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  1. An emotional atmosphere can work in our favour if we’re semi competent for the opening period. 4-0 rangers.
  2. I think it’s quite telling that he hasn’t been since. prior to the raith game I thought he looked energetic with little quality that could be useful cover in an emergency. The second half against raith was so fundamentally bad in the mistakes he made that I decided he can’t be trusted as cover. He’s 25, not an 18 year old starting out. Obviously just in my opinion.
  3. It would be disingenuous for me to post a gushing tribute to the man when I can’t say I would’ve done so prior to today but that afc chat thread is disgraceful and shameful. It’s a horrible wee forum as most one club forums are but it’s not representative.
  4. Thanks, that sounds like a horrendous time for you. I like to think I’ve retained enough perspective to know that the feeding issue we’re experiencing is very likely to be nothing serious and in the grand scheme of potential issues to be had with kids is very small indeed. Doesn’t make it enjoyable but I know that we’re pretty lucky in our circumstances. My biggest concern is my wife to be honest she is really suffering with it (and she wasn’t much better before the feeding issues) so it’s difficult to watch.
  5. Aye, I’m all good. Just focused on being a support. Ready for the potential long haul on this one.
  6. Yes, I’m wary of being taken for a mug definitely. I have a relative that’s a paediatrician so tbh I’d be running any advice past her and we won’t be getting on any long term plan or any other money drain! Solids may be an option if this continues much longer, yeah.
  7. Ramsay is our most valuable asset by a considerable distance but think it’s too soon to say he’s currently our best player. The lad has bags of potential and has been brilliant but let’s not pretend he’s been perfect defensively (some of that is the system but he’s made mistakes too). Again, possibly due to the system but he does so much running from the first whistle that he can’t really last 90 minutes yet. That will come as he develops physically and with experience though. In short, I’d rather not put too much pressure on him by putting him on too much of a pedestal just yet. Just let him develop.
  8. Thanks @Busta Nut and @lichtie23 for the kind posts. Ive not really had the time between everything to post anything that articulate but will do at some point. In short, nothing really improved. Feeding remains mixed, wee one is healthy but doesn’t feel like a sustainable amount she’s having. We’ve booked to see an infant dietician tomorrow. Not sure how confident I am in that but at least a different insight. The wife’s mood is still in the bin and cries after every feed and more. She has at least booked to see the GP for herself in a couple of weeks time.
  9. I didn’t think you were that young. If I’m 100% honest I just always feel compelled to mention hearts many, many relegations at every opportunity. Even if it doesn’t make particular sense.
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