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  1. Wednesday was abysmal but we just took 7 wins and 2 draws from a 10 game World Cup qualifying campaign. People can say the group wasn’t great but recent history tells you that’s a very, very good return from any Scotland manager.
  2. P&B is actually quite a comfort just now while every mainstream media outlet is just about causing me an aneurysm.
  3. Players are on holiday/international duty and the club will want a bit of fanfare so this delay is relatively normal.
  4. Plenty of defenders out there who are rarely boring
  5. Tend to agree. Nothing earth shattering but I do like listening to Goodwin, talks a good game and has something about him that makes me believe him more than I always do with cormack. At least he recognises that he needs to back it up. Hunter can be annoying but I quite like his interview style tbh, makes it feel a bit more like a chat and is quite a clever way to relax the interviewee. When he himself is being interviewed he indulges his own ego a lot more and can be quite annoying.
  6. Did I read right that her biggest achievement is remaining apolitical so no one notices how pointless it all is and she can retain the ludicrously privileged position she hold? That if she actually publicly tried to influence our democracy she’d be swiftly told to get to f**k by all and sundry and some of the absolute weirdos we’re seeing on the news just now might start asking some relevant questions? Happy and glorious indeed.
  7. I believe the correct answer is Celtic would be champions and hearts (obviously) relegated.
  8. They wouldn't be able to run the promotion in Scotland due to minimum pricing. More proof that the SG are republican scum.
  9. That’s genuinely quite helpful, thank you.
  10. I've been wondering about signing up for a while for similar reasons. I'm now trying to decide if you've sold the idea to me or put me off. I was genuinely quite taken aback. It may have been something I did but was surprised that it got very dark, very quickly. Id say the timeline gives me maybe 20% of what I actually wanted to see and the rest was either rubbish or quite troubling.
  11. Well I can’t buy FHM and nuts anymore
  12. Like the absolute da that I am I finally signed up to twitter over the weekend. I have no intention of ever tweeting anything but just wanted to get news, transfer rumours etc all in an accessible place. f**k me, it doesn’t take long for it to start suggesting some fairly psychotic stuff. I don’t know who I followed that made twitter think I ‘may like’ twitter pages about masculinity and how to ‘get girls’ and keep them under control. Genuinely quite disturbing stuff. I may go back to getting my news from the broadsheets.
  13. Suspect this thread will be busy this week.
  14. Aye, god forbid a defender in his early 20’s gets done by one of the best teams in the world. Write him off as shite and overrated.
  15. Delighted for McKenna tbh. Took some amount of stick from people as a Scotland player.
  16. There’s nothing surer than mcinnes absolutely having our number next season.
  17. Welcome back killie. Please don’t do the whole ‘old manager coming back to haunt you’ thing. It’s very cliche and frankly unoriginal so just do something else.
  18. This guys going to be hard as nails, isn’t he? I’m basing this on nothing really, but I’m fairly certain.
  19. I think if they made it to the currently unrivalled 55 they might have to consider it. Maybe.
  20. I’m completely unmoved by any news relating to our new stadium these days.
  21. ^^^ attacked the team bus with a fence because Celtic lost a game of football.
  22. I’m certainly open to the suggestion it’s me that’s changed. It’s probably more likely, I just can’t enjoy it these days
  23. I’ve not enjoyed any stand up for quite a while now. Doesn’t matter what ‘side’ they’re on, but they all seem to play to a particular gallery now with every routine. Whether it’s gervais getting his likes from right leaning people or someone doing something similar for the left, it’s just boring. When did it all get so partisan?
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