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  1. No. Im not condoning or excusing real life examples of anti Irish bigotry. But folk mentioning ireland in the context of Celtic is not necessarily an example of it.
  2. Sure, insular wee Celtic just keep themselves to themselves.
  3. Fair enough, but it is a bit tedious to see accusations of anti Irish racism flying about when folk are saying ‘that Irish carry on Celtic fans take around the country every week is a bit much, isn’t it?’
  4. Well, this is the relevant point isn’t it. You’re both guilty of ramming your respective associations down everyone’s throat. That’s what people have an issue with, not with the fact that they have Irish heritage or celebrate it. Because seriously who cares?
  5. Watching something and thinking it’s shite isn’t a reflex, I’m afraid.
  6. Manchester started fairly amicably, these things always do.
  7. Suspect for europe they’d have to because their coefficient is partly based on the league they play in.
  8. Sponsorships, tv deals! What excitement for fans of Scottish football.
  9. When did we announce this signing policy of avoiding uk based players?
  10. Was expecting it today and am quite upset it hasn’t happened. Why haven’t heads rolled yet.
  11. 36% yes? 36%? P&B is not the website I thought it was. Disgusting.
  12. Willie generally doesn’t seem a big fan of cormack, based on yesterday’s rant.
  13. I’ll be honest, sourness has me spot on. It makes me quite Ill to see them in this final and I hope they get absolutely slaughtered.
  14. I’ve no issue with a decision being taken on Andy. The way the club handled the press release was poor though.
  15. This is a bit of a mental take tbh. I mean, you’re right that no one has any right to finish anywhere and at present, livi are better than both hibs and Aberdeen, but this idea that all 10 teams set out with the same objectives, aims and expectations is just objectively wrong.
  16. Seems Wednesdays realisation at how bad Aberdeen are and that they finished below us has seen the saintees confidence completely disintegrate.
  17. looking forward to the mass exodus tomorrow. Match them down castle gate I say.
  18. Ended up watching that last night. A great effort from the club and a really enjoyable trip down memory lane. I can’t make it today so won’t get the Andy send off but what a thoroughly likeable guy and a terrific servant to the club. I was 15 when he made his debut so he’s been with the dons my entire adult life. Not always been his biggest fan in the early years but his Scotland call up and that general period was an absolute pleasure to see him develop into a proper player and club legend (yes, legend). Thanks Andy.
  19. It really isn’t. This is only a thing in your wee bubble.
  20. Saw a guy wearing a ‘bald lives matter’ t shirt yesterday
  21. I don’t think there’s many examples of us destroying our own city and fighting on a large scale. For a start, we’d have to win something.
  22. Oh wow didn’t realise it was that long. I’ll have to actually set aside some time for it! Midday tomorrow seems as good a time as any.
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