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  1. I think what’s clear is that somewhere between Ferguson, mccrorie, bates and Lewis all in the box someone should be dealing with it.
  2. I know Lewis is getting a wee bit of stick for the goal but watching the replay, it looks like when the ball goes out to Kent, Ferguson and mccrorie both spot hagi, both tell the other one to pick him up and then look away. Lewis can do better but poor communication leaves hagi completely alone.
  3. If the government want to make it guidance that wearing a mask is advisable indoors then fine. But we know fine we’ll that the public who are supposedly used to it and feel safer with masks will largely ditch them as soon it’s not law.
  4. I think both things can be true quite easily. It’s probably harsh on Kent but he’s naive. It looks like he’s left his foot in when you watch it live. Needs to make a more pronounced effort to withdraw from the challenge.
  5. We caused them problems for the first 20 minutes. I was enjoying the joy we got from bates stepping out and fizzing a ball into the feet of Jenks/hedges/Ferguson and a little touch round the corner to open up the space. After we went behind I thought we were pretty sparse on ideas other than the mclennan chance. The Jenks one I never thought was that big a chance.
  6. I’m not there yet either. Last night we competed very well and it’s not often we control a game against them like that but I still don’t feel we asked them enough questions in the final bit. People are more forgiving because it’s them and we didn’t lose but I think if we’d gone on to lose that 1-0 we’d be pretty raging that we didn’t particularly trouble them for all the ball we had.
  7. Probably more accurate to say their period since vaccinations were largely delivered has been successful. You are right to say the early part of the year was disastrous but that’s probably down to failings in late November when delta arrived. Also heard this and was very frustrating. She did the whole ‘what is normal anyway?’ Thing about masks too. It needs challenged.
  8. First day of nursery today. I’m going to miss being able to feed myself.
  9. @AJF I hope a good nights sleep has you feeling better this morning.
  10. Another side coming to pittodrie and parking the bus. Not easy but glass has to find a way to unlock these anti football sides.
  11. He’s got a decent track record on these things but he’s way off here. Im sure he’d say I’m biased but hey ho.
  12. The arrogance in this post in the face of such a poorly formed opinion is, frankly, impressive. Kudos.
  13. Remember when Ian durrant was given a shot at being rangers manager?
  14. For all the tories are scum, they seem to have a fundamental policy that restrictions should be fully supported by data and should be last resort stuff. Im not entirely sure why this principle is exclusive to them, to be honest.
  15. I think it’s fair to say that the quotes from albertz were probably fairly benign but let’s not pretend he wasn’t specifically asked about the durrant incident and the article is basically as you describe it.
  16. Which is a much more sensible arrangement. There has definitely been a few red flags early on in the relationship but it does seem to be settling.
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