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  1. Aye, my reaction yesterday was similar to how I react to every latest iteration of Aberdeen’s new stadium project. I’ll believe it when I see it.
  2. Shh, let’s get @RandomGuy. to do a statistical deep dive into the Hungarian second division.
  3. I’d prefer if penalties were a kick but from holding the ball, like a keeper does.
  4. Quite amusing that a sport investing huge sums of money in VAR wants to tinker with a fairly minor rule to ‘speed the game up’.
  5. I’ll await the subsequent papers they’ve promised on currency etc before taking this push seriously. I have a feeling this was all a bit performative yesterday but fingers crossed it wasn’t. Notably they are still refusing to commit to a date for a formal section 30 request so I’m not quite sure what the plan is here. I am praying they can give a serious answer on currency and the like because I don’t think they did that in 2014 and if they can’t this time round it won’t be successful.
  6. I’ve just seen the p&j are reporting it. I must say I’m very surprised but still don’t expect him to be here much longer.
  7. Thanks mate, I know all that to be true but you’re right I do see it a huge task and fear not getting it right. We’ll be grand but there’s probably more going on than I necessarily want to share on here that worries me.
  8. Not necessarily bias but interestingly on bbc news this morning when reporting on the independence campaign, the main uk broadcast said ‘any referendum would require legal consent from the uk government’ and reporting Scotland had ‘any referendum without an agreed order would likely be challenged in court’. A subtle but relatively significant difference.
  9. Cheers everyone, I think the just ignore them route may be best. I don’t lose my temper when she kicks off so shouldn’t be an issue for me, can’t say the same for my wife though… I just wasn’t sure if it was harsh on a baby that’s just turned 1 to blank them. And to clarify, I can differentiate between her being genuinely upset and when she’s clearly at it.
  10. Thanks, yeah totally agree don’t give in. It’s just the best way to defuse the situation. Distraction seems to be the most common technique, maybe just need to get better at that. Toys don’t generally work as the tantrum generally involves her throwing them about
  11. Any practical advice on what to do with a 1 year old when they’ve learned manipulation through tantrum? It can be quite funny but she’s blatantly now having purposeful tantrums to get her own way but it can turn into a proper meltdown if it goes too far. I don’t want to go down the route of just giving in to her and the only other sure fire way to calm her down is sticking Sesame Street on YouTube which I really don’t want to rely on either (constant source of disagreement between my wife and I).
  12. I’m not going to touch too much on Derek because I’m really not interested in that debate again. But, Cormack had a vision of structuring the football department in a way that mcinnes wouldn’t have accepted. This means that a parting of the ways was always inevitable, whether he jumped or was pushed. The club can’t put on hold plans because finding a manager can be tricky, especially as Derek would’ve fucked off anyway if he received the right offer. In my opinion, last years failure is due to trying to push too much change too quickly and making the whole thing a shambles. Boiling it down to the fact Derek left is simplistic and lazy.
  13. 100% agree but it can be hard. We have friends who had a baby at a similar time and It’s nigh on impossible not to compare but it’s ultimately a waste of energy to fret over it. Anyway, I’m sidetracking the thread a bit but appreciate the post. f**k off
  14. Agreed but you always have that nervousness that you have no idea what you’re doing. When I see stories like this it gives me the irrational fear that it could be us. Not through lack of trying, but just that we are that useless.
  15. As the father of a 1 year old who struggles with her sippy cup I’m not making any comment on this.
  16. You can legally kick them out at 16, can’t you?
  17. Congratulations, it’s tough at times but you’ll love it. All the best.
  18. It’s a complement mate, work rate is an attribute. And I think you try very hard.
  19. In fairness to the man, he even said on sportsound today that he was good at talking to others and pointing but not very good at football.
  20. Anyway, surely some movement to come on signings this week. If the Ramsay deal gets wrapped up then presumably we can kick on bringing people in.
  21. Yeah it’s hard to articulate but there’s something about his voice. The conversation about the game last night was sportsound at its worst and he was the ringleader. Jim Duffy can be ok but even he got sucked into the ‘in my day…’ shite. Really boring; not insightful in the slightest and just plain I’ll informed.
  22. I’ve said on this thread before that if Peter grant appeared on sportsound more frequently he would hands down be the worst contributor on there. He talks complete and utter shite every time.
  23. I agree it’s only one person but it does need emphasised that it isn’t the broad view of dons fans.
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