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  1. Oh wow didn’t realise it was that long. I’ll have to actually set aside some time for it! Midday tomorrow seems as good a time as any.
  2. We could call it sailing off into the sunset after their fairytale cup wins.
  3. Wrong thread but they seemed shocked last night that you could make an extra sub in extra time.
  4. True. But it is a shocking state of affairs in Scottish football. Do clubs not want fans and their cash? An event that isn't sold out yet you cannot purchase a ticket on the day. Fans need to put pressure on their clubs to change this. Clubs will call it modernisation but in reality I think it’s due to the fact they want your data when you buy with them.
  5. I forgot we can do this again now we’re safe. Looking to get some good digs in at the Edinburgh yo-yo clubs soon.
  6. I’m happy with the anti climax. I suspect the neutrals wanted Arbroath/killie to send Aberdeen down.
  7. We’re hardly alone in that policy to be fair.
  8. That’s good to hear. I was being a bit facetious. He didn’t ever really look good enough with us (on a limited sample size) but no shortage of endeavour and his pace should cause a lot of defences in this country problems. If he’s added a bit of guile and/or quality to his game then he’s an asset.
  9. I like how whoever wrote that has put booing the opposition in the same breath as stabbing a man.
  10. Bring back the Inverness away day please. However, I can’t see this being anything other than comfortable for st Johnstone. But I did say that last season with Kilmarnock.
  11. Inverness have just surpassed the 2014 league cup final for dire games of football. Well done to all involved.
  12. No mention of Adam Montgomery, who has been quite simply magnificent for the dons.
  13. Think you’re overplaying that. I suspect Jim goodwin, like most of us, is absolutely desperate to get to the transfer window.
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