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  1. “The futures bright, the futures…” Get. It. Right. Fucking. Up. You. c***s
  2. True I did. Probably more meant in an attacking sense as we were pretty garbage in the final third. Neither team really carried a great threat. ETA - we’ll have to agree to disagree on gurr. I didn’t think he did ok, maybe slightly better than the benchmark he’s set himself but not on any other measure.
  3. Absolutely rank is slightly harsh, I concede I’m still bitter about his raith rovers performance. but he’s a million miles from being good enough and he didn’t do anything yesterday to change my opinion. Also I don’t remember saying the overall performance was “garbage”.
  4. If it transpires that this is the case I may remove madden from my list of people to be sentenced to death immediately.
  5. The only defence I can think of for madden is that he hasn’t seen ojo get shoved and just him arguing with a fan so has reacted to that.
  6. Any United fan suggesting he should’ve just turned around and walked away is deluding themselves.
  7. That sounds a lot like a draw being a fair result. Very little in the game but of course someone can make the most of a set piece to separate the teams.
  8. A draw would’ve been a fair result. Both teams were garbage.
  9. His comments are bizarre. Why you wouldn’t back your player here is beyond me.
  10. If someone walks up to you in the street tomorrow and shoves you in the chest then let’s see if you just turn around and walk away.
  11. Well that’s outrageous then. We’re in a situation here now that a United fan may feel he’s helped his team win the game by shoving an opposition player.
  12. Despite my tone, I wasn’t trying to argue really. I was genuinely interested to know if there was a law that addressed this specific situation. I’m just not convinced it does. Laws are open to interpretation and that interpretation requires context. The context here is that a guy has been attacked unprovoked at work and he’s done nothing more than respond verbally.
  13. But this is nonsense. If simply being aggressive is a bookable offence then you’d have 22 players booked at least once every week. ETA - how would responding to an unprovoked attack from the crowd be considered ‘unsporting’?
  14. All I could find was that it was ‘unsporting behaviour - adopting an aggressive attitude’. Unless there’s more wording to it, it really doesn’t apply here.
  15. His response was about as measured as you could reasonably expect in those circumstances.
  16. 100% and I have no doubt they will. But there’s a distinction between the football matter and it being a legal matter.
  17. Yeah I doubt I’d be pressing charges for it.
  18. But see for me, compared to last season we are better between the boxes, undoubtedly. But the defensive third is undoubtedly worse and the final third we appear to just want to get the ball wide and get crosses in. That is exactly what the tactic was under Derek.
  19. Assuming the boy has one too many shandy’s before the game. Wonder when the fear will hit him.
  20. That has been the case just about every week though.
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