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  1. I thought we were supposed to apologise to them for kicking them when they were down and all that?
  2. The best thing King has done is hire a semi competent manager who has them winning football matches in the lower leagues. As long as that is happening they can happily distracts from the real goings on.
  3. If only courts of law worked like that. Judge: you are accused of x, what do you have to say for yourself Accused: no I didn't do that Judge: oh ok sorry about that, off you go
  4. I would like more to come out publicly. It's not so much that Celtic have made a statement but so long as it's just the two of you having come out the daily record etc can just report is a war of words between you and the real issue will be lost in that bullshit. I did say in danger of becoming. I very much hope it doesn't.
  5. A serious issue that is now in danger of becoming a public tit for tat between the old firm. How depressingly predictable.
  6. ohhh thank you Rangers for enriching our lives so... if it wasn't so ridiculous I'd be fuming. Actually I am a bit. Arseholes
  7. Pish min. I fully understand why your lot want them back but please don't bring the rest of us into it. And 'I hate rangers more than most of you'? Are you 12 years old?
  8. I am a bean counter and I can tell you I don't rely on my times tables, we have excel
  9. Aye but think how much money they saved sending the national team to Georgia no frills
  10. In fairness that is a fairly simplistic way of looking at it and the reasoning is mot likely due to how HMRC approach tax avoidance. As has been discussed the use of EBT's themselves are legal but used inappropriately (as Rangers did) then it can be illegal. There also has to be an element of reasonableness to any use of tax avoidance, so using an EBT as part of an overall remuneration package could be perfectly acceptable whereby if it was all EBT's HMRC would proably be a bit annoyed. Similarly, if you are a contractor and set up a company to ply your trade as opposed to being a sole trader, you could send yourself dividends at a lower tax rate than if you took a salary from the company. This would be acceptable occasionally but if you always paid a dividend to yourself you'd have HMRC asking you to justify it for reasons other than paying a lower rate of tax.
  11. The whole conversation is so detached from the reality of the fans, or the consumer, if that makes it more palatable for them. We are constantly told about revenues and investment in Scottish football being increased for the good of the game etc and this is where Rangers return comes into it and I have no doubt that is likely the case. However, not one person can tell me how that benefits me as a supporter of Aberdeen and Scottish football. More games between Celtic and Rangers does not impact on my life at all other than having my head in my hands at the farce that is the Old Firm derby. A two horse race does not benefit me. Aberdeen getting an extra 100k does not benefit me as for every 100k we get, Celtic/Rangers get £1m, so it serves to widen the gap. They're so concerned with how Scottish football is seen from the outside, what do England thing, what does UEFA think etc that they've forgotten we're a small country that is never likely to have a big fanbase outside of our borders. They should be doing everything they can to engage with as much of SCOTLAND as possible. It is not rangers and celtic that attracts fans, it is competition. While the people running the game are incentivised by revenue and the bottom line, we will never go anywhere.
  12. I literally spoke to one yesterday who told me how painful it was to be an arsenal fan
  13. I have had enough of this long suffering fans pish. I hear it from Arsenal fans it's fucking laughable but from the fans of the dead club Christ. Years of winning trophy after trophy, admin losing a few games and the league, then reforming winning 2 leagues at a canter before actually having to compete with teams and finish 3rd before going back to winning by 3 or 4 every week. Long suffering FFS
  14. Agreed but i don't think anything went on that destroyed the dressing room I think our luck ran out had a couple of pish games and then let it get to us and crumbled
  15. As alluded to earlier these are complex legal matters which none of us can confidently comment upon.But to simplify the situation for you, if HMRC come to you and suggest your tax avoidance is overly aggressive and possibly legal and they feel they have grounds to pursue you and you: A) hold your hands up and pay them or; B - say you disagree and will fight them to the Supreme Court over it The result will probably turn out different for you. We'll see if you can draw a parallel to our conversation.
  16. I'm sure there are multiple reasons for it just like everything came together for us first 8 games (including luck) it all went against us after that. What did worry me was the visible drop in confidence, the Ross county game was like watching us from 4/5 years ago, so disappointing. Let's just say we can't react like that every time we have a setback!
  17. You do realise HMRC exist to collect tax. So in these situations once tax is paid, that's kind of the end of the matter?
  18. 2012 was entirely different, they were about to throw out the rulebook and completely change it to shoehorn the cheats straight back into the league. The current situation is not only far less significant, but fairly unprecedented for the SFA, who haven't even addressed it yet. All in all, settle down.
  19. Of course this is whataboutery, show me where other clubs have been found guilty of breaking the law. Do you feel like living in a society where we punish everyone on the basis of probability that somewhere down the line you must have broken a law at some point? And if a club was found guilty of misrepresenting attendances to fudge tax liabilities that is very much tax evasion and cheating, and if found guilty should be punished.
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