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  1. Dundee manager James McPake is not panicking despite so far failing to land any January signings, having enquired about Hibernian pair Scott Allan and Christian Doidge. (Scotsman - subscription required) Apart from jay chapman…
  2. Not sure I agree. There was definitely more to it than meets the eye and whilst I’m not suggesting it’s something earth shattering, it was a clear outlier in terms of how we do our business and closely tied to the new arrangement with Atlanta. I’m certainly interested to know what really went on. But then I’m a boring b*****d.
  3. I hope you’re right. They’ll ultimately be forced by public opinion I suppose. I couldn’t tell you with any confidence that Scotland overwhelmingly wants to ditch everything.
  4. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out politically. It’s quite clear that England will abandon vaccine passports and masks as soon as is feasible whilst the SG are intent on keeping them here indefinitely.
  5. You can though. We signed Lewis Ferguson when he was out of contract and the compensation wasn’t agreed until well into his time with us. saying that he may have signed after his contract expired.
  6. It’s actually Martin Boy…sorry hibs that are 2nd
  7. I agree though, it’s very much playing to the gallery. Im going to stick my neck out and say McGrath didn’t reject us due to fear of the pressure cooker.
  8. Said the pressure of playing for Aberdeen isn’t for everyone
  9. I don’t do parkrun as I’m an anti social p***k
  10. If England is where he really wants to be then we’re better off without him, certainly hope we don’t make a last minute hibs-esque dash to sign him if he doesn’t get his England move.
  11. Sounds like mcgraths agent has agreed a deal in principle with us then taken it down south as leverage to get them moving. Standard agent behaviour I suppose.
  12. No because, surprisingly, rangers didn’t get a penalty for it. An educational course in sportsmanship would suffice for me.
  13. It’s actually very funny how your media portray it. Very odd behaviour over a dive from decades ago.
  14. You’re missing the point that this article/headline is trotted out literally every time rangers travel to pittodrie.
  15. We move on. Wouldn’t want us to break the bank for him.
  16. This is where I am. There’s loads wrong with it, mostly for me that it’s output as a public service just isn’t representative of the public it serves. It’s approach to the royal family is case in point, I just don’t think people care as much as they seem to think or want them to these days. But that’s not to say we do away with it as a public service, it just needs to be much, much better. Being run like ITV or the likes would be a disaster.
  17. I’m afraid we’re done here. Goodnight.
  18. Tell you what, if oaksoft posts that he wants to de-regulate and privatise everything and anything I’ll disagree with him publicly and I’ll even tag you in the post.
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