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  1. Buckie Thistle vs Dunfermline Athletic

    Probably gonna go through for this myself, Noone wants to come with me tho happy to give anyone a run from inverness will be going through Elgin aswell ofcourse.
  2. Slovakia v Scotland

    I hate Scotland.
  3. Scotland v Lithuania

    Fucking into these cvnts, let's do this. Mon eh scotland
  4. Celtic's European Campaign 2016/17

    Make that one year and you're correct. He played at lb for most games for Caley other than a couple a rb. I'm pretty sure Aberdeen played him at lb at start of his stint there.
  5. Hamilton v ICTFC.

    Please don't tell me every ICT thread is gonna be like this now..
  6. How cool are you ?

    24 1.6 28 Final score = 420 o_O *sparks joint*

    I would say so aswell. went to school with him and he's too smart and quiet to be a old firm fan so surely supports his home team.
  8. Cracking up at that chant towards Miller there.
  9. A few days after the final there was a video, on twitter I think of the Hibs team singing Keatings on fire in the changing room after winning the cup. Could someone post it please, had a quick Google but no joy.
  10. Malta v Scotland

    Mon eh scotland
  11. Favourite quirks of Scottish stadiums.

    Thanks, will look out for it next time I'm in the area. not sure why but I always thought of Thistle as having a crap little park without any stands. No idea why. Gutted I could make it to either of the old grounds especially Telford st.
  12. Favourite quirks of Scottish stadiums.

    Caleys park was on Telford st, about a 5/10 min walk from Clach's ground. So pretty close yes. Only born in 92 myself so unfortunately never got to either ground myself.
  13. Favourite quirks of Scottish stadiums.

    Anyone got pics of Inverness Thistles old ground? And where exactly was it?
  14. Left back - what to do?

    Indeed Shinnie did cover at rb for us a few times when Raven was out, including the cup final.