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  1. Should’ve known when that pen wasn’t given that we’d never score against the c***s again tbh. Think the wee injury prone *** missed a couple of sitters too.
  2. I bet when Stephen glass was awarded his man of the match Coca Cola bicycle on the hampden pitch back in 1995, that he’d have to tolerate some diddy on pie and bovril calling him dross 26 years later. Sad, very sad.
  3. Was Stephen glass described as dross by the OP?
  4. After we absolutely battered them 0-0 for 45 minutes at Tannadice the games against United last season were horrible affairs. I don’t quite trust that the hacken performance will translate to domestic football yet so if we can put in a performance here I might get a little excited about our season.
  5. Ticket acquired and I’m not going to lie I am ABSOLUTELY BUZZING
  6. It really depends on the structure, how fan groups agree on/ implement a vision for the club and who they employ to carry it out.
  7. Yes, but we keep any points earned while you wear it
  8. Giving @Merkland Red a wee pat on the head there, I like it.
  9. Just give up. Rodhull has you on toast with these announcements.
  10. . I’m sure Darren mackie could do a job if he’s still in the north east
  11. Logan I imagine will be good in league 1. Unless he’s gone totally off the rails in his private life.
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