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  1. Why does the SG treat the Scottish public with such utter contempt?
  2. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/0f3813de-0ea6-11ed-93cf-b011fa7fe86b?shareToken=e8950023d83ad45534ab6b6770874875 Not just the best looking manager in the league, also the soundest.
  3. It is a weird reaction. The lad was clearly on the wind up with ‘put hearts in their place’ and you’ve jumped in two footed with seething. Oh, internet…and all that.
  4. That makes it less hilarious but still invalid. Individual sports are clearly different. Novak Djokovic isn’t the best because he bought the most expensive racquet.
  5. That’s genuinely the funniest comparison I think I’ve ever read. You just compared yourself to Novak Djokovic
  6. Aye he’s fine, that’s why I said it was different perspectives, nothing abusive. I think someone on here had a good point once when they said OF fans ‘just drink in a different pub’. Well yes financial benefit is factual but opinion is who’s interests does it serve and is that worthwhile or what we want for our domestic game. The people in charge would absolutely agree that if Celtic signed cristiano ronaldo tomorrow, while the rest of the league are shopping in Poundland that it would be the best thing to happen to the league maybe ever.
  7. See this is the different perspectives. It isn’t trivial to those of us who consume football in this country and don’t follow one of two teams.
  8. Will return soon to noise you up about Martin Boyle fulfilling his dream of finally playing for his boyhood/a big club.
  9. In fairness, directing people to a thread where nothing has happened is bad etiquette.
  10. Club owners deserved scrutinised more than probably any other business. These are generally guys that want to run a club as a business that profits from consumers but want consumers to act like loyal lemmings. Folk like Gordon’s business acumen is welcome to the league, a bit like cormack, but they need absolutely telt when they go off on their own path. Clubs need to be run commercially, yes, but the noise and shite from fans helps keep a balance. Aye, sometimes a lot of it is nonsense but these guys being held accountable is no bad thing.
  11. It’s a fierce contest. Ifil may be the worst footballer I’ve ever seen. Maybe not worst defender.
  12. wouldn’t recommend Brian Irvine as a regular contributor. He was generally poor in the dons preview but he committed my peak pet hate. “Derek mcinnes made 3rd place the norm…”
  13. Call me a cynic but I didn’t think they really saw it as a problem, just a funny wee quirk of our game.
  14. Surely we get to estimate our chunk of the 40% sell on fee too
  15. You realise this quaint little “whit are we like?” Piece is just a pre cursor for their serious title race analysis which will closely follow?
  16. P&J being negative Nelly’s as usual. Let us have our fun.
  17. “The Scottish Premiership is box office in more ways than one - mainly just for the sheer daftness of it.” Oh do f**k off bbc Scotland.
  18. I feel Jim’s new look juggernaut doesn’t quite have the momentum yet for this one. Celtic will get a 3 point head start in this years title race but will make it even funnier when we wrap the title up at the same venue before the split.
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