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  1. The new management team seem to be hell bent on pulling what had potential to be an exciting young Nithsdale team to pieces and bringing in ex Saints, Dalbeattie and Threave players -- watched Nithsdale on Saturday against Saints and they had Graham Wright in goals ex Dalbeattie -- he lost an absolute howler of a goal and that seemed to set the tone for a very abject Nithsdale performance -- Nithsdale have lost more goals in the 4 or 5 games that the new manager has been in charge than they had all season up till then -- it aint working Mr Cameron !!!!!....
  2. I take your point, Hulk, and you may be correct actually but previous manager left because of an incident that happened between a "fan" and an opposing player two weeks ago at the end of a game - an incident that was nothing to do with the previous manager or coaching staff or even the Nithsdale team
  3. Rab Cameron ex Saints Manager Johnny Brown and Jimmy Scaife all confirmed as the new management team at Nithsdale as of now -- wont be long until a decent team of local boys are split up and the Dumfries mercenaries replace them .....
  4. Watched Saints on Saturday v Nithsdale at Sanquhar-- Saints wee bit unlucky not to win - Nithsdale hanging on for a 3-2 win -- Saints will improve wi time.....
  5. I was at the Nithsdale v Braves game a few weeks back at Sanquhar and the Braves refused point blank to have one of their officials run the line and the ref wasn't fussy if there was anyone doing it or not so you had Nithsdale running their line and no-one at the other side-- farcical. Also agree re the cynicism- out of order at any level
  6. The Nithsdale team will get even better as time goes on as they are one of the youngest squads in the league- average age is 23/24 years --great credit to Scott Telfer and Barry Gibson for the work they are doing there - they put in hours of work with these boys and it is paying dividends
  7. He didnt score against either of them but didnt sign till October so only played against each of them once -- 1 goal v Stranraer away and no goals in the game v Bonnyton. He had poor games to be honest in both games
  8. I hadn't heard that story but I am not surprised - big loss for Nithsdale if it happens....
  9. Interestingly Nithsdale have had 3 friendly games in a week-- scored 13 goals and Sean McKenzie has scored them all-- games v Glenmuir from Loagn - 6.1, Craigmark Juniors 3.6 and today Shortlees Amateurs from Kilmarnock 4.3.
  10. He is quite right- as long as he is happy and enjoying it- totally agree
  11. Forgot all about Nithsdale, while it's great to see talent like McKenzie in the South, he's definitely more suited to a higher level. Scores for fun Totally agree with you-- McKenzie is hard to play against as he is moving all the time hence difficult to mark and has decent upper body strength. Surprised some Junior teams at least have not prised him away, but that is to Nithsdale's advantage
  12. McKenzie is signed at Nithsdale-- scored all 6 in a 6.1 win against amateur team Glenmuir at Logan yesterday-- looks sharp again-- Nithsdale will be capable of beating most teams on their day but may just be a couple of players short to win or challenge for league
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