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  1. .....and a lot of them find other clubs. Not this time around sadly.
  2. I get it's a 'joke' that they are all in on, but when you think how many players are going to be laid off in the coming weeks, it's pretty poor humour.
  3. Survival of the fittest. Going to be several championship clubs who are fucked. Plenty 3-0 wins awarded if this charade isn't put right.
  4. ....you mean like calling the leagues to shaft Hearts, Partick and Stranraer?
  5. Finally, our congratulations are also extended to Blootoon87, claiming a first ever league title, and mathematics who have been promoted from the Pontins League. LincolnHearts officially takes the wooden spoon, but again i think this may a club who have withdrawn their registration. keithgy had the painters in, so I was given an unexpected week off. Have formed a newco for Monday.
  6. It was Bohemian that got a freebie. My maroon lb would have qualified for 3 free stepchildren once payment cleared.
  7. Thieving c**t. Was she upset when she didn't get her quid?
  8. The crying will commence once you all start going to the wall. Lawwell doesn't care. Scum Club, Scum City.
  9. The death of your club will be a joyous day for our game. You've served your purpose to Lawwell and collected your pieces of eight. Save the Albert Kidd gags for the funeral, we'll all have a good laugh.
  10. St Mirren fans giving it get doon and throwing us survival tips. Outstanding work.
  11. Clevid Dikamona would play for us on any day of the week and in any league. I like Oliver Bozanic too. Wrong side of 30 now, but fantastic energy and despite folk thinking he is limited in technical ability, he can easily produce something like he did at ER. I also think that the likes of Andy Irving, Jamie Brandon and Lewis Moore will be important players for us in the next few seasons. Big problem with most Hearts players is that Levein coached football out of them. With the exception of Clare, Boyce and Meshino, I will not be upset to see the back of most of the lazy c***s. Pleased we are not deferring wages though. Absolutely no danger that this is going to come back and bite clubs like Aberdeen and Hibs on the arse
  12. JKB is crawling with interlopers and is ran by utter helmets.
  13. Ninety Nine and a Half Cent Sertain* *Spelling courtesy of Romeo.
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