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  1. The one person who keeps Willie miller relatively on track is gone. Good luck to the regulars on this thread
  2. If his family were unhappy having to endure ‘another country’ for 8-9 months then there’s no point asking him to stay.
  3. Can you two please god not have one of your back and forths on this thread?
  4. I wasn’t saying we’d have an equivalent deal to the league of Ireland, merely that it would reduce on their departure, which I think is unarguable. Basically the ‘we’ll be like the LoI’ trope just means sky sports won’t be interested.
  5. In fairness I think the league of Ireland stuff is less about attendances and more about tv money and European coefficients. Which, let’s be honest, would drop off if they disappeared. I think it’s fair to say that. Not to say that there would be no tv deal or no prospect of europe, just that the value would reduce. Scottish football would simply just have to cut its cloth accordingly. The question is that what we want from a domestic league? People seem to have been fooled into thinking the value of the tv deal and what round we enter Europe is the primary aim of a domestic league.
  6. The league of Ireland must wonder what it’s done to be brought up in this debate over and over again.
  7. yep, it’s pretty obvious what has killed our season. It was obvious in August.
  8. This is quite an odd post to me. I don’t think any successful premiership squad has to have a good EPL loanee. Other than Maddison/ward have we really had much success with them in the past or been key to us? By all means utilise the market if it makes sense but longstaff should be a good reminder that they really aren’t the be all and end all. The key for any team is just more broadly to get recruitment right. Ours has just been abysmal from pretty much every market we’ve looked in.
  9. We look better structurally under Goodwin from a defensive perspective I’d say. We don’t get completely bullied in midfield or played through very easily and the full backs aren’t playing nearly as high. Individual brain farts has still cost us (pen against Dundee United, Dundee goals, hibs goal etc) heavily. We really we’re open under glass. Yes we had most of the ball and didn’t concede numerous chances but the chances we conceded were gilt edged due to the areas of the pitch we lost the ball and how exposed we left ourselves.
  10. I was complaining about our defending when things looked pretty good back in the European qualifiers and I’ve been like a broken record all season. I don’t particularly see the relevance to mcinnes leaving though tbh.
  11. I’ve just listened to mcghee say that it’s irrelevant that he’s won none of his 10 games
  12. It was the same with Jimmy until we appointed mcinnes. I was a huge mcinnes fan, I still like and respect him. He made a huge contribution. But I’m absolutely comfortable that we parted at the right time and everyone just needs to move forward.
  13. I think the burning bridges stuff is being way overplayed. I don’t see any lack of effort out there. I see a very average side who’s confidence has been shot to pieces. A side that was shoddily assembled and lacks any real balance or depth. A side that lacks pace and creative spark and a side that is frankly soft as shite.
  14. We’ve tried and failed to beat Dundee multiple times this season. Albeit we succeeded once in a painfully bad game. Here’s hoping we achieve such heights again.
  15. If we don’t win this then things could get very serious for us. And I just can’t envisage us winning a game of football right now.
  16. No problem. I’ll keep you right. Welcome to the forum.
  17. That was the joke from a fortnight ago mate. It’s all about relegation this weekend. Do keep up.
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