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  1. Imagine putting together this word salad talking down the game just to justify filling your stadium with mutants.
  2. Pretty limp effort really. Will let Jim away with it but basically, pish.
  3. We grew into that but probably lucky to only be one at half time
  4. I don’t want to just bash polvara but these things matter. We’ve had to downgrade in two positions today to accommodate scales being ineligible.
  5. Flag day fucking wet wipes. Anyway, I’m feeling grumpy about the scales signing again as we’ve sacrificed mccrorie in midfield and think that’s a big price to pay.
  6. No worries, so have I. As a result, I’m engaging in some solid Richard Gordon nostalgia.
  7. I’m surprised you hadn’t picked up the slightly tongue in cheek nature of my post but in any case, I will allow you Derek Rae. All jokes aside, if the content being delivered is accurate and you merely don’t like someone’s accent then calling them a ‘genuinely terrible broadcaster’ is overly harsh to say the least.
  8. Yes. This is fact. And I’ll be saying nothing more on the matter.
  9. Richard Gordon is the most loved broadcaster in the history of any media in any country, so unlucky.
  10. Correct. My full agreement has nothing to do with the fact I voted Callum Davidson.
  11. All opinions but I think that’s ludicrously harsh on the guy. It’s not ‘the whole point’ of his job, although I’d concede it’s a significant part of peoples enjoyment. But it sounds a lot like you just have a problem with his accent, that doesn’t make him a terrible broadcaster.
  12. Is he? I don’t think he has a particularly great voice for the radio but not sure he says anything too daft or ill informed?
  13. They spent too much time trying to relegate hearts that they took their eye off the ball with Celtic.
  14. I get the point, and in fairness I didn’t hear it today. But in their defence, a manager was sacked yesterday.
  15. Mark complains they paved tannadice to put up a parking lot, a measure which actually would have alleviated traffic congestion on the outskirts of the dens road market, something which Mark singularly fails to point out, perhaps because it doesn't quite fit in with his blinkered view of the world.
  16. My daughter is too young for all this but if she got to, say, 10 years old and told me she wanted to be a boy I have to say I’d be extremely uneasy at sending her for medical treatment to deal with it. This may be ignorance/bigotry or whatever but it definitely doesn’t feel right to be taking such significant action to young kids.
  17. Oh, is this you telling me Aberdeen were shit last season? I hadn’t realised!
  18. Football fans are part of it but I think it’s bigger than just that. I think the SG see themselves as the ones to stamp out the drinking culture but their method is to just deny people. Make it more expensive, make licensing more difficult, ban it in more and more settings. The plebs will complain now but in a few years they’ll thank us.
  19. I don’t think this counts if the season hasn’t started
  20. It’s just fuckin lazy government. I bet when this ‘national conversation’ happens they will say anti social incidents on trains are way down. But that’s in the same way you’d have less car accidents if you banned driving. Tackle the culture of folk drinking irresponsibly and put in measures so that folk that want a drink and families wanting a quiet trip can get on the same train. But that’s too hard and too much effort, just ban the booze.
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