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  1. We’ve tried and failed to beat Dundee multiple times this season. Albeit we succeeded once in a painfully bad game. Here’s hoping we achieve such heights again.
  2. If we don’t win this then things could get very serious for us. And I just can’t envisage us winning a game of football right now.
  3. No problem. I’ll keep you right. Welcome to the forum.
  4. That was the joke from a fortnight ago mate. It’s all about relegation this weekend. Do keep up.
  5. His time had passed. If we could have hit reset and re-appointed 2013 Derek we would have. He’s said himself he would’ve left at the end of the season anyway. I get he’ll always be compared to as he’s a good benchmark for any manager in our modern history but jeeso settle down lads. The anger should be directed towards the utter mess we’ve made since he left.
  6. f**k the ref. He was shite but the moment we ran out of steam and livi got into the game it was only going one way. This team are absolute shitebags.
  7. Let’s not get wires crossed. I wasn’t trying to claim any footballing superiority and no one dislikes this Aberdeen side more than me. But your wee joke lacked any sense. You said we kicked the opposition more than the ball and actually we kicked significantly more of the ball than Livingston. Livi to be fair weren’t as heavy handed as they normally are, so kudos for playing some football.
  8. This wind up would make more sense if we hadn’t had 66% of the possession.
  9. I’ve got serious fear now. Other than maybe Dundee I can’t see us winning again.
  10. I foresee a second half of a lot of huffing and puffing and this finishing either 1-0 or 2-0.
  11. Seems we’ve reached the familiar point in the game where we run out of ideas and it all goes to shit.
  12. You don’t need to tell me, I have Marley watkins highlight reels playing on a loop in my house daily.
  13. The bears aren’t turning on wee scott Wright are they? Surely not.
  14. Just please fucking win so I can pay less attention to the remainder of the season.
  15. I agree, the length of time isn’t that important in itself. Folk look at results etc but you don’t see the working relationships within the club between manager and players, manager and staff, manager and chairman etc. if these aren’t working then giving them x amount of time as default isn’t really of any benefit. What I would say is that you do have to protect the perception of your club. Sacking a manager who finished 3rd and just reached a cup final to embark on a grand project with maloney, then give up on it after 4 months isn’t a great look. Not saying either decision is wrong but there could be a perception created for prospective managers.
  16. Unlike the split, there actually is a forum partition for your type.
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