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  1. 11 minutes ago, RandomGuy. said:

    I'm not sure a, relatively, well known face is getting through crowds of hundreds, if not thousands, of Rangers fans around the ground without having to stop for at least one photo.

    He would've gotten a ticket from his brother to support him, he didn't wear Rangers colours and didn't publicly support them. I've no idea what else Aberdeen fans expected from him, it's almost impossible for footballers to just silently attend games like that.

    There’s a video of him doing ‘the bouncy’ after the goal went in. That’s tipped my bitterness tbh. 

  2. 3 hours ago, Drew Brees said:

    We’re not ashamed or embarrassed, every one of us would’ve done the same. That defeat was huge, a sliding doors moment that had it gone the other way -

    would’ve seen them get automatic qualification into CL group stages, in pot 1 and a Min £10m from the super cup, both these along with the Europa cup run wouldve seen their entire debt wiped clean and prob a better bank balance than us, plus all the merchandise sales. A win would have got them close to £70m

    Prob ditched those meaningless 5 stars and changed it to 2 big stars on their shirts, which would eclipse Aberdeen’s 2 stars. 

    An open too bus through the city with a city chambers event and all the players passing around the trophy to a packed George sq.

    Years of boring claims about the Seville result being better than Lisbon.

    Aaron Ramsay walking away as a good signing.

    Kris Boyd's smug b*****d face.

    Guys like Arfield, Golson, Kent etc being called European champions at every opportunity by Scottish media. 

    **** repeating the league didn’t matter over and over. 

    Congrats from Johnston, Lorraine Kelly, Belinda Carlisle etc etc as well as every shitty club down south from Carlisle to Portsmouth. 

    Billboards all over Glasgow and beyond,

    Tav on the Graham Norton show.

    No1 single in the charts.

    Appearance in the sports personality of the year show. 

    A summer of speculation of which stars would be jetting in to sign on to boost their champions league push. 

    All speculation of course but thank f**k for Frankfurt, now my favourite German team by a country mile. 




    A lot of us felt similar feelings, but didn’t do what that guy did. 

  3. 3 hours ago, 10menwent2mow said:

    Not commented on the McCrorie thing yet but I find it utterly bizarre how much some of our supporters are getting so uptight about it. 

    The extent to which I've seen some of the rage on twitter is almost suggesting that we should pursue a Rangers esque signing policy of 35 years ago. We have had many Rangers and Celtic 'fans' play for us over the years. Does it make a difference to their commitment to Aberdeen when they cross the line to play, does it f**k. If anyone genuinely thinks McCrorie will shirk a challenge in a Rangers game, or has done in the past, they need their head looked at. 

    Folk are slagging @RandomGuy.for his views on this, he's absolutely spot on. If we want 11 badge kissing Aberdonians in our team, we'll be miles worse off than we are now. 

    You’ve fallen into the classic RG trap of taking a few overreactions on twitter, extrapolating it and assuming that everyone wants ‘11 badge kissing aberdonians’. 

    Im not raging about it but I think it’s poor from mccrorie if I’m absolutely honest. 

  4. 15 minutes ago, Jinky67 said:

    Pretty much our reaction to every post you have made about Celtic this season, thanks for being our banter king 21/22, you couldn’t have made more of a c**t of it 😂

    As for tagging me in your other post 😂, a little embellishment of the truth there however it’s what you do when a little rattled 😉


    I think, and I could be wrong, it might be possible that @Mr. Alli Quite enjoys the rangers accusations and may just use it to, well, make posts like the above. 

  5. 17 minutes ago, Monkey Tennis said:


    I'm going to walk to work this morning.  I'll be like Jerry St Clair after he got the all-clear in Phoenix Nights.

    Enjoy it, but I do hope when the dust settles German football will take a long, hard look at itself. 

    The damage they almost caused is unthinkable. 

  6. 44 minutes ago, johnnydun said:

    On the radio this morning some were saying that if The Rangers were to win this, it would be the greatest achievement of a Scottish club in Europe. Then they went on to say that although Celtic fans may disagree, it was a more level playing field back in '67.

    Completely ignoring anything to do with Aberdeen already winning the same competition, and the Super Cup. 

    It just really fucked me off more than it should have done.

    Celtic have won the more prestigious tournament.

    Aberdeen (A smaller club) have won the same tournament, plus the Super Cup.

    But these wallopers, jumping on board the The Rangers love in, think that this is the greatest achievement.

    f**k off.

    I hope they get pumped.

    Ignoring the dons element, it’s just wrong. It’s not the same as winning the European cup. It just isn’t. 

  7. 7 hours ago, Rodhull said:

    Was tempted to watch this but the boy Slane is usually unbearable. Just how much does he get involved?

    I listened to an hour of it and he’s fairly low key. I’d say you’re safe. I remember listening to one with Kenny McLean and switching off after 5 minutes as it was excruciating. 

    3 hours ago, the tungston weasel said:

    Not that I want to be tagged as part of the McInnes FC crowd, I think that interview shows that a cormack McInnes team would never of worked.

    Tbh that interview reaffirms my view of Derek. 

    I really like him, and I’m glad he speaks really highly of the club and doesn’t come across with any real bitterness. 

    He says himself that he had 8 good years but it’s over and he’s moved on. Simple as that. 

    He’s a bit defensive about the whole style of play thing but I wouldn’t expect any manager to admit his teams played shite football so not bothered by it. 

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