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  1. Ryan Christie missed a Scottish cup final for this very reason. Just because we won’t finish above Celtic doesn’t mean 3/4 games against them are irrelevant.
  2. That wasn’t your point Was that what you were trying to say when you did your ‘Celtic or EPL loanee, you’ll end up with Matty longstaff!!!’ bit? To bring this nonsense to an end, some people will accept a loan from Celtic and that’s fine. But being against it on the basis of not being able to play against them is a perfectly legitimate position to take and your agitation about it is nothing short of weird. Also, a non-OF fan telling other fans to know their place in relation to the OF is just a great look for you. I hope your wee fetish for arguing with dons fans was worth that.
  3. again, if you’re apathetic to the issue then good for you but there’s very legitimate reasons to feel angry/uncomfortable about the entire concept of monarchy, let alone the coverage of the jubilee.
  4. Yep, the article is a welcome change from the coverage there’s been but it doesn’t change the overwhelming tone of the coverage for the past fortnight or so. Just because you are apathetic to the whole thing doesn’t mean everyone else should be.
  5. Platinum Jubilee: What does Scotland think of the Queen? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-61685855 This article acknowledges that over a third of Scot’s oppose the monarchy and around a quarter of the uk overall. That is more than a fringe view. In any case, they don’t necessarily need to constantly be having opposing views on the matter, but the coverage of the jubilee should be proportionate and not completely dominate every medium the bbc operate whether it be on radio or tv.
  6. Almost as if the ability and the mentality of the player are of more relevance than the parent club. Surely not…
  7. Your arguments make absolutely no sense. I was giving you the benefit of the doubt that you were trolling but you’re just coming across as thick.
  8. So we signed longstaff because we have a transfer policy of refusing to loan OF players? In the same season we loaned Montgomery? You’re all over the place here mate. Can you get this weird episode out your system so we can move on.
  9. If you’re going to make irrelevant examples like longstaff I’ll just throw Adam Montgomery back at you, although it would add nothing. The problem with longstaff is that he was shite and a shitebag. The remedy for that is proper due diligence, not loaning Celtic players. fairly sure you’re just trolling now so fair play on getting a few bites.
  10. His 5 appearances, aye? And again, if he’s as good as you say he is then I’m going for the guy who’s not banned from playing in key fixtures.
  11. There’s loan deals and there’s loan deals with clubs in the same league. If he’s as good as you make out then we’d be guaranteed to miss a key player in at least 3 games. It’s simple stuff but your desire to have a go at Aberdeen fans has once again trumped a sensible discussion.
  12. This has now morphed into waving and shouting ‘DIE’ which is actually quite sinister.
  13. My wife had never seen top gun up until a few months ago. We both laughed at how hilariously shite it was.
  14. Fantastic to see you back posting hoose rice. I can’t really add to anything that’s already been said. I know what it’s like to feel like there’s only one way out too, just know it will get better. It always does. All the best.
  15. Sorry, this just doesn’t pass the smell test in the slightest. It’s just nonsense. It seems obvious but no one benefits from rangers more than Celtic. They’ll never realise it though.
  16. It’s close season on a football forum m8. Wtf sort of debate were you expecting? It was very amusing.
  17. It would be a bit bizarre for Goodwin to make a big thing about players in their 30s and then make shinnie a marquee signing. I do love the guy though.
  18. When I run I have my strava set in miles. The brexit dividend.
  19. Qatar World Cup will be shite but football is about the only bearable thing on the tv (and even it’s shite) so I will likely watch it.
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