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  1. South of Scotland attendances 2018/19

    Didn't physically count the crowd but it would be in the region of around 50 for the Nithsdale v YMCA game
  2. Biggest surprise so far...

    Biggest problem with Nithsdale is discipline-- if they could get their full starting 11 on the park and keep them there they would be right up there-- very young team that will get better as the years go on and all mostly local-- if the discipline improves then so will the results. Unbeaten at Lorimer since August - last team to beat them was indeed Bonnyton down there 4.2
  3. Best striker

    With all due respect McKenzie only signed at Nithsdale a few weeks ago from Cumnock and has just played the recent games v Bonnyton and Stranraer, missing the earlier ones in the season, but I take your point as he didn't have a sniff in both games...
  4. South of Scotland attendances 2018/19

    69 at Nithsdale v Lochar game
  5. South of Scotland attendances 2018/19

    59 people at Nithsdale v Annan Athletic today at Sanquhar
  6. South of Scotland attendances 2018/19

    69 at Nithsdale v Wigtown game-- count done before Half Time
  7. South of Scotland attendances 2018/19

    Nithsdale v Upper Annandale - 67
  8. South of Scotland attendances 2018/19

    43 at Uppers game v Nithsdale-- count done at Half time
  9. South of Scotland attendances 2018/19

    I counted the travelling support as well !!!
  10. South of Scotland attendances 2018/19

    Nithsdale v Stranraer was around 100 - no more than that
  11. South of Scotland attendances 2018/19

    Nithsdale v Bonnyton was around 150 -- one or two travelling fans from the Killie area boosted the numbers
  12. South predictions

    In relation to the Nithsdale "battering ram" banging them in last season, his name is Sean McKenzie and he was there on loan from Cumnock Juniors. He has returned to his parent club Cumnock and is indeed banging them i again. Nithsdale have signed that other battering ram Tomi Thomson again up front who scored the second goal for Nithsdale the other night v Bonnyton. Bonnyton could have won by a lot more if not for a decent display by the Nithsdale keeper, Jamie Kerr
  13. Heard there was trouble after the Nithsdale v Lochar game with one of the Lochar players putting his fist through the partition to the dressing room-- anybody hear anything?
  14. Mids Cup winners

    Mids 0 Nithsdale 2 today- Mids very lack lustre against a very hard working and young Nithsdale team who took their chances., and defended very well when reduced to 10 men in the second half ....
  15. Title Race

    YMCA 1 Nithsdale 3 - very spirited performance from YMCA who only started to believe in themselves when they were 3.0 down. They took heart from a well struck goal and finished the game very much on the front foot, with Nithsdale happy to see out the time any way they could. As stated in a previous post YMCA are very young and fit team. They will certainly get some results this season if they can keep up the effort they are showing at present.Good to see....