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  1. Is there still that indian restaurant in a church near Minishant?
  2. I can't stand Steven Mulhern. No idea why, I just really hate the c***
  3. Understandable. As a Fu Manchu man, I find it is a recurring problem
  4. so many to choose from... Descendents are up there, NoFX are up there... hmmm Probably have to go with the Buzzcocks. The first band I truly delved into and opened up the world of punk music for me. And I can't think of a Buzzcocks song I don't like!
  5. Djurgardens SK Brann Deportivo La Coruna St Pauli Sparta Prague
  6. I'm looking forward to this one. Ayr have always been my 'other team', due to living there for a number of years and even briefly working for the football academy at somerset park (albeit in an admin role), so I'm glad to see them in the championship and doing well... but hopefully not well enough to get anything from a trip to the caley stadium! I'm hoping ICT can improve on the victory against Falkirk last Saturday and continue our good run of league matches, and the even better news for me is that - for the first time in months - I have the saturday afternoon off, so it's safe to say I shall be in attendance! Predicting a 2-1 victory to the mighty Caley Thistle; I'll accept Ayr getting a wee consolation goal at the end. It'll at least give them something positive to talk about on the 4.5 hour journey back down the road...
  7. J.Calder R.Tokely G.Munro B.Mann G.Shinnie D.Bagan R.Duncan C.Christie P.Sheerin A.Shinnie D. Wyness Subs: M.Brown R. Hastings R. Draper J. Hayes A. Rooney and, just for a laugh... D. Xausa
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