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  1. 11 goals by December is a great return in a largely struggling team. He’s a proper penalty box striker and I’ve been up and down on him but I am definitely coming round to him.
  2. Playing like this against livi and st Mirren is actually far more encouraging than results against hibs, rangers etc. If we could just sort ourselves out defensively glass might be onto something. A big if though.
  3. Not sure I’ve ever seen a player so polarising in his play. can go from complete diddy to riquelme week to week. Fantastic to watch on his day though.
  4. We can’t defend but SIT DOON st Mirren in any case
  5. Can’t complain too much but we’re back to being pretty open defensively.
  6. I see. Hopefully you resolve your issues soon. Don’t forget it was only a few hundred years ago they banned Catholicism.
  7. I’m going to take this with the sincerity with which it was intended.
  8. Come on man, you’re verging on being as embarrassing as kyogo.
  9. Oh ffs lads, are we actually getting upset about souttar on kyogo? Fucking hell.
  10. He’s not bigoted ffs. He is a tedious, thick, fat, uninformed, knows he can only make a living as a pundit by winding up idiot Celtic fans, c**t.
  11. Aberdeen are so shit I’ve stopped really caring
  12. We could just tally it up over a season, create a league table and pro rate points deductions, 40 for the biggest offenders, 2 for the least.
  13. The ‘no football colours’ is old fashioned but I always thought it applied more away from the ground is more aimed at folk going out for a session to watch a televised game I.e a *** going out to a city centre pub decked out in full rangers gear to watch them play. Pre match pints around the ground are fairly low risk.
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