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  1. Fair play if you get any bites here lads but you’ll struggle to find anyone who cares at this moment.
  2. The fixtures were kind to us in that we managed to sneak enough points for this fixture to be meaningless. What an absolutely shameful football team
  3. I’ll go as far as to say there is absolutely no chance he is the worst player you’ve seen at this level.
  4. Jury is out over whether he’s good enough, but ‘worst player you’ve ever seen at this level’ is hyperbole that you are guilty of at times. Not even the worst player on the pitch tonight.
  5. You want to discuss our two European glories? Excellent.
  6. In which alternate reality is this? You should know, Dundee succumbed but a matter of weeks ago
  7. Dundee fans should take comfort from the fact our firepower at the top end of the pitch is most likely to overwhelm any defence in this division. The saintees will crumble.
  8. They were shit against us and got away with it. Well yes, that much is obvious
  9. This all sounds pretty normal for going through a significant moment in your life. Don’t get me wrong, very difficult but I just mean I don’t read your post and worry about you. Just keep an eye on how long it all lasts and if the drinking gets worse. Long term break ups are tough, I had one over 10 years ago now but I went about 3 months living out of a bag bouncing around friends houses and in her spare room while I found a place of my own (this was down south where I didn’t have family). It’s a really horrible time but ultimately you’ll get past it and realise it was the best thing for you.
  10. Nope. They’d already lost it and they were getting their noses rubbed in it as we pumped them out of a title. Great night.
  11. If we take Goodwin at his word mccrorie is out but watkins and Barron are fine.
  12. That’s really up to you then. I won’t lose any sleep if we finish 10th.
  13. My post wasn’t entirely serious. Im not sure an Aberdeen win really rewards anything for Goodwin. The season is a failure win, lose or draw. My interest in tonight is to see some younger guys get a chance.
  14. The dons form is gathering pace nicely as we approach this run in. 4 massive points in 2 games sets us up to put st Johnstone in deep, deep trouble. The Arbroath scouts will be at Easter road and not almondvale on Sunday.
  15. In fairness, fully expect in a few weeks time mark McGhee to be asked about dundees relegation and for him to say ‘aye they were shite’
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