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  1. Yay!! Our very own Queen's Counsel on P&B. Can we just get doon and close the thread now?
  2. Which thread did Ali_91 wave goodbye to his head on?
  3. Did we give you three stands that day? Sure it wasn't a home game you've thrown in there?
  4. You used to be a decent poster, but you've turned into a right dick.
  5. He's a self-righteous arsehole. You're welcome to an opinion as long as it matches his.
  6. Scores his second, but doesn't show his t-shirt message this time. A second yellow/red would have made a difference.
  7. Quality bit of virtue signalling from Jadon Sancho in the Dortmund game.
  8. Gutted that he won't be back. One of not many I'd have kept. At least we'll get Berra back from Celtic colts.
  9. Fuking hell Tony. Have half an hour off and a beer or something.
  10. Ron knows this. Luckily for him, he has security on his 'investment'
  11. That's the olive branch, but I think they're fucking mental to offer it. Our grievance against demotion/expulsion would be better going down the legal route to cause maximum disruption. Lawwell and Doncaster know this.
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