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  1. Brilliant highlights package as usual Leo and reinforced what i remember from Saturday.We kept the ball really well and with a little more care with our final ball could easily have scored more.Thistle 2nd half had chances too and big Neil saved us on a couple of occasions.No game in this league is easy but if we continue playing this way we will win games.My MOM was Peter Grant,widened the pitch and sent us out to play our way rather than worry about our opponents.Totally positive in his outlook has got me on board right away.
  2. Played at Telford Street in the early eighties for the Scottish Fire Brigade against the English.Captain that day was Caley legend John Docherty.What a player he was.
  3. The park dimensions were already a scapegoat with most supporters disliking the small pitch.Delighted that it has been put back with the manager deciding that it suits our players and the way he wants us to play rather than worrying about our opponents.Even in the league cup games we were better away from home.On Stevie being benched i would hope thats just the manager still looking at his options ahead of the league campaign.The Arbroath game for us was a dead rubber so he was free to try anything he wanted.We also have to remember that Ross signed the core of this side and Goodwin inherited them after playing with them.We have now appointed a manager from outside who will have no loyalty issues with the players as he didn,t sign them apart from O,Hara.As he adds to the squad we will have some interesting debates on the sides he selects.
  4. Didn,t make the game on Tuesday but after watching the excellent highlights all three of our goals came from balls in from wide.We have a group of players who attempt to get it down and play yet we still have the narrow pitch which gives us no help at all.It also lets the bigger stronger sides go route one from anywhere and put us under pressure.If we start the season with it still in place I will be gutted.Its Ray McKinnon levels of negativity and our players don,t deserve it.Small wonder Scottish football is nowhere in the grand scheme of things when this is what coaches come up with.
  5. Alloa survived in the championship last season and a huge reason for that was we had an injury free season.Injuries happen regardless of the surface and until Scottish football throws money at grass pitches at the same level as other leagues mentioned do the argument that artificial pitches cause injury is lazy rubbish.
  6. Waspie has nailed it with his post.I always felt Jim was too defensive minded for my liking but as time went on he got more progressive and we benefitted from this.His loan signings were excellent and complimented our core squad and for me his three permanent signings this season are as good as a club our size can realistically expect.If he carries on like he has recently and gets a bit of time and believe he can take St Mirren to the next level of being a solid top league club instead of constantly fighting relegation.All the best to him and yourselves.
  7. Always amazes me that fans react to these throwaway comments.The bookies,pundits and fans of full time teams will have us nine and ten before a ball is kicked,thats reality.The fun part is when you get good results and the full time meltdown on here is good reading.
  8. Agreed,Buchs got plenty for Livingston in league 1 when they won it,got offered a one year deal which Raith trumped with a two year deal on reported good money.For an ageing pro at the back end of his full time career it was a no brainer.Unfortunately Raith have struggled big time in the last couple of seasons with no-one there really pulling up any trees according to Raith fans.I think he will do great for us and who else is out there that we can realistically get on our budget that will be better. Jim will obviously be targetting the loan market for a number of players as he has previously so we will have to wait for them.
  9. A big plus for us is the current standing of the club.Three managers in Goodwin,Ross and Hartley have all went on to bigger things in the last decade and the chairman seems to back his managers completely.I would think we will have no shortage of people wanting the job.
  10. Jim was running about through the week seeing the players who were unable to attend at the club when the first players re-signed.Given that he probably already knew he was leaving he cant be criticised for not doing his best for us up to the end.Wish him all the best.
  11. I know Robertson has re-signed and i think Trouten has also.
  12. Hartley got his Dundee gig on the back of a tremendous spell as Alloa manager.I would be surprised if he is not in the frame given he is out of work at the moment.
  13. He couldn't get in the team . St.mirren Alloa Forfar that says something to me !!! Not getting in a full time St Mirren side is hardly a criticism.Most of our best players have had a go at full time and are here now.Kirky was usually out of position due to the form of Trouten who was our top scorer.He lost his place in the side after a falling out with Jim when he was unhappy at being subbed.Young Jack came in and we went on the run that ultimately kept us up.He still had big moments in the run in,like the winner at Falkirk and if there are better options for us at part time level than Jordan i,d love to see them.
  14. Dont think Jim has any option but to move now if he wants full time football as his stock just now is high.Hartley and Ross recognised that as well.Last season for us was brilliant but also incredibly tough and the coming season will be also.I hope the coaches under Jim remain as they know the club and players inside out and we go for another up and coming ambitious manager.
  15. After 35 league games you are 3 points better off than us.You are potentially the biggest club in this league yet you sit top of the bottom five.I would think you have bigger problems than worrying about anyone calling us unlucky.
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