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  1. You were right the first time. Ive now had a couple of beers and my ‘nesbitt’ chat was just a dreadful fishing attempt.
  2. A wee shame because I’m guessing most of the previous occasions have come in the championship.
  3. Glass said post match that Wednesday will probably come too soon for him and Gallagher.
  4. So sportscene just made up our formation tonight. 4-3-3 with mccrorie at LB and ojo on the right of a midfield 3. How hard is it with hindsight to get the lineup correct for a highlights package?
  5. If it helps, I was giving you the benefit of the doubt that tongue was firmly in cheek with your original post.
  6. About a year too late to the Marley party but welcome nonetheless
  7. Did something about leaking goals and we looked a lot more cohesive in attack. Can’t ask much more if glass today, being fair to the man.
  8. That’s more of a 45 minutes I can get onboard with. Watkins and hedges in there supporting Ramirez has made a big difference to our attacking threat. Not looked like conceding every time the opposition comes forward either which is nice.
  9. That would be how I see it and hope that’s how we line up. As a front 3 that has a bit of potential
  10. I’ve had no beers and yet…I actually quite like the look of that team.
  11. My thinking is hedges at LWB you lose his attacking threat and neither do I particularly trust him to defend.
  12. Just remember, it took Derek to come along for us to stop talking about Jimmy
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