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  1. ^^^^ going to buy his book when it comes out.
  2. My take on Maurice Ross is that he is knowledgeable about football and is ok to listen to when it's purely that subject. However, he tries really hard to (or is incredibly natural at) fit the Rangers man profile and lets himself down with classic Ex-OF pundit cliche's and patter. Passable for someone without a job but whilst a coach at Motherwell it's pretty shite tbh.
  3. I listened to that Sportsound and didn't think he said too much wrong. Then I remembered he's a first team coach at Motherwell. Minter.
  4. I agree, we have a lot of central belt fans who may effectively never be back at Pittodrie for your run of the mill league game if PPV is the norm.
  5. A big match for both sides in the pursuit of 'best of the rest' this season. Perhaps the real winners will be Hibs from this fixture. Our record against Celtic is absolutely stinking so the likelihood is nothing will change there. A good test for us though given the steps forward we've made this season so far. Tight, 1-2 Celtic win.
  6. I was under the impression this thread effectively was 'the science'.
  7. I would guess Logan and Mclennan as WB's for Sunday, Mclennan in for Hayes and Logan as a trusted defensive minded WB.
  8. That's actually a really good show tbh. I enjoyed watching that Queen of the South more than the actual football team last year, that's for sure.
  9. Test it out, it is different for everyone. DO NOT test out food etc for the first time when the HM comes around. The first time I tried running gels on a practice run I spent most of the rest of the day on the toilet. As Stellaboz says, if you're knackered and think you need food, you're too late. Make a plan before you run of when you're going to take them. When I was marathon training it was probably one sachet every hour.
  10. I'm sure Queen of the South is just some pish tv show on Netflix.
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