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  1. That’s probably fair. I was guilty of engaging in a discussion about Arsenal (despite having not watched a single game) and accepting the ‘who would watch Scottish football?’ Reciprocation.
  2. Family occasion this weekend and my sister has friends visiting from London. less than 24 hours in and already had several ‘haha irn bru, haha shortbread, haha tartan’ on many occasions. Who teaches them this patter and why do they think it’s funny?
  3. That’s harsh, I’m sure they were watching ally begg for the tactical insight.
  4. Just go enjoy your weekend bud. St Mirren got 3 points, take them and enjoy them.
  5. Jokes about mental health over a refereeing decision, nice one Wilbur.
  6. Will the st Mirren fans promise to calm down about Aberdeen once they’ve played their next fixture?
  7. Oh f**k off. You did this exact routine at pittodrie earlier this season and it was 3-2 going on 6-2.
  8. That is top patter. Two bookings and chucking the game in 22 minutes doesn’t scream an 8 out of 10, I’ll be honest
  9. I honestly don’t think it would bother me that much. Ross mccrorie is a rangers reject, Hayes is a Celtic reject, Ryan jack is an Aberdeen reject. I just don’t think it’s that offensive, and I think in his own clumsy way he was just highlighting that all 3 goals came from players Aberdeen let go, which is fact.
  10. No, you crack on. Some people in Aberdeen still talk about a game from 40 years ago. Thankfully no one on P&B has an opinion on that though.
  11. Nearly Friday afternoon and the st Mirren fans are watching Aberdeen YouTube videos to wind themselves up. Outstanding.
  12. Think we’re on 1 win in 11 albeit including cup games, which includes darvel and some absolute skelpings.
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