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  1. He’s not beating prograis though.
  2. Certainly wasn’t easy but Adrenalin makes you talk pish so will let him off.
  3. Right hook to the body is taking its toll.
  4. Taylor is making him miss by miles but he should be making him miss by inches so he’s in a position to come back with a counter. Every time he makes him miss he’s in no position to punish him n
  5. Taylor needs to be a bit busier and use his jab more. This boy is raw.
  6. The last series of the sopranos is as good as the first.
  7. I will be watching it based on what went before in the first 5 seasons. Not what’s come in the last couple of years.
  8. I’m probably not saying saying anything that’s not already been said but this series has been absolutely awful. The great thing about GoT is the multi layered, intricate story lines that play alongside each other all feeding into the one story. The last series the pace was rushed and wasted it as there was little build up to any climax. This series has been completely one dimensional. One focus, all too convenient, simple. What was the need for a 90 minute battle? The full episode provided about as much mental stimulation as a fire work display or car chase film - it should be far far better than that. The producers seem to think fancy graphics can compensate for a lack of a plot nowadays. It was predictable as well. The walkers were hardly going to snuff them out with 3 episodes still to go were they? I knew Arya would strike the fatal blow. The only surprise was that she didn’t take on Brans face to do so. What was the actual point of the walkers anyway? All built up and then for nothing. Just one dimensional pish. GoT was up there with the best telly ever until these last 2 series but it’s now patently obvious that they’ve no idea how to pull it all together to a conclusion. I can’t believe the amount of people that are still singing it’s praises. To me they must be willing it to live up to their expectations so much that they have convinced themselves it’s great - just like folk did with the sequel to Trainspotting or Oasis’ Be Here Now album. Utter pish.
  9. Just watched the last 2 episodes tonight - utter pish!
  10. How can anybody actually still be arsed with all this internal, factional political bollocks? We have Been arguing and moaning about it all for 20 years now (minus a few years in the early Ballantyne days when it was decent). No danger am I sitting through another meeting listening to it all.
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