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  1. The worst thing about this lockdown is the increased use of a social media already saturated with ‘look at me’ absolute fucking simpletons to get their ‘message’ out to the world.
  2. That’s nearly two weeks of working from home together and we haven’t had one argument. I can only suspect a monumental bust up is coming.
  3. In normal circumstances it picks up around mid May I think and then dies a week later.
  4. Good post and I agree. For clarity, my point was more that the Edinburgh fringe and the Scottish football season have different profiles. i.e. the fringe requires the entirety of Edinburgh city centre to be prepared, people travelling from round the world etc. whilst Scottish football could start next week and you'd get great crowds.
  5. I doubt UEFA will be making the call. They'll say here's what's happening with our competitions, this is when teams can/will enter, you decide how to nominate participants. We're also talking from a football perspective, we haven't touched on the fact 'null and void' could void TV contracts, sponsorship etc and therefore not pay out. I'd also challenge you saying you can't pick and choose. You can make the distinction between domestic matters and European ones. Obviously you can't not relegate Hearts but relegate someone else. You could quite easily say: - domestically, null and void. No one won the title, no one got relegated etc. - but we need to nominate 3/4 European clubs and we're going to take the top 3/4 teams from when we left off. Ultimately you've nailed it. Someone is going to be pissed off here, and with some very strong justification.
  6. You could be right but those events are global things that you can't just decide a few weeks in advance to put on. Domestic football is probably more flexible in that regard. If we saw an unlikely dramatic improvement in circumstances over April, you could be playing again within a couple of months.
  7. My order of preference is (on a footballing perspective): - Finish the season (next to no chance given the uncertainty over timing) - Call it as it is - null and void Presuming UEFA will require nominations for next season's competitions, then if it's not option 1 you need to allocate those out somehow. Promotion/relegation is an absolute minefield to be honest and god knows what the right answer is. There's strong arguments both ways. A temporary league reconstruction may be the answer. I'm not against league construction in theory, I just think rushing anything permanent as a reaction to this crisis would be madness.
  8. Depending on what Uefa do we'll probably have to allocate European places at some point, so how else would you do it? Dundee United didn't win the league and Hearts didn't finish bottom (unfortunately). I wouldn't be averse to null and void and not awarding any titles, but European spots will need to be decided.
  9. https://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/18348625.stewart-gilmour-expanding-premiership-14-clubs-just-save-hearts-joke/ You're welcome
  10. Rushing through some botched league reconstruction as a reaction to this crisis would definitely, definitely end well. If it’s not possible to finish the season then end it as it is, European places based on current standings, Celtic champions etc. Promotion/relegation is tough one, I’d be inclined to cancel it for this season and leave leagues as they are.
  11. Bayern have taken pay cuts as well as giving these hand outs. Celtic won't do it anyway, certainly not as the only club to do so.
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