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  1. He was losing the plot at someone 5 mins before getting hooked. The guy needs a chill pill as well as a weightloss program
  2. QOS HUB, a Facebook fan page, recently did a voted greatest 11.
  3. Gutted, I'm coming up for the United game so I hope it's nothing serious and he available
  4. I think that view might be in the minority but thanks to those sacrifices of the past we can have a wide range of views and opinions in the present. Enjoy the game.
  5. Did Osman play well enough against ICT to deserve a start on Saturday?
  6. I meant the first strike where he was stood rooted?
  7. Really good highlights. That Dobbie goal is an absolute screamer. It's bit difficult to tell on the highlight if Kidd and Paton are playing well . . . Kidd made big lack of control which led to the goal. I quite like Dan Pybus. Seems to work hard and get himself about. Same with Jack Hamilton. Was it just sun in Mc Rorie eye for alloa goal or just unstoppable shot why he didn't move?
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