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  1. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Seen the videos from outside last night. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] why would you throw a traffic cone when you could throw a punch? Utterly embarrassing.
  2. The Celtic 2018/19 thread

    Worth posting this again for all the greeting Selkirk fans...
  3. The Celtic 2018/19 thread

    That text correspondence and someone wanting to get sent home from work is genuinely one of the most pathetic things I’ve ever seen on the internet.
  4. Italian Football Thread

    Genoa vs Lazio on Freesports tomorrow.
  5. What’s the end goal but? The trust end up owning the club? After the committee pressure PH to sell up with a sternly worded email and some mildly disapproving statements? Then what happens with the stadium? It’s fantasy land stuff.
  6. On reflection the meeting was a bit pointless. a bigger audience could have been reached by Just publishing Wullie’s reasons for leaving. Stuart shields and Colin Elliot gave their reasons for leaving so in that respect it was worthwhile but would have been better if the Spiers had been there to detail their reasons as well. Although I understand they were elsewhere and were unable to attend. At the end of the day we found out PH is difficult to get on with - don’t think that’s news to anyone really is it? There are 2 sides to every story. Shame PH doesn’t attend a public meeting a set out his case and then fans can make up their own minds. I don’t know if I’d have much faith in the discussion around increasing the shareholding of the fans. Sounds like pie in the sky to me. The trust do great work in the community and I don’t think that anyone should feel they have any right to express an opinion on where there money should go. However, in terms of holding boards past or present to account I don’t think that they are particularly effective and seem to do a lot of fence sitting or imply things aren’t right but then expect/hope others to come up with the tough talk or action. Stuart shields, Colin Elliot and the Speirs are all true supporters and we’d obviously all be more comfortable with people in charge who we know have the best interests of the club at heart. However, as stuart shields said last night- PH is an astute businessman. It’s not in his interests to see the club decline when he owns the stadium so we are as well letting him get on with it and see how it turns out. At the end of the day if we were 15 points better off nobody would give a toss about any of the background stuff would they?
  7. Stuart shields gave his perspective on why he left. Said that he Couldn’t get on with PH. PH reported to be only willing to converse by email. Stuart only interested in welfare of club not stadium business he said. Stuart still has his shares and won’t be selling them. Colin told them from day 1 was just a short term investment but wanted shares with fans.
  8. Summary of what was said by trust. This is their perspective. I’m only reporting what was said. Can’t be arsed typing up questions asked or proof reading. 4 issue raised at recent board meeting against trust “not personal to Wullie” Wullie spoken to badly in his opinion felt there was a Confrontational tone at meeting. 4 issues trust cited are: 1. Kitaid club feel trust should pay 10k towards season tickets Club got 10k in previous years. This season trust felt they didn’t have to pay as part owners. December email asking where cash it was. Brought up again recently. Colin Eliot wanted to sell shares to trust for 10k. Reported that Paul wanted club go get it. May 30 stock count of merchandise amounted to £9k approx. Retail value - £17k given to club for free. Trust pay pruntys wages as well. Trust raised money with community initiatives for free. Trust believe commitment made. Due to give 20k in dec. was late due to PayPal issue. Board reported to be going to hold on to the cash to compensate for kitaid cash instead of it going to buy shares. 2. Request for trust for open board meeting - On back of stuart shields resigning a lot of emails. Trust wanted open meeting to communicate. It was said that the club argue it was a “knee jerk reaction” and no need to meet supporters. 3. Trust community Work- Mongolia - reported that Club challenged cause and said money should go to local causes or club. Trust disagreed. Great media support for previous issues. Some key club sponsors buy in to this. As do members. 4. Poty - reported PH wanted profits shared with club trust were happy to explore. Attack by Celtic fans discussed. Steven Eaton spoke to police who think categorisation of game was ok. Said they were short of numbers as section B were at gallowgate and polis managing them. From now on away fans will take a different route to ground. Dealing with turnstiles issue with Celtic. Didn’t expect so many airdrie fans arriving at once. Few folk identified. Trust won’t take it any further. This was brought up at board meeting and sporting liaison officer position was raised. Board weren’t supportive at this time. Concludes the reasons given by Wullie resignation. Trust board want to continue to work with the club. Set out all the work outstanding. Don’t want division between trust and club. No replacement at the minute while issues ongoing.
  9. Boxing Thread

    115-114 fucking sums up the “sport”. That was a stitch up if they could have given it. Cheeseman was 2/5 on after 4 rounds as well [emoji23]
  10. Boxing Thread

    I think it is pretty obvious what I am talking about. The commentators were convinced that Cheeseman was doing great the first 3-4 rounds and then had a total U turn when Fowler has a different opinion.
  11. Boxing Thread

    I don’t bother my arse with boxing any more as I am sick of the corruption and politics. But I’m watching this fight and Smith and Macklin has Cheeseman doing great work until they spoke to Anthony Folwer at the end of round 4 who said his pal (Cheeseman) was getting spanked, so the commentators then immediately change their tune and suddenly making out they’d him losing all along. Farce.
  12. Italian Football Thread

    I see that Premier sports is available for £6 a month if you book soon. I’m tempted but I grudge paying any more sports subscriptions. I may get rid of BT Sports and replace it with premier.
  13. What is lesmahagow like?

    Have their own language as well “seek” “seeevein” “yer ein”, “the skull” “the bools”
  14. What is lesmahagow like?

    The locals call it “the gow”
  15. What is lesmahagow like?

    You will be regarded as an “incomer” even after having lived there 30 years. The only interests any of the locals have are serial shagging, Rangers and horse racing. Great sense of community though, old school. Same with local areas- coalburn, kirkmuirhill etc