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  1. This has now morphed into waving and shouting ‘DIE’ which is actually quite sinister.
  2. My wife had never seen top gun up until a few months ago. We both laughed at how hilariously shite it was.
  3. Fantastic to see you back posting hoose rice. I can’t really add to anything that’s already been said. I know what it’s like to feel like there’s only one way out too, just know it will get better. It always does. All the best.
  4. Sorry, this just doesn’t pass the smell test in the slightest. It’s just nonsense. It seems obvious but no one benefits from rangers more than Celtic. They’ll never realise it though.
  5. It’s close season on a football forum m8. Wtf sort of debate were you expecting? It was very amusing.
  6. It would be a bit bizarre for Goodwin to make a big thing about players in their 30s and then make shinnie a marquee signing. I do love the guy though.
  7. When I run I have my strava set in miles. The brexit dividend.
  8. Qatar World Cup will be shite but football is about the only bearable thing on the tv (and even it’s shite) so I will likely watch it.
  9. To be fair, the continuing belief in a thing called rangers does require a level of faith that would compete with Christianity.
  10. All absolutely correct. As a public persona she’s relatively inoffensive, certainly in comparison to her late spouse or offspring. But similarly, there’s nothing engaging about her, nothing relatable or even really likeable. Nobody has ever offered a reasonable explanation to justify this utter farce. My mum defends it but even she said to me ‘it’s just always been the way my whole life’. And that’s it, effectively people have just been told to fall into line with this and it’s been beaten into them so relentlessly that it’s just been accepted. We supposedly have a free press and a democracy but there is not one mainstream media outlet, tv or radio, no politicians (other than some green good guys) that ever taken a step back and even questioned any of this. Maybe it just so happens that all of these organisations are pro royals and none of them question it or there’s something more deliberate going on there.
  11. They don’t dislike foreigners generally, just the ones who move here and use the jobs and resources they’re entitled to and want to express their culture on this island.
  12. Any truth in the rumours Celtic are trying to attract a fani?
  13. How dare you. Nicholas witchell is by far the most entertaining part of this entire theatre. If Meghan markle could release some sort of statement in the middle of one of nicks live broadcasts then it could be a historic moment for tv.
  14. The legitimacy of st johnstones claim is questionable but it certainly is funny watching it unfold, well done to all.
  15. Wednesday was abysmal but we just took 7 wins and 2 draws from a 10 game World Cup qualifying campaign. People can say the group wasn’t great but recent history tells you that’s a very, very good return from any Scotland manager.
  16. P&B is actually quite a comfort just now while every mainstream media outlet is just about causing me an aneurysm.
  17. Players are on holiday/international duty and the club will want a bit of fanfare so this delay is relatively normal.
  18. Plenty of defenders out there who are rarely boring
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