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  1. British attitudes to race in comparison to elsewhere...
  2. Gassiev needs to get his foot on the outside and block off Uysk’s escape route with a left hook or he’s going to be outboxed all night.
  3. Aye when surrounded with far far better players than the ones he’s alongside now. He’s been honking.
  4. Cheers. Nah was my gaffer but he’s no interest in it financially and it was just a general discussion. I am on a career average pension, rather than a final salary. I seriously need to look into this stuff properly. Part of my thinks why bother? As my old dear paid into a pension and never lived long enough to draw it. But my old boys has been retired for 15 years now probably, retiring early on a healthy pension. It’s peace of mind as well.
  5. I don’t understand pensions. I pay in my contributions and employer matches it but I was told there was no point paying extra in as they won’t match any more and you’d be as well saving the cash?
  6. I will score it later on after fitba is finished for the day. I can get that a fight can look wide on the cards if a fighter just does enough in a round to take it. But that didn’t happens. The judges were giving Taylor that fight regardless last night.
  7. I’ve been involved in boxing most of my life, training, competing, watching and coaching. It’s was up there with the most important things in my life for years. However this last 8/9 months I’ve been absolutely scunnered with it. The sport is absolutely rotten to the core, steroid use accepted, corrupt judges accepted, fighters avoiding each other accepted, paying twice to watch fights on TV accepted. There is absolutely no way I am continuing to fund that farce. I cancelled all my subscriptions months ago, I don’t buy any magazine, read any forums or even train in the gym. I turned that fight on tonight and enjoyed the spectacle but the result at the end just reinforced why I am so disgusted at it. They are welcome to it. I am not getting involved with it again. The sport absolutely stinks.
  8. Make the ricky burns vs Beltran cards look semi reasonable.
  9. What a disgrace man! He was getting that decision regardless of what happened. Fair enough he probably edged it but that’s a joke.
  10. Bet the judges give him it by a ridiculous amount of rounds.
  11. Should have been countering him earlier in the fight. Try and make him think twice about throwing the jab as he’s been dictating the pace all night.
  12. 1. It’s the People in the building who pass on knowledge about art, not the building. 2. I place no value on art.
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