has to end. I have no idea of the best way to conclude it as none seem sportingly fair but you just want United to miss out for a laugh.
  11. Nobody can,the game has been shut down by a global pandemic.There is no way the leagues can be finished in a fair and sporting manner through no fault of any club or governing body.Its fans using mathematic probablility to hopefully screw up a rival that makes you laugh
  12. So its fairer to stick them where they are despite them wiping the floor in their respective leagues,ok then.
  13. Yes because part time footballers telling their wives and families that Summer holidays are a thing of the past wont cause any problems.
  14. Its abundantly clear that this season can,t be finished on the park without crazy permutations running it into next season.The medical advice on the length of the lockdown along with the likes of the German sides returning to training suggest that next season has a chance of starting at a near normal time frame.That in my opinion is why they want this season called as it offers the quickest route back to normality.The 10th of June date further reinforces this.Clubs are clearly going to vote in their own best interests,that should surprise nobody.
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