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  1. I just hope they get the SC sorted so Celtic can claim yet another historic and unpreeeecedented treble.
  2. Strange and worrying times ahead for god knows how long. Whoever ends up in whatever league and however many clubs will not be seen again, it's fair to say that our governing body couldn't have handled it any worse than they have.
  3. So lots of teams would lose/have to pay out a few bob? All pisstaking and 'bantz' aside, there are surely going to be several teams who don't pull through.
  4. If there is a pyjama version on sale in your club shop, you've had a right result.
  5. Genuine questions. A) How do you know this? B) Who'd be picking up the bill?
  6. Be a few championship teams gone to the wall by then with any luck.
  7. Every c**t who joins us gets a 3 year deal. Only the shitest of the shite are offered money-spinning 4 year+ deals.
  8. Brings the Utd lads down a peg or two. Fucking diddy team.
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