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  1. One of these days we might actually beat Motherwell and I’ll have a comeback
  2. ^^^ posted after 48 hours of pure, unadulterated and unmitigated rage.
  3. Autocorrect has got me there. I meant to say done and it’s corrected me to fine. He may have been at the upper end of a league table of Aberdeen performances last season (not sure I’m convinced) but that wasn’t Jonny Hayes. It was actually quite sad to watch.
  4. Who’s this killie keeper and what’s he up to? Very questionable.
  5. He’s been great all season. He looked absolutely fine a few months ago.
  6. The resurrection of Jonny Hayes as a player is maybe the most pleasing thing about this season so far.
  7. I just said I thought it was poor form and explained why. Not sure why you took it that way but up to you I suppose.
  8. Didn’t see this one but good to see us scoring against 11 men.
  9. A manager setting up in a good way and calling it luck just because they adapted to circumstances is poor form. There was plenty of other things to criticise Derek for and same goes for Jim.
  10. There was a suggestion from ally begg that Coulson could be centre half but begg is prone to talking absolute shite.
  11. Two of the worst possible away games too. St Mirren isn’t that bad but it is fucking Xmas eve
  12. You know, it isn’t actually obligatory to go down this rabbit hole…
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