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  1. just over heard a conversation at work amongst a group. “apparently this new variant makes you Ill much quicker and more severe than the others, terrifying isn’t it?” I can’t think of a single person who has said this in the last few days. Really boils my piss that she’s either completely made this up or is spreading some shite she’s read on WhatsApp or something.
  2. Possibly more to do with the fact Maddison was a bit of a c**t and not that popular in the dressing room.
  3. Not having that. Maddison, whilst didn’t have the impact his ability would suggest, was an absolute joy to watch. A level of player were unlikely to see at the club again.
  4. My opinion is that I couldn’t give a shit if it was a penalty. We were pish and we lost anyway.
  5. I wouldn’t say it needs to be 90 minutes but it needs to be more than 20 minutes here and there. I think first 20 v Motherwell at home was good but we faded away, 20 minutes against st Mirren maybe? Struggling to think of much more examples.
  6. If we ran through the games that we’ve lost I don’t think I’d identify a good performance in there. We’ve played well at times overall but we’ve tended to take something from those games.
  7. I don’t really buy into this. I think the narrative that we’re playing but have been unlucky is very dangerous actually. I really haven’t seen it.
  8. I didn’t think there was anything that alarming about today in isolation. We were shite but even when we were good under mcinnes we were capable of turning up and not laying a glove on Celtic. 2 wins in 16 is atrocious though and I don’t feel confident about us in any fixture we go into. We certainly can’t be complacent about getting sucked into a battle at the bottom. Not shitting the bed yet but if the confidence goes from the team then it’s really difficult to get out of that.
  9. We’re either in for an absolute nothing season or an absolute disaster of a season. Exciting times.
  10. Celtic looked a fair bit better than the team that rocked up at pittodrie. Played some good stuff.
  11. Celtic deserved that. We were poor for the most part.
  12. Time wasting in the corner against this dons team. Minter.
  13. A decent spell in the first half aside, this has been a nothing performance from us.
  14. Ominous start to the half. We’ve regressed again.
  15. John Hartson is made for Celtic tv. If it keeps him away from the main media outlets I’m all for it.
  16. This Christmas advert, man. Why do Celtic insist on being such a weird football club.
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