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  1. There's a Covid-19 thread in General Nonsense for this pish.
  2. It's a stretch but not that much. Bolingoli shouldn't have been playing or anywhere near Kilmarnock, by law. Club will probably get away with pleading ignorance on this occasion but going forward I think that needs to change.
  3. Not really. Bolingoli will be punished. The question for the SG is whether football as a whole should suffer as result of a few individuals.
  4. Not doing rounds is predominantly for students and tight c***s (often one in the same).
  5. Are you suggesting a separate state for Scottish football? If so, I'm interested.
  6. If Uncle Peter is brokering stuff with the SFA/SG etc. could you pass on the message that the Dons are in a bit of hot water at the moment and we are willing to vote to keep the 11-1 voting structure again if he can help us out.
  7. They broke the 4 household rule, which applies to everyone.
  8. Now praying that Bolingoli gets sacked then that emerges about Eduoard.
  9. It would obviously be political. Football has been given special dispensation to get going again. The SFA/SPFL di da lot of leaning on the SG and made a whole host of promises for them to agree to it. There are several industries still not being allowed to open (gyms for example) that will see it as unfair that football is on again. They obviously wouldn't do the same for teachers as some crackpots think education is more important than football. I'd agree there's no clinical reason to stop football off the back of these incidents but it would be to send a message.
  10. I had gammon for lunch today. It was absolutely delicious, if that makes you feel better.
  11. I'm sure that sounded good in your head but the SPFL (on the advice of its clinicians) and both clubs were willing to play the match. The Scottish Government made the decision, I think it made the right one, but there was absolutely some politics involved in it.
  12. Eh...ok. Well I'll just re-iterate my point that it's entirely justified.
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