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  1. It’s a question with no right answer really, from a fans perspective anyway. I’m sure hibs fans wouldn’t trade anything for that 2016 final but similarly I shudder to think where Aberdeen would be if we’d had Alan Stubbs for 8 years.
  2. The mcinnes era ‘might’ be coming to an end, but he should be looked back on fondly, without question. As a club we’ve progressed massively over the period, even if the first XI on the pitch at present is under achieving.
  3. Thankfully I doubt cormack would judge his managers solely on trophy wins.
  4. Dundee fan kidding on he isn’t genuinely fearful of considine.
  5. I’m a paid up member of the carried away with how good Watkins was club.
  6. Yep. The strikers are killing us. Said it a few times. They don’t get us up the pitch, they don’t offer movement and they don’t score. We’ve got a serious problem if we’re just running as is until end of season.
  7. If we sack him, Do you think a prospective manager would see an ambitious club striving for great things or a trigger happy chairman sacking a long term servant whilst sat at realistically the ceiling of league position he can achieve? I’m not wedded to the man but the club need to keep the heid.
  8. The point is sacking without a succession plan is for when you’re in a complete tailspin like getting done 9-0 at parkhead. Not for when you’re sitting in 3rd with a manager of 7/8 years who’s generally been successful. There’s absolutely a debate to be had about whether his time is coming to an end but the idea of just sacking him now is silly.
  9. Well done on working out what a draw and a loss means.
  10. If there’s no answer then you can see why boards don’t immediately cave to this kind of pressure.
  11. Much closer to Celtic than you are to rangers I’m afraid.
  12. We can’t do better is a tiresome argument. but it’s not my job to replace him is literally the worst answer to that question.
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