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  1. I’m not actually familiar with his portfolio but I trust you.
  2. Doesn’t help when they go straight up the other end and score. Livi did similar tbf.
  3. Lazy signing of a guy who’s had a purple patch in the league. He’s not done anything prior to this season. I hope we avoid.
  4. I’ve been bored at work and reflecting on the season and started wondering what moments of the season caused me to properly lose my shit. It’s often not a moment you’d particularly expect. I think I am relatively level headed with the football these days and if I’m honest towards the end of the season I was utterly numb to the hilarious incompetence of AFC. The one moment though I think has to be ojo being sent off at tannadice for having the temerity of being assaulted by a fan. I have to admit that the fat, tangerine p***k and Bobby madden had me absolutely rattled. From the initial shove, to the admiration at ojo for not reacting, to Bobby madden whipping out a 2nd yellow. I was absolutely livid. So…what moment has caused other P&Bers to be sobbing uncontrollably?
  5. Jeeso, missed all of this. Look after yourself @Hoose Rice and get posting soon. Plenty folk, myself included, willing to help if needed.
  6. I can never decide if I like Graham hunter. I like his interviews but I’ve a strong suspicion he’s an arsehole.
  7. I’m going to be charitable and saw drew is absolutely at it here, otherwise he’s making a spectacular c**t of himself.
  8. Just seen ted Cruz say ‘we know that legislation against guns doesn’t work to prevent this, we do know that what works is chasing down felons and criminals and those with mental health issues’. Where do you start with this lunacy? Biden doesn’t have enough about him to make any changes here unfortunately.
  9. I think the whole monarchy thing is maybe what annoys me most about this stupid country. I find myself constantly flabbergasted at the absolute pantomime of it all. Like I’m being whooshed by the entire country or it’s all some sort of Truman show-esque sketch to cause me a heads gone. Because surely, SURELY, there isn’t a serious suggestion to have a nationwide sing song of sweet Caroline to celebrate this woman who we pay taxes to have her entire life subsidised. It just couldn’t be an actual thing, could it?
  10. I bet Lewis Ferguson barely thinks of himself as an Aberdeen player anymore. He’s checked out so meh, whatever.
  11. 1st birthday this week for our little girl. Can’t quite believe it’s been a year but what an amazing one, particularly the past 6 months. She’s hilarious and loads of fun. recently learned to wave and say hi. Don’t think I’m being biased when I say we have an absolute genius on our hands.
  12. ‘The easiest 10 in a row ever’ What a pathetic fucking minter of a league.
  13. I think there’s a reasonable chance we’ll be saying hatate in a years time.
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