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  1. A flight from London to Miami turned around and grounded due to a woman refusing to wear a mask. Stop the world, I’m getting off.
  2. Are they actually supportive or indifferent? anecdotally of course, but I generally come across people who either just shrug their shoulders and accept what they’re told or are annoyed about it. Ive only met a couple of people who are really ‘supportive’.
  3. Im conscious of sounding a bit tinfoil hat but it’s a fact that all the UK governments have been acting on the advice of behavioural psychologists throughout this due to the inability to actually enforce any of the lockdown measures with any great authority. A combination of the NHS love-in and generating palpable fear of the virus have been key tools in getting people to abide by the rules. This all had some merit back in March 2020 to be honest but we’re way past that. They need to realise the long term damage they’re doing to millions of individuals but they don’t care because right now it’s getting people to play along. This suits them as they can’t fund actual restrictions. This technique has been so pronounced since the arrival of omicron and it is one of the main reasons I’ve lost any patience with this whole thing.
  4. It’s unfortunately guaranteed that we’ll be playing this game for months until we eventually see sense. Its incredibly tiresome.
  5. I’ll be honest, I really enjoyed that. Also noticed that Kent doesn’t protest his red card at all. I’m sure @AJF thinks that means it was the right decision, if I was to consult the debate about rangers penalty against us at ibrox.
  6. Someone said it yesterday but searching out random lunatics on twitter isn’t worthwhile or particularly healthy.
  7. Sorry, but we’re in fundamental disagreement here and I don’t think we’re going to bridge that. VT’s post was less detailed but it set out clear differences that you seem to think are ‘cosmetic’. I probably couldn’t disagree with you more on that point. The fact that frankie made you look even more silly was a bonus.
  8. good that you acknowledge that but your original ‘cosmetic’ comment was both idiotic and crass.
  9. Yeah I probably went too far there. President Dave has a nice ring to it.
  10. Oh ok, so it’s about your own personal experience of it? Noted. @Frankie S has already given you a much bigger humbling than I could anyway.
  11. Ffs he’s definitely scoring after glass’ comments, isn’t he?
  12. Not legally. Think some airlines held onto it last summer as a condition of travel.
  13. Oh yeah, I do remember now. That was a fair booking. But someone thinks it should’ve been red?
  14. That first st Mirren goal at Tannadice was brilliant.
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