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  1. Genuine questions Does anybody believe Doncaster is worth his massive salary? And where is he during this shitshow?
  2. Has Kev got the crayons out for a Dear Mr Infantino letter yet?
  3. Court is (and always has been) the only sensible option. The carnage will be a joy to behold.
  4. .....and a lot of them find other clubs. Not this time around sadly.
  5. I get it's a 'joke' that they are all in on, but when you think how many players are going to be laid off in the coming weeks, it's pretty poor humour.
  6. Survival of the fittest. Going to be several championship clubs who are fucked. Plenty 3-0 wins awarded if this charade isn't put right.
  7. ....you mean like calling the leagues to shaft Hearts, Partick and Stranraer?
  8. Finally, our congratulations are also extended to Blootoon87, claiming a first ever league title, and mathematics who have been promoted from the Pontins League. LincolnHearts officially takes the wooden spoon, but again i think this may a club who have withdrawn their registration. keithgy had the painters in, so I was given an unexpected week off. Have formed a newco for Monday.
  9. It was Bohemian that got a freebie. My maroon lb would have qualified for 3 free stepchildren once payment cleared.
  10. Thieving c**t. Was she upset when she didn't get her quid?
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