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  1. I think there’s a reasonable chance we’ll be saying hatate in a years time.
  2. There’s a video of him doing ‘the bouncy’ after the goal went in. That’s tipped my bitterness tbh.
  3. A lot of us felt similar feelings, but didn’t do what that guy did.
  4. You’ve fallen into the classic RG trap of taking a few overreactions on twitter, extrapolating it and assuming that everyone wants ‘11 badge kissing aberdonians’. Im not raging about it but I think it’s poor from mccrorie if I’m absolutely honest.
  5. I think, and I could be wrong, it might be possible that @Mr. Alli Quite enjoys the rangers accusations and may just use it to, well, make posts like the above.
  6. Lads, can we add ‘some guys in Perth think hating rangers is weird’ to the agenda for the next fan meeting? Thank you.
  7. They said that on bbc news yesterday morning. Even my wife burst out laughing.
  8. Ally is about as acceptable as they come for one of them but that’s just lovely
  9. Enjoy it, but I do hope when the dust settles German football will take a long, hard look at itself. The damage they almost caused is unthinkable.
  10. The world feels a little brighter today. Good morning, P&B.
  11. Get it right fucking up you. Right. Fucking. Up. You.
  12. Ignoring the dons element, it’s just wrong. It’s not the same as winning the European cup. It just isn’t.
  13. Sad c**t. He had a Union Jack tattoo done while he was still with us.
  14. I think there’s a lot of work for him to do but he looks like he’s got ability and a decent head on his shoulders so fingers crossed.
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