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  1. 8 minutes ago, Sortmeout said:

    I’ve held off from saying this all summer/autumn, mostly because I assumed Terry Munro was some sort of dead Irish troubles type fella like the guy Sands and I only worked it out a few months ago, but the Terry Munro patter is absolutely cringe worthy. Our fans do it as well with the whole Colin Neverwill thing with Ayr United. Absolutely cringe worthy and embarrassing for anyone going about saying this.

    Aye it’s toe curling stuff 

  2. 20 minutes ago, Dundee Hibernian said:

    Said at the game yesterday Butcher should have gone, thus not about to stick up for the challenge. But I've often have the thought that once the game is over, there is no point in taking action retrospectively.

    The game was well covered, and the incident highlighted to a great extent thereafter. What about matches which aren't quite so high profile, where similar or worse incidents occur?  I'm sure many of us can think of such occurrences, perhaps where the victim is actually incapacitated for weeks or months. 

    Probably not a view which will bring much support, but in this case the game was televised live and challenge was made hugely prominent by the media.

    During the closed door era last season, I watched a live stream of a top league mach where a player was booked for a dreadful challenge which put an opponent out for 10 matches, but because it was an inconspicuous occasion for most football fans, there was no follow up. 

    To summarise, the Scottish game is governed by a set of rules, and I'm not comfortable with an extra level being added in due to the ranking, in the minds of the media and SFA, of the clubs.

    The challenge is a shocker and the guy has plenty of previous. It needs dealt with. 

  3. 10 hours ago, Lyle Lanley said:

    So she knows it would be a unpopular decision if restrictions do come back. Don’t do it then. 

    A woman who is entirely too comfortable with putting restrictions on peoples lives. 

    The idea that this stuff should be last resort is long gone. 

  4. 21 minutes ago, kingjoey said:

    If we had been as clinical with taking chances as we were today in other games this season when we have given goals away, we would be sitting on a far higher points total. I really couldn’t give a shit if we gift two goals a game, as long as we score three or four ourselves. 

    On a simplistic note, if Hearts and United both lose tomorrow, we will be four points off fourth and six points off third on the same games played.

    This is a nice sentiment but history tells you teams with this approach are not successful. 

  5. 3 minutes ago, DrewDon said:

    What do people actually want from Glass?

    Because, if it's a team which has the same attacking threat and plays the same quality of football from middle to front as we have seen over the last two games, but is also unbelievably solid at the back and doesn't give away virtually any chances, I think they are going to be disappointed. 

    I get your point but the balance is if the style of play prevents you from consistently getting results then it needs to change. 

  6. 4 minutes ago, Merkland Red said:

    Ha. I actually thought Marley hung Hayes out to dry a bit in the second half. Was a bit lazy tracking his man and left Hayes against two several times.

    They maybe need a fair run of games together but I can't say I'd be hoping to see the pair of them line up together next season.

    Aberdeen won today, playing very good football. Maybe next week we can go back to keeping it tight at the back and playing it long to the big man in the channels.

    Bob has a point though. Today was a good day for glass but the challenge is to get it consistently. On another day we don’t score two quickfire goals and st Mirren take one of their early chances. 

    It’s still 6 wins out of 17 in the league which Is a very poor return. 

    There is something about what glass wants to do but if we don’t sort ourselves out defensively it’ll be worthless. 

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